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JUNE 2021

US Declares Full Support To Israeli Airstrikes On Syria. Hezbollah Backs Damascus

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US Declares Full Support To Israeli Airstrikes On Syria. Hezbollah Backs Damascus

An Israeli air force F-16C,at the Ovda air force base, on November 8, 2017JACK GUEZ/AFP

On February 9, Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway officially announced that the US supports the Israeli attack that targeted twelve positions of the Syrian Air Defense Forces and the Iranian forces in Syria. The Pentagon spokesman told reporters that the US fully supports “Israel’s right to defend itself”, according to Reuters.

“Israel is our closest security partner in the region and we fully support Israel’s inherent right to defend itself against threats to its territory and its people,” Maj. Rankine-Galloway said, according to Reuters.

Maj Rankine-Galloway also noted that the US Department of Defense did not participate in the Israeli military operation in Syria and warned from Iran’s “destabilizing activities” in the Middle East.

“We share the concerns of many throughout the region that Iran’s destabilizing activities that threaten international peace and security, and we seek greater international resolve in countering Iran’s malign activities,” said Rankine-Galloway.

Earlier, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert also stressed the US support for the attack on Syria that resulted in the shot down of an Israeli Air Force (IAF) F-16 warplane, and the damaging of another warplane, an F-15.

“The United States is deeply concerned about today’s escalation of violence over Israel’s border and strongly supports Israel’s sovereign right to defend itself,” Nauert said, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, the Damascus ally, Lebanese Hezbollah, said in an official statement that the shootdown of the Israeli warplane by the Syrian Air Defense Forces was the “start of a new strategic phase” that will put a limit to the Israeli interventions into Syrian airspace.

“We condemn the enemy’s [Israel’s] blatant support of terrorism and radical groups and its interference in the Syrian crisis by aggression and threats, we confirm that today’s developments mean the old equations have categorically ended,” Hezbollah said in its official statement.

From its side, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed its concern over the Israeli airstrikes on Syria in an official statement and called on all sides to avoid the escalation of the situation. In its statement, the ministry also warned Israel of threatening the lives of Russian servicemen in Syria.

“We urge all parties involved to exercise restraint and to avoid any actions that could lead to an even greater complication of the situation. We consider it necessary to unconditionally respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and other countries of the region. It is absolutely unacceptable to create threats to the lives and security of Russian servicemen who are in Syria at the invitation of its legitimate government to assist in the fight against terrorists,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said, according to the Washington Post.

While the situation on the Syrian-Israeli border is once again under control, local sources believe that this calm could end at any moment as both sides are now ready, more than ever, for another armed confrontation.

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Promitheas Apollonious

it be better instead of condemning the airstrikes to just activate the s400 and shot what ever they send down. Better message than words. Both to them and their allies.


That’s Russia .. very polite to their “partners”
Russia has its own interests beyond ME … so nothing can be done.

Syrians died for Russia…

Promitheas Apollonious

No Syrians died for their motherland, not Russia. Russians died for Syrians not the other way around. So.. some how you have the events very wrong in your head, how is that?


Let me explain very plainly so everyone understands the real situation.

Why the war started? Why the entire west plus Arab states hated Assad sooooo much that he must be replaced at all costs?

Answer : He supported Russia and did not allow the pipeline to cross Syria . That stopped any Western /American wish to get oil all from Qatar and Arabs states.

That made Western nations NO CHOICE but to swallow their pride and continue to buy Russian oil and gas . Russia as usual will not use Gas as a political weapon to freeze or destroy Western economy … which can do so. But rather separate oil sales from politics .

Now if Assad had allowed that , then Syria would not have been in war and hundreds of thousands died and a war that last longer than WWII.

Syria would have got billions of transit fees from oil but Russia would be destroyed economically.

That’s the reasons Russia will fight for Syria at any expense but will not fight their friends like Israel or risk war with US .

Syrians died for Russians…..

Promitheas Apollonious

Selective memory of events and how it happens kid, does not make you right. One day you may learn to read the picture and not just a pixel of it. Until then, you may have your own opinions for the simple reason what ever you think does not alter reality on the ground.


Well just dispute my reasoning .
Tell me why the west were/are so bent on overthrowing one person called Assad?

Assad now is the ONLY rallying figure that can keep Syria as one …and the one that refused the pipeline.

Assad is the most moderate secular Arab leader and yet those western powers wanted him out but wants those tens of jihadists groups to rule Syria like Libya.

Just denying it is no reason.

You can call me Al

No one is denying you your view, we all have view that may differ, very few are wrong. It would be a boring comments section if we all agreed hey !!.

Mase fah

Yes Pipeline was one of the reasons but not the whole story as Syria signed a MOU with Iran in 2009 to build a pipeline from Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebonon-Cyprus called friendship Pipeline. Syria is heart of axis of resistance against Zionist which Hezbollah iran and now even iraq is part of it. Russia got involved in end of 2015 but war already started in 2011, US and co was already involved since 2014. Russian came when Syria lost bulk of its territories and good soldiers, it was Syrian, hezbullah and iran that lost alot of lifes. Russia only got involved because it has only 2 foreign bases in Mediterranean and was worry if Syria go down they will lose everything to US. But Russia saved the day with its air and combat superiority but we all wished he got involved quicker and not wait till end of 2015. Now in order to destroy axis of resistance, they need to take out one of those countries, they tried Lebonon in 2000 and 2006 and that was a big failure, they wouldnt even think twice to go after Iran since the war in 1980 when iran had nothing and lasted 8years, they wouldn’t even try now since IRan is superpower in middle east so decided for Syria which thankfully due to support of Iran, Lebonan and Russia they failed miserably. Now offcourse Syria had more casualties, destruction etc etc. Russia was more like Air support that they Syrians didn’t really have plus they have military pact with Russia since the 60s.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The fact the US and other state players were involved since 2011 doesn’t seem to hit anyone as NATO and GCC special forces were involved in the beginning with attacks on infrastructure and air defenses.

The reason why that Syria was attacked was their strong support of Lebanese government ,even Israel used it’s Qatar allies along with UAE to arrange the assassination of Hariri to discredit Syria.Well we all know why Israel wanted weakened nations just as USUK NATO did and that was to deny Russia an China resources.

None of them really cared about a pipeline as with weakened nations they are easier to steal resources from. This is corporate warfare and they need their sources to provide cheap oil and gas nothing else. Why we see the Israel Zionist Organization trying to steal block 9 in the Mediterranean off the coast of Lebanon.

It’s about denial and access to resources for free in their minds as they could care less about the cost in human lives and political ramifications.

Promitheas Apollonious

Playing a global game require long term planning and strategy, does not happen in a reactive way. Isis is the evolution of blackwater in ME and Blackwater is the continuation of GLADIO II and so is all the so called terrorist organization supposedly USA is fighting against. They give the sickness then they pretend to be the cure.

Now if you understand and you knowledgeable of what i mentioned above I dont need to explain to you the fine points. If not then as I said you only know a pixel of the whole picture and since i do not try to awaken any one to reality here, search what I mentioned and if you not bias you will connect the dots, one way or another.

In my younger days I try to awaken people to facts and reality only to find out is impossible to awake ones who pretend they are asleep. And the ME problem started way before Russia in any way got involved in it.


Ever heard of “greater israhell” wet dream?


Why not? You seem to think it works for you.

You can call me Al

One day we will find out that the pipeline reason is not a main issue. The real reasons are the Golan heights, water and the fact that Syria decided to trade oil in Euros not dollars + was up for trade in local currencies, also to isolate Iran. One other thing is that Syria supports Hezbollah against Irael and as we have seen, against Israel they would be quite a handful.

The pipeline was competing against an Iranian one into Europe, of course the Yanks would not have this, so this counted towards the conflict, but not the most important….
comment image

Clever thing is, who ended up with the pipeline?:
comment image

Remember this –comment image

My view only.


The main reason for the war in Syria is definitely the pipeline … no question about it.

Your other issues do not explain why the Arab nations like Qatar and SA were the main sponsors of the entire war while US provided the weaponry and EU the sanctions.

The Golan , Syrian support for Hez etc are really side issues and do not explain why the Syrian war started.

Guess Assad made the wrong choice … for not being with the western camp.
Now he fights his battle on his own and at his costs…. for nothing.
Luckily he has Iran as a defence partner as Syria falls Iran will fall for certainty.

Russia has their own interests to take care off outside ME which are more serious and cannot really blame them.

But then this war if Turkey , I say if , is with Russia will strengthen Russia in the event of a global war as he has ME covered.

You can call me Al

Well OK, that’s settled then.

Mase fah

Iran will never fall even if hezbollah and syria fall. remember that. People tried but failed miserably. Iran in 1980 fight after 1979 revolution with everyone backing Iraq Saddam and chaos was in Iran but not lost even a inch of land. Now add Iraq in Iran camp so even harder


If Syria falls, Iraq will be with west and Iran will have US troops at their border in strength surrounded and will fall .

Iran fall Russia will fall


All I need to know about the conflict in Syria:

In the Middle East an arrangement has been made, called the “petrodollar,” whereby the Saudis must honor oil sales only in US dollar transactions, necessitating currency exchange by any country with currency other than the dollar. The House of Saud also agrees to invest in U.S. Treasury bonds and recycle its wealth through New York/London-based transnational private banks, so as to enable the funding of immense loan portfolios for Western usage. In exchange, the House of Saud is provided with vast military weaponry at reduced or negligible cost in order to secure their grip on power and keep stability in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf region. Profits are gleaned from the sales and use of both weapons and oil as long as the energy market is stable.

As WikiLeaks has revealed, when Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad in 2009 rejected the plan for an oil pipeline, running through his country from Qatar to Europe, the CIA began formulating the plans to destroy the government of Syria with jihadist fanatics.

Then in July of 2011, the oil ministers of Iraq, Iran and Syria signed a preliminary agreement for a $10 billion natural-gas pipeline which would run from wells in Iran through Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean coast. Days after the news of those plans became public, the violence in Syria began. Much of the Iraqi and Iranian part of the project was completed some time ago and if completed it will have a transfer capacity of 110 million cubic meters of natural gas each day. The natural gas pipeline from Iran through Iraq and Syria, in conjunction with the existing Russian gas pipelines, would shift the Eurasian energy market away from oil – oil can’t compete with natural gas – and the owners and financiers of these gas pipelines are not private bankers. So, it is the Saudi royal family that would take the biggest hit and, consequently, the petrodollar and all the transnational private money-changers that treasure it – and subsequently, the U.S. economy.

The main project, a 1,500 km long gas pipeline with 110 MMcm/d capacity, would transport Assalouyeh gas through Iraq and Syria, and require approximately $US10 billion in investment. The gas would be produced from the Iranian South Pars gas field in the Persian Gulf, which Iran shares with Qatar, and which holds estimated reserves of 16 Tcm of recoverable gas.


Man are you dreaming, how the war started you talk about pipe line, you forgot Daraa,South Syria what happen the protest for the kids and the up rising where do you go with this, the opposition had enough went to protest for those 4-5 kids that spray some shit on walls, some of the close relatives from Assad side were, fuck you people this is dictator country and started to spray bullets to a crowd and the Syrian Opposition and the US saw this as the perfect opportunity, year after was started in February 2011, then the pipe line was the issue in 2012 you are the one that you need some explaining so you can understand the real situation.And for your information Russia started to go in Syria and intervene in 2015 that’s 4 years after war had begun, so how in the 4 years before that Syrians died for Russians.


Don’t be ignorant . Pipeline issue was long before the Western caused war by killing the demonstrators if you do not already know.


Read th;is article…

Assad was asked in 2009 by Qatar to allow the pipeline and he refused.
to protect the Russians.
“For that, they would build pipelines to the Mediterranean. Here is where getting rid of the pro-Iran Assad is essential. In 2009 Qatar approached Bashar al-Assad to propose construction of a gas pipeline from Qatar’s north Field through Syria on to Turkey and to the EU. Assad refused, citing Syria’s long friendly relations with Russia and Gazprom. That refusal combined with the Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline agreement in 2011 ignited the full-scale Saudi and Qatari assault on Assad’s power, financing al Qaeda terrorists, recruits of Jihadist fanatics willing to kill Alawite and Shi’ite “infidels” for $100 a month and a Kalishnikov. ”

So i hope no more argument about this .

Syrians died for Russia


I suppose that the continuous attempts to overthrow the Syrian government, going back to the 1950s was what? A completely separate issue? Has no bearing on today? Why have the US and Israel been trying to eliminate Syria ever since? Syrians died for Syria. Period. If they had surrendered their country to the west, they would look like Libya today, because they were on the same trajectory path. Why was Libya destroyed? Pipelines? Tunisia? Pipelines? The upheaval in Egypt? Pipelines? No. The greater Israel project encompasses all the reasons for this aggression, the oil/gas is icing on the cake. The pipeline you mention is a Saudi/Qatar wet dream. Control of the European fuel supply the prize. Yes, this is also a western energy plan, to corner Russia and deny them a major market. Both Syria and Russia have reasons for resisting. But for you to say that Syrians died for Russia is disingenuous at best. Russia has always been Syria’s ally, they are not johnny-come-latelys. The biggest difference today is that the Russians have the edge in military superiority(as far as equipment capabilities), although severely outnumbered. Russians are dying for Russia and Syrians are dying for Syria. But make no mistake, were it not for the Russians, there would be no Syria today that anyone would be able to recognize. If the Syrians had a death wish, they could have rolled over for the Zionists and that would have been a very big problem for the Russian wallet. They need and depend on each other. For Syria it means survival for today and tomorrow, for Russia it means their survival down the road.


Not true. It is common knowledge that that the Syrian war started dolely because of the pipeline after ASSAD’s refusal as proven by the article. At that time Qatar and rest was still on friendly terms with Assad. When Assad chose Russians over the west when the war staryed and Syrians paid with their lives with it.

It is also a fact that with the pipeline EU can easily boycott Russian gas and Russia plus other sanctions would have collapsed financially.
Even without the pipeline the western sanctions also hurt Russia a great deal to be saved by the Chinese.

Russia in reality was in very weak position if you know anything about economics.

Assad saved Russia is a fact from financial ruin. Today Russia can still survive because EU still have to buy Russian gas and Putin goes round even to Turkey to supply gas as well as the North stream to Germany.

If the pipeline had been allowed by Assad , all these will not be in existence.

For what did Syria became the target?

If Assad is among the western circles, it would not be like Libya.

But if Assad is to turn around now, yes it would be.

Rufusing to deny Syrian sacrifice is lame .

For what would Russia even though hard pressed for cash still pour in huge amount of money into Syria against Western countries he need for economic survival?

To claim Russia helped Syria out of kindness or pity is lame


To keep claiming your opinion does not make your case. As others have shown, with the quote from Wesley Clark, the plan was ongoing by the time a pipeline was ever discussed. You continue with:” For what did Syria became the target?” You completely ignore the FACT that the US and Israel have been trying to overthrow Syria ever since the 1950s. No amount of blather is going to change that FACT. The attack on Syria was and is part of the same plan that did away with Gaddafi. Gaddafi tried to concede to the west and what happened? The goal was the destruction of the Libyan state and the installation of chaos. Had Assad capitulated, the same thing would have happened to him/Syria, pipeline or no pipeline. Yes, the pipeline was what drove KSA and Qatar, as well as being part of the western energy control plan to weaken Russia(no one denies this), but this war on Syria has been going on for a very long time. It was only instigated in 2011 as part of the very plan Clark stated. You repeat every point I made and seem to think you have the only take on the situation. YOU are the only one who has made such statements as:”to deny Syrian sacrifice” or “Russia helped Syria out of kindness or pity”…no one else said such things, only you. As for Russia’s economic condition, it’s far better than any western nation and they have far more cash reserves(spelled GOLD) than any western nation. Those sanctions you mentioned hurt the EU and other countries far worse than Russia. This did, however, cause the Russians to start manufacturing many new products and to begin to export, instead of being an import only country. Ask Turkey about Russian financial ‘muscle’. You are entitled to your OPINION, but not your own facts. I’ll repeat what I said before:” They need and depend on each other”…therefore Russians are dying for Russia and Syrians are dying for Syria. Let’s not forget the (necessary) sacrifices of Hezbollah and other tribes/ethnics/forces that don’t give a shit about a pipeline, they are all about survival. What value do you place on their contribution?


Ok let’s agree to disagree when it had been widely accepted that the war started because of the pipeline and Assad did it in support of Russia as an ally.

Bringing lame reasons about past plans in the 1980s is lame .

The rest of those who disagreed mostly too brought up irrelevant reasons and just refuse to admit that the established fact this Syrian war started because of the pipeline. If it had been purely Americans plan , then it would not have involved Qatar or SA which spearheaded the entire war gleefully helped by US for the huge arms sales.

With this globally accepted reason, my contention is still solidly Syrians died for Russia
that saved Russia from economic ruin. Your take on Russia doing very well is precisely EU still buying huge amount of gas from Russia otherwise the Russians ruble would gone the direction of Zimbabwe .

Try telling Gazprom ,don’t sell gas to Europe and see if you still have a job

Let’s agree to disagree . Period


Well, this conversation is over. I can’t spend any more time trying to make you see reason. You have read an article from 2014 and it is gospel. I read the article too and as far as i can tell you did not take away the main idea. I would tell you to re-read the article, skip down to the last paragraph. It tells the futility of the pipeline plan, did you miss it? No amount of facts presented by anyone means anything to you at all. The fact that the plan to destroy 7 countries, far before the pipeline issue, is not relevant as far as you are concerned, even though the war followed the exact same recipe as Libya, et al. You also seem to ignore the long term energy contracts that Russia and China have signed, another nail in the KSA coffin. No pipeline will disrupt that.


Yes, it’s over as I said using the 7nations plan as excuse is lame. Lebanon and It’s ate among them. Where is the war?

What triggered Syrian war was as I said the pipeline lead NOT by US but Qatar and SA.

The evidence is solid and cannot be denied.
Cheers on the end who will stand up to ISrael and US matters and my opinion is Iran the main force.
Russia has too many hands tight to Turkey and Israel and does want to find trouble with US is understandable.

Even the current statement that the days of Israel’s hit and run is over is from Iran not Russia whose reaction are mild


Your repeating the same old crap is what is lame, dude. As for the ‘improved’ missiles and where they came from…Someone that knows everything about everything should already know that Russia has been upgrading the electronics on older Syrian missiles for the last year or more. Syria did not obtain new missiles (their S300 are not yet operational,AFAIK), they only had Russia upgrade their stock and integrate them into the Russian defense grid. Syria still has supply of older AD missiles of many different types, but their supply is limited. The missiles they used were 125s and 200s, old missiles.


Yeah sure…. Did Iraqi die for Russia, or Libyans? Syria is just another victim of the vile world conquering empire/psychos from Washington DC (and Tel Aviv). Pipeline is a marginal reason at the best.


As WikiLeaks has revealed, when Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad in 2009 rejected the plan for an oil pipeline, running through his country from Qatar to Europe, the CIA began formulating the plans to destroy the government of Syria with jihadist fanatics.

Then in July of 2011, the oil ministers of Iraq, Iran and Syria signed a preliminary agreement for a $10 billion natural-gas pipeline which would run from wells in Iran through Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean coast. Days after the news of those plans became public, the violence in Syria began. Much of the Iraqi and Iranian part of the project was completed some time ago and if completed it will have a transfer capacity of 110 million cubic meters of natural gas each day. The natural gas pipeline from Iran through Iraq and Syria, in conjunction with the existing Russian gas pipelines, would shift the Eurasian energy market away from oil – oil can’t compete with natural gas – and the owners and financiers of these gas pipelines are not private bankers. So, it is the Saudi royal family that would take the biggest hit and, consequently, the petrodollar and all the transnational private money-changers that treasure it – and subsequently, the U.S. economy.

The main project, a 1,500 km long gas pipeline with 110 MMcm/d capacity, would transport Assalouyeh gas through Iraq and Syria, and require approximately $US10 billion in investment. The gas would be produced from the Iranian South Pars gas field in the Persian Gulf, which Iran shares with Qatar, and which holds estimated reserves of 16 Tcm of recoverable gas.


Ok accepted this logical explanation


Another self up-voting commenter. You have pretty much swallowed the MSM line of manure over what started this non-civil war. Seems you left out the western provocateurs. Same as in Ukraine. I suppose you think the Ukrainian government fired on their own people, not provocateurs.

You can call me Al

Have a look at this, scroll down to Syria and enjoy:



No surprise there, eh?


Hey zman, I found this in there. Thank you for the heads up.


They don’t gave a damn for humanity. My best to you.


Hello Eye. The guys who started spraying the bullets were from the Muslim Brotherhood. People talk as though President Assad got up one day and decided that a good butchering was in order. What is not talked about enough, especially in your post, is that Qatar was a supplier/Instigator in all of this. The KSA, UAE and the rest joining in as the events proceeded. The cherry here is that US actually set up the base plan in the 1980’s. The history is long, this party didn’t start on a whim and it originated in the US. So, take your complaints to the CIA. My take on it. I wish well to you.


The Rand Corporation plan to partition Syria , from the 80’s “Sunnistan” .


They could have built their stupid pipeline thru Israel and bypassed Syria. They were out for Booty and looting syria resources THAT includes Turkey who wants their slice of northern Syria even after switching sides


If that is possible from Qatar there would have been no war .

klove and light

pipeline??just secondary dude…..everything..just everything has to do with the illegal “country” called israel……israel/zionism is the worlds plague since 100´s of years……who do u think controls “organized crime ” in the world?cosa nostra?yakuza?triads?lol… zionism controls the ENTIRE DRUG TRADE.who controls child trafficking world wide??zionism!! who controls the flow of money(banks)?? Zionism!!!who controls alcohol production???zionism who controls the “main stream”media?? zionism!!! who controls the internet(www=666)? zionism..who controls the program/cables etc.. of telephone/mobile world wide?? zionism. AND ALL TENTACLES COME TOGETHER IN THE ZIONIST STATE OF ISRAEL.
bronfman family ring a bell?meyer lansky ring a bell?rothshild ring a bell?comverse info sytems ring a bell?amdocs ltd ring a bell?no ? well than start reading. reading reading…cause if those names mean nothing to u….u havent got a glue what is going on on planet earth.


How stupid can one comment be? Stupid on purpose or stupid by accident?

Libya had a leader who did EXACTLY why you said, and what happened? The West utterly destroyed Libya (cos world jewry wanted this) regardless.

Saddam invaded Kuwait cos America told him it would be OK. After getting whipped, Saddam BEGGED the Yanks to be allowed to be their loyal slave dog, and to return to Iraq and take control of the oil. To his eternal puzzlement America never accepted his offer to become a vassal state, continued to demonise Iraq, and then eventually invaded and finish off Iraq. For world jewry.

World jewry looks at the nations in the vicinity of Israel and marks for destruction each with ANY modern potential. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan and Iran are ALWAYS on the chopping block. Pakistan is unique in being beyond the jews at this time- but not so all the others.

PNAC- the infamous document laying down the future war plans of world jewry- is always ignored by posters like this one. Just as certain people ignored the content of Mein Kapf before WW2, and worked to misrepresent the motivations and intentions of Hitler.


You are living in a simplistic world made of pipelines and hydrocarbures as the origin of all wars. Reality is much more complex.

Where is Iran in your reasoning? Where is Golan? Where is Lebanon?

More than a useless and secondary pipeline in a troubled region, regional influence is the key to Syrian war.

As for Russian dependency on gaz export, if your reasoning was true, Russia could have easily stopped the new TANAP gazoduc from Azerbaijan. They didn’t, because Caucasus pipe, Syrian pipe or whatever dream pipe, Russia will keep the lead on Europe supplies. This is a reality Europeans have integrated long ago.


I am talking about what caused the war in Syria and the main reason has been the pipeline that is all.

What is so complicated about that? Read the article.

It’s clearly stated and Assad did it for Russia and Syrians died and country destroyed.

That is all I am talking .. not about other issues .


…and everyone else is telling you that you are wrong. There is far more to it than pipelines…Get it?

Pave Way IV

Let me explain very plainly that the 2009 Qatari gas pipeline through Syria was a fantasy. Syria never rejected it because Saudi Arabia would have never allowed Qatari gas or pipelines across their land – they hated them. Qatar’s al-Thani mused about such a pipeline during interviews but never addressed the improbability of the Saudis ever agreeing. There was never a ‘plan’.

A later 2011 UAE offer (supposedly) of $150 billion to Syria ‘for the Qatari pipeline’ changed nothing because Saudi Arabia still wouldn’t ever allow it to be built. The UAE didn’t care if the pipeline was ever built and hated Qatar anyways – the $150 billion was basically a GCC mafia bribe for Syria to break its ties with Iran, along with an assurance that the Saudis/UAE would call off their Wahhabi head-chopper rebels in Syria. Assad rejected THAT part of the extortion deal, not the dumb-assed pipeline cover story. The GCC mafia was outraged and turned their head-choppers loose.

And while Syria made statements about protecting Russia’s interests, Russia was never and never will be ‘threatened economically’ by a competing gas pipeline from Qatar, Iran or anywhere else. Russia sold 200 billion cubic meters of gas to the EU last year. Nabucco would have carried 10 billion with or without Qatari gas. It’s hardly bone-crushing competition for Russia. In fact, Gazprom’s biggest competitive ‘threat’ is Russia’s Rosneft. They’re financing a 30 billion cubic meter/year gas pipeline from Iraqi Kurdish fields to the EU set for operation in 2020. By then, EU demand growth will have exceeded whatever the Rosneft line can deliver so Gazprom will ‘lose’ nothing.

Syria doesn’t need to block any pipelines to ‘help’ Russia or protect its gas (or oil) interests. That’s just a bogus claim the MSM knows will sell well to the knuckle-draggers alongside its ‘Evil Russia’ themes.

The Farney Fontenoy

The jewish groups still have considerable influence in Russia & there are plenty of Israelis born in Russia, Putin is forced to tread lightly here :/

Promitheas Apollonious

to a point yes.


USA are deeply concerned,from escalation of violence…USA and Israeli are reason escalation in Syria !Where is OSN ltd USA?World is one underfucking!USA need to get prevent nuclear attack from RF,should people of usa know,what is war !


Nuclear Attacks are just to make peoples afraid…. Screw Nuclear Attacks……..if they chose Nukes them will rot away too…… but hey, you never know with Suicidal Retardsssss……


The US puppets have spoken.Now the Psychopath crime minister of Israeli will take this as a green light to carry on with his aggressive land grabbing strategy.But he will make the biggest mistake of his life if he annoyed and insults the Russians and it’s Allies.


Remember those old cartoons with a devil and an angel on each shoulder, and the angel almost always being a ‘pansy’ that the little devil easily humiliates? That;s the Deep State vs Russia. Putin always comes across as the ‘pansy’ and thus gets no respect from those he attempts to influence.

Yet in those cartoons, we know ‘god’ is behind the angel and the ‘devil’ behind the little devil. And we never think the devil will have any kind of easy victory over god. But the point of the cartoon stll stands. REAL power matters not if it is never used. Putin is a ‘muscular vicar’ who only ever mumbles “can’t we all just get along”. His message weak- his stance laughable. The other side, as brutal and evil as it may be, stands tall and speaks clearly.

Thus most listen to the Deep State and ignore Putin. And this will lead to the downfall of Mankind.


Translation: US fully supports Israeli aggression. Refuses to recognize Syria’s right to defend itself.

Bibi and Dump are easy to read. They are both Hitler wannabes.


Yeah…. but at least Hitler had his Blitzkrieg…. these Anglozionazis have NOTHING but empty words. They are COWARDS & CHICKENSHIT!!! You want a WAR? Bring it on BITCHESSSSSSS…………waitin’ in ambush…….


Russia has always fully supported jewish holocausts in Gaza and the W Bank, so I really don’t get your point. Even China supports jewish terror for the same reason Russia does- jewish involvement in the so-called ‘red’ revolutions.

Yes the Deep State is far worse than the other Empire powers in this regard, but only by degree. The jews wanted the modern civilisations of competitor nations Syria, Libya and Iraq utterly destroyed, and they have been, Russia nesured it did NOTHING to prevent any of these three exterminations (Russia waited until Syria was ruined before entering the conflict there).

We know the West is a zionist attack dog with no limits to the evil it will carry out in the name of world jewry. That’s why the entire mainstream and fake indy media networks of the west are wholly jewish controlled, with all the politicians of the West saying this is how it should be- and you are ‘racist’ if you think otherwise.

The Deep State ain’t about to change any time soon. So wasting time pointing out the obvious about the Empire of the West is time that would be better spent examining the issues with Putin and Russia. Russia is our only hope. And if Russia CAN be become more effective, that will only happen if good people come together to demand much better from Putin and other Russian leaders.


Rabbi Altmann and his secretary were sitting in a coffeehouse in Berlin in 1935. “Herr Altmann,” said his secretary, “I notice you’re reading Der Stürmer! I can’t understand why. A Nazi libel sheet! Are you some kind of masochist, or, God forbid, a self-hating Jew?”

“On the contrary, Frau Epstein. When I used to read the Jewish papers, all I learned about were pogroms, riots in Palestine, and assimilation in America. But now that I read Der Stürmer, I see so much more: that the Jews control all the banks, that we dominate in the arts, and that we’re on the verge of taking over the entire world. You know – it makes me feel a whole lot better!”

Wahid Algiers

But not as long as the dirty jew hoped…..

Wahid Algiers

You are fully right Starlight. The West is a cheap whore of zionism.


Israel is a terrorist entity both in Palestine and the region. Everyone knows it violates sovereignty and International law at will. Only fellow terrorists support Israel’s right to violate sovereignty and International Law to bomb the Syrian people and their military.


Translation: US criminals fully support their masters.


USA are biggest garbage country with Israel.


You watch. It will be Israel and its aggressions that will start WWIII. As Israel starts killing Russian defending Syria, Russia will start massive air defense over Syria shooting down Israeli attack aircrafts. Then the US will enter the fry, and Russia will shoot down US attacking aircrafts. This is how WWI started, and Israel has the roll of Serbia, and the US the role of Czarist Russia.

Bulgarian God

Small poor shity serbia is just a black hole on the Balkans. Israel is a nuclear power, so make the difference.

Don Machiavelli

Whole Balkan is little shitty black hole. So is Israel if not for backup from so called civilized world. Simple crushaders of modern time.

Promitheas Apollonious

i bet your middle name is retard.

Bulgarian God

I bet you are serb shemale…haahhaha!

Promitheas Apollonious

thank you for proving the point retard.

Mase fah

yes they have but they cant use it for many reasons, first where will he hit, Lebonon and syria is border so if it uses them they also can suffer from after-effects so this leaves ira. Now lets say Israel did but you know how big is Iran, iran will retaliate using missile from Iran(takes 6minute) or in Lebonon to destroy Zionist once and for all and free all Palestinian lands. therefore being nuclear power means shit

Bulgarian God

Iran false is that they became a lapdog of Russia. Iranian people must overthrow that islamist pro-russian shits which occupied Iran in 1979!


My god, you really are delusional. I thought at first it was just stupidity, but now I see I was wrong.

Bulgarian God

You are delusional imbecile. Bye.

Peter Bond

Lolsss, idioten… Comparing nuke to missiles… Hahaha ..no wonder the Islamic world is dumb!


No it will not happen.

Israel will not attack Russians but only Syrians and Hezbollah and sometimes Iranians.

Russia has a pact with Israel and even my belief is that the more accurate missiles are supplied by Iran not Russia. Just speculating only.


hell will freeze over before jews directly attack Russians. You may as well consider both one and the same- a simple-minded analysis but the easiest rule to understand current events.

World jewry considers their conquest of Russia a perfected event- with good reason. While we think of jews as powerful in the West, jews are actually the SERVANTS of the Deep State, not its masters. But in Russia jews whistle and Putin leaps.

The reason some here think otherwise is that Russia tries to be highly civilised, whereas Britain, America, Canada, and France in particular salivate in delight helping to bring about jewish acts of supreme eveil and atrocity. Take the last jewish holocaust in Gaza. Britain couldn’t ship the weapons of mass destruction used by the jews fast enough to Israel. And today Britain and France are banning from decent employment any muslim who dared to criticise the jewish holocaust in Gaza on social media at the time.

No- WW3 will begin with the nearly here Iran War. The Deep State is looking for an excuse to ignite the war, but Trump is ever closer to saying “scr-w it” and ordering the attacks on Iran to begin with no fig leaf at all.

The moment the Deep State starts to hit Iran, the jews will declare holocaust on Lebanon. The jewish plan there is to murder one million plus and utterly level every city, town and village. And the jews have already published these plans in detail across the last two years in all major media outlets in Israel.

I am shocked at how the obvious is missed by so many on our side- but less so when I see how outlets supposedly on our side so carefully manipulate the propaganda.


nothing would surprise me

That Guy

Oh those Americans, God damn they’re stupid, most of them.


Well, no suprises in these statements, zionists supporting zionists!




Ya… with some nice words… “please”

Bulgarian God

Hezbollah is a terrorist organisation !

Wahid Algiers

And you are a european gypsy.

Promitheas Apollonious

it shows dosent it.

You can call me Al

Doubt it, a US or traitorous Yidsy.


Hahahahahahahahahahhahh … real moron

Bulgarian God

Their military wing is recognized as terrorist organisation by UN ! So educate yourself !


Hezbollah are also elected parliamentary party in Lebanon. So educate yourself.

Bulgarian God

Hezbollah are terrorists commited terrorist attacks everywhere. They should be banned in every country !

Robert Duran

Who is the “UN”? Because Russia and China , two of the permanent member s of the UNSC doesn’t consider Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Dont confuse UN for US

Robert Duran

And by the way to be clear and to avoid confusion. Stop spreading false information. The UN does not consider any part of Hezbollah to be terrorist. So educate yourself and stop spreading lies.. idiot

Bulgarian God

Get the fuck off imbecile! Hezbollah is terrorist organisation, they even commited terrorist attack in Bulgaria (Burgas airport) – in july 2012, and they were PROUD of this! So any hezbollah fighter will be arrested in Bulgaria if he arrive on the border.

Wahid Algiers

The half of Bulgaria is turkish and gypsy.

Bulgarian God

You are subhuman gypsi! Zyklon B and gas chamber for you! Muahahahaa!


Hezbollah are also an elected parliamentary political party – in the Lebanese political structure.

You can call me Al

What, because they kicked your Zionist arse last time you invaded ?.

Bulgarian God

Shut up jewish monkey !

klove and light

come to my place and i´ll fuck zionism out of your body dude

Bulgarian God

Shut up monkey. Probably you are zionist shit !

klove and light

bulgaria what agreat country..a country of thieves and whores..what is your sister and mother? u bulgarian bastardo hahaha dirty country with dirty people..dont belive me…we have dozens of bulgarian whores here in austria…u can fuck their bulgarian ass for 40 euros hahahaha.. guess what prick..i´m going to order a bulgarian whore RIGHT NOW..and ill fuck her bulgarian asshole…now it happens…………..lololololol hahahahaha…

Bulgarian God

Bulgaria is great country, and you are stupid wanker…


U r correct in identifying him as a zionist. But he is not Bulgarian, so any jokes etc. about bulgarians are off beam. The code “in plain sight” of the zionists is to assume an identity that has a nationality embedded in it. It is of course a bogus nationality intended to mislead. If you replace all the references to Bulgarians and replace them with Israeli you will hit the mark. You see the tactic of these trolls is to assume a false nationality, abuse everyone left right and centre, after which everyone will abuse that nationality, and then the real nationals, in this case Bulgarians, will leave the site as it has become too abusive. Don’t fall for it. They are all hasbara trolls, trained to sow discord. Basically, when the comments fall below polite they are achieving their objective.

Wahid Algiers

Where in Austria is your place. i want you TO TRY to fuck out the 100% antizionism out of my body. I really hate jews and you want to correct me? Fine. My way is not as long to Austria as you believe you fucken jew friend.

Wahid Algiers

They are freedom fighter and stronger than the stolen state of Israel. Take other pills.


The most ugliest people in the Middle East are Israel.


“Israel’s right to defend itself”,
Well who is attacking who now ? Israel has been attacking Syria from day one to day million and just one defensive destruction of an old F16 became aggression.

Well even if Israel uses nukes on entire Damascus and destroy it , US will still support Israel as Israel has the fight to defend itself from Assad the Great

Everyday talking bull and we are all kids.

My take is that Assad will easily defeat even the US if his partners are persistent even without Russia as Russia will not fight Israel or even US . As long as Iran is in for real … Assad is safe. Iran is the key here not others not even Russia

Let the fight be Houthis style … LOL.

No countries in their right minds will allow such to happen to their country. Hands up anyone one supporting Israel or US will allow their land to be taken like this… just with one word from their mouths.

It will never happen. Only fools do .

You can call me Al

comment image

Unfortunately you mentioned 2 fools in your penultimate paragraph / sentence.


THIS is everything. PNAC. 9/11. Tony Blair’s work. Yet today even our outlets have convenient amnesia, and thus so many here dribble on about BBC, CNN and NYT ‘talking points’ of no relevance.

Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Sudan have all been ticked off the list (the last two without the knowledge of 99% of people here). Lebanon and Iran are last. Lebanon is for the jews to destroy- as a ‘FUN’ way to sate their bloodlust, and as compensation for the fact that Israel can NEVER directly participate in the destruction of Iran.

The Iran War is the biggie- the true beginning of WW3 and the fall of Mankind. And the Iran War, thanks to Putin’s never ending weakness, is almost here.

You can call me Al

Unfortunately, I totally agree with you.

Blair, I cannot even stand seeing or hearing his name.

The Farney Fontenoy

“Israel is our closest security partner in the region..”
For a change they don’t use the word ‘ally’… maybe some in the US forces are finally getting fed up that Israel is no-one’s ally & they’ve never lifted a finger to help the US, yet drag the US into every single conflict.
Maybe a few remember Beirut, when 250+ marines were killed trying to dig Israel out of a mess the Israelis created, the Israelis even had warning of the attack & didnt tell the Americans what they knew…

Don Machiavelli

Any link please. About 250 killed. Embassy bombing?

Mase fah

No i think he ment the warship

George King

According to specifics given he was obviously talking about the US Marine barracks (about 250 dead), see above. The incident you mention does not match specifics mentioned.

On 8 June 1967, during the Six-Day War. The combined air and sea attack killed 34 crew members (naval officers, seamen, two marines, and one civilian), wounded 171 crew members, and severely damaged the ship. At the time, the ship was in international waters north of the Sinai Peninsula

George King

Fontenoy was talking about the Marine barracks in Beirut that killed 241 US Marines on October 23, 1983. Although Hezbollah was thought to be responsible for the 2 trucks packed with explosives others suggest an Israel false flag for its own purposes.

Thirty four years ago this week, President Ronald Reagan made perhaps the most purposeful and consequential foreign-policy decision of his presidency. Though he never said so explicitly, he ended America’s military commitment to a strategic mistake that was peripheral to America’s interests.

Three-and-a-half months after the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut that killed 241 U.S. military personnel — and after repeatedly pledging not to do so — Reagan ordered the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Lebanon. As Gen. Colin Powell later aptly summarized this military misadventure: “Beirut wasn’t sensible and it never did serve a purpose. It was goofy from the beginning.”

Feb. 4, 1984, Reagan stated something frequently heard in debates over Afghanistan and other theaters of conflict today — if the United States withdraws, “we’ll be sending one signal to terrorists everywhere: They can gain by waging war against innocent people…. If we’re to be secure in our homes and in the world, we must stand together against those who threaten us.”

Yet, just three days later, on Feb. 7, Reagan ordered the Marines to “redeploy” to their ships offshore — which was actually a full withdrawal achieved in three weeks. Although the Marine’s mission in Lebanon was not clearly defined and, subsequently, not achieved, Reagan’s tacit admission of failure and withdrawal of the Marines from Lebanon limited America’s further involvement in foreign-policy disaster — saving money, lives, and time.

Don Machiavelli

Thanks for clarification, i was thinking some other event was referenced.


Not surprised


AIPAC has presumably been in overdrive in last days – lobbying and demanding public US support.


“threats to its territory”: Does anyone here realize that the Iranian drone did not enter Isreali airspace? It flew in the Syrian airspace over the Syrian Golan. No Iranian, Syrian or Russian official comment to mention this fact – I’m amazed how far Israels propaganda machine reaches. Goebbels would be proud of his spiritual offspring, well, actually political offspring: Netanyahu > Jabotinsky > Mussolini.

George King

Every one in Syria has drones flying in every imaginable area of the country. Rebels, ISIS, SSA, Iran, US, Israel, Turkey, PMU, Saudi Arabia and the list goes on. Stop and think for a minute here. Israel put a squadron in the air to attack deep inside Syrian territory but the casus belli was a drone? If you believe Israel sent a squadron to bring down a single drone over the Golan Heights which is straight out of the theater of the absurd, end of conversation.


Ok. But still, where was the drone flying and what would Goebbels be thinking?


OK. But still, where was the drone flying – or you mean there wasn’t any.? Again, what would Goebbels be thinking?


OK. But still, where was the drone flying – or you mean there wasn’t any.? Again, what would Goebbels be thinking

You can call me Al

“US Declares Full Support To Israeli Airstrikes On Syria.”….blimey that was a shock !!, one murdering psycho, war mongering Country supporting another; who would have thought it ?.

I smell a wee bit of panic in these two nations.

PS What happened to the Egyptians helping the Syrians out, or the Chinese ?.

John Mason

If that is what the US believes then it world be OK with them that the SAA and coalition defend their territory and attack them.


Have US citizens forgotten the Israeli right to defend itself stretches back to the 6 Day War, June 1967, when the US Liberty was attacked by the IAF killing 38 American sailors and 1 US citizen? The attack was downplayed as an awful mistake, however, the evidence proves the contrary. Robert McNamara the then SoD said at the time: “President Johnson, is not going to war with our ally (Israel) over a few dead sailors.” Israel appears to have since it’s inception, the right to murder, maim, terrorise, kidnap, imprison whoever it wants including US citizens with the full support of the US State.


Again, words standing on their head. It is not about Israel’s “right to defend themselves” but about Syria’s right to defend themselves. Iran is but a strawman. This isn’t good. It can very rapidly spin out of control. If Israel keeps attacking Syria, there will likely be a full-blown war.


Sadly Putin also supports jewish terrorism and meets with terrorists from Israel on a regular basis to reassure them of Russia’s undying backing of all things zionist.

Meanwhile RT reports how european jewish terrorists got a contestant from France’s ‘The Voice’ TV show kicked off for daring to express support for innocent palestinians during the last jewish holocaust in Gaza. The same jewish terrorists operating in Britian got a model fronting beauty products sacked for the same reason.

Jewish butchers carry out crimes against humanity in palestine just as bad as any crime of the original nazis, but any ‘goyim’ caught expressing outrage at these crimes cannot then find decent employment in Europe. This is how evil world jewry is. Not only do jews claim to be the victims as they rape torture and mass murder those they call “sub-Human” in Gaza- they also then seek to ruin the lives of anyone who calls them out on their evil.

And what does Putin do? Well today our ‘muscular vicar’ offered to give one of Russia’s best military assets to the USA. Yes that same s-400 system Putin REFUSES to sell to either Iran or Syria. Because world jewry doesn’t want Iran and Syria having a decent air defense system of them own.

So Putin is your ‘hero’? The man who voted for the most depraved sanctions yet seen at the UN against N Korea. Sanctions imposed because N Korea dares to build the ONLY defense systems proof against America. Yet Putin has stated again and again that the jews are above the law, and Russsia will NEVER sanction Israel for its many crimes against humanity, acts of aggressive warfare, and genocidal weapons programs. You see in Putin’s eyes N Koreans are ‘sub-Humans’. Iranians are ‘sub-Humans’ and the jews are the ‘master race’. So it wouldn’t be ‘right’ to apply the samre rules, laws and standards to each group.

You take comfort cos Putin doesn’t want the coming Iran War or to have Israel genocide any population outside of palestine (putin has ALWAYS supported the jewish atrocities in Gaza and the W Bank). Well if true you are a fool. Yes Putin doesn’t want these things- but as the ONLY force that can prevent them, he actually ensures Russia does nothing that counts in the long term.

World jewry already got 99.99% of what they wanted in Iraq, Libya and Syria. All three set back decades, and incapable of rising to first world standards for the longest time. Now Iran is next. And like Iraq, Syria and Libya, world jewry is NOT intending to directly participate to any meaningful degree. No, the ‘GOYIM’ are to destroy Iran on behalf of the jews. The jews are going to sate their bloodlust in their coming holocaust of Lebanon- which they hope to begin just as Trump starts striking Iran.


It is all about the choices the Common People will take….. in the World of Today we don’t know Who is Who…. and Who belongs to Who… a lot of Deception going on…. just keep your Eyes open and Watch them closely…… we are with Many & They know it…. keep gaining knowledge so you can inform….. also after the internet goes down or when the shit hits the fan…….. maybe 5 or 10% of the people know how things are…. that is 350.000.000 to 750.000.000 people……stay sharp & vigilant…..

Vauxhall Astra

Thats it syria is screwed.


Nah, US officials are just trying to cover up an almighty fuck-up by the Israelis.

Vauxhall Astra

They can’t say no to israel.


And Pussin said “Syria is our closest ally in the region and we fully support the right to israel to attack Syria”. XD.

Pussin is such a deception.

Tudor Miron

“and we fully support the right to israel to attack Syria”. XD.” How about some prove?


Do you want more proof ? What about the hundred of israeli attacks in Syria ? XD

Tudor Miron

I will repeat if you have difficulty understanding. You say that Russia declared “”and we fully support the right to israel to attack Syria”. XD.”(c) – I want to see prove of that claim – a link or something. If you can’t show one, who are you than, a liar?


It was irony but not far from the truth.If you don’t condamn, you collaborate.

Tudor Miron

OK, no evidence and that was just a joke.
I will say again. We as a country do support our ally Syria as much as we can afford to. With Russia’s help (as well as Iran and Hezbollah) Syrian territory controlled by legitimate government grew many folds and keeps growing.
Our president has to think about Russia first and that’s what he does. Do I collaborate? No, but I do support our Leader as long as I agree with his actions. Some times we all want that more is done but looking at full picture, after some time (this is important) we often realize that he did exactly the right thing within available circumstance.

Now let me ask you. Where you are from and what nationality you are? (If you want I will answer same questions – nothing to hide here).
What did your country (elected by you and yours) do to save Syria? I will guess that a lot, otherwise who are you to teach us how and what to do?


Never rely on one person. One day, I heard that most Russians support Putin and those who don’t support it want someone taugher. I think that the last proportion will increase.

Just like Trump supporters were deceived by Trump, you will be deceived by Putin.

Presidents are nothing in reality. The real strengh are the people. Trump was “elected” to do what he wants not what Americans want. So, it’s useless. So, people need to have power not the president.

Of course, don’t go after your own president for another country. It’s Assad fault not to have asked to be provided by modern weapons or to stop russian naval bases. The fact is just that, now, Syria is in mess and Russia is wasting time, money, energy, … to save the situation. It would have been easier to provide Assad with modern weapons decades ago. So, I just don’t understand the logic of treating instead of preventing.

Tudor Miron

You seem to forget that 15 years ago Russian soveregnity was close to zero and it was not in position to do something about Syria or any other ally countries.

George King

Try reading the “Art of War” by Sun Tzu to help you in your frustrations of comprehension.

Preview — The Art of War by Sun Tzu
“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” …
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” …
“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

Once you have completed this endeavor maybe we can have a conversation worth having.

Real Anti-Racist Action

By ‘US’ they mean our Jewish overlords support their Jewish brothers of Israel.
Regular everyday Americans do not support the Jewish-master-race at all.
In fact, I stand by the Lebanese army and the SAA!

Promitheas Apollonious

As long you don’t free your states and live under federal rule, meaning under the rule of the anglozionist who created the colony called USA Inc., not unlike the way they created Israheel, what you saying it be a pipe dream just as the american dream turn out to be.

And i don’t mean to be insulting to you, or any normal thinking citizen, of that place, but as long you are a colony of the anglozionist, what you looking forward to that day you mention, you die with the hope because it is never coming.

Hide Behind

In other words Russia tells Israel and US: “You can kill any Srian, Iranian, Lebanon Hez, But please, pretty plesse, do not kill a Russian.

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