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US Declares New Sanctions against Syrian Military, Officials, Tech Firm

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The US Treasury Department imposed fresh sanctions against five branches of the Syrian Armed Forces, 18 senior Syrian officials and a tech company “in response to the use of chemical weapons” by the Syrian government.

US Declares New Sanctions against Syrian Military, Officials, Tech Firm

Photo: nasul.tv

Just several days before the inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump, the US has announced new sanctions against 18 government officials, Syrian military and a tech company.

As the AP news agency reported on Saturday, citing a statement of the US State Department, the fresh sanctions were imposed “in response to the use of chemical weapons” by the Syrian government. However, the statement even did not specify cases and years, when the Syrian side allegedly used chemical weapons.

Reportedly, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against five branches of the Syrian Armed Forces: the Syrian Air Defense Forces, the Syrian Army, the Syrian Air Force, the Syrian Republican Guard and the Syrian Navy, as well as against 18 senior Syrian officials, accusing them of alleged links to Syrian military and “use of chemical weapons.”

A Syrian tech company was also accused by the statement of the US State Department of “importing advanced strategic technologies for surface-to-surface missile and rocket programs in Syria.”

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons,” spokesman for the National Security Council, Ned Price, said.

According to the US State Department, the sanctions target “the assets of WMD proliferators and their supporters in an effort to curb the spread of WMD and protect the US financial system from being exploited by proliferators.” The statement also noted that the measures ban Americans to deal business with any of these individuals or entities, as well as freeze any assets they have in the US.

In September 2013, Syria became a full participant of the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and signed a relevant document. Damascus gave up its remaining stockpile of chemical weapons, which were transported out of the country by UN inspectors for eventual destruction at sea. However, it seems that this fact, as well as lack of evidence of usage of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, means nothing for the US State Department.

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More impotent drivel from the dying Anglo-American Empire.

Johann Kruger

The jews are throwing there toys in frustration. Shame.

Jacek Wolski

“their” toys

Hisham Saber

Johann, thank you for stating the fact that its all about the Jews. They are they source of all conflict and suffering in the world. As a great philosopher once said, ‘ It starts with the Jews, and ends with the Jews’.

The international Jews are losing their control world-wide very rapidly. Its a new dawn and more and more people all over the world are waking up to these nefarious, diabolical, hateful people.


(((The US Treasury Department))) headed by (((Jack Lew)))

Pave Way IV

That’s nothing. In five days, you will essentially have (((Goldman Sachs))) running the U.S. via (((Trump’s cabinet))). We are all Palestinians now.

Hisham Saber

Since 1913, when the Federal Reserve Bank went from U.S. government control to private Jewish hands, the U.S. ceased to be a free ‘democracy’. Yes,

Hisham Saber



(((Goldman Sachs))) has been running (((America))) for a very long time now so nothing’s really being changed.

Gerry Wright

The people of the United States excluding a few NeoCons from Both the Republicans and Democrats do not want to be involved in Syria or Iraq or Afghanistan or the South China Sea for that matter. Most Americans want very much for the Russian/Syrian Alliance to destroy ISIS. However criticizing Israel or accusing them of supporting ISIS will bring an immediate, threatening response from Israel supporters.

Hisham Saber

Neo-cons, Lib-cons, Zionists, etc. is all a smoke and mirrors scheme. Its simply one word that covers it all. JEW. Nothing more, nothing less. Read JOHN 8 : 44, Or MATHEW 23 : 23-33 ; says it all. The Quran is also an indictment on these despicable people.

Dink Smallwood

Proof. You idiots wouldn’t know what proof is.


What Syrian army did to Us in order they could get sanction. Syria are fighting terrorists so instead they get sanction. They can just get support from Us if Us is welling.

gfsdyughjgd .

The Jews were cook by the German because of their stupidness. Jews killed Jesus and are still waiting another Messiah to come. Atlease Muslims believe in Jesus their JEWS dont believe very arrogant and racist people.If their eat their dont allow none jews to sit next to them.If Obama jumps with a parachute from the sky and claim he is Meshiah jews will believe and later kill him.Israel is Rule by American jewish mafias.

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