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US Continues To Fuel Hezbollah In Venezuela Narrative. Media Speculate That Maduro “Stole” 8 Tons Of Gold

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US Continues To Fuel Hezbollah In Venezuela Narrative. Media Speculate That Maduro "Stole" 8 Tons Of Gold

The photograph shows a meeting between Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on October 22nd, 2016. Click to see full-size image

The claim that Hezbollah has ties to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was reinforced by a report by the Jerusalem Post, citing former Venezuelan Intelligence Chief Hugo Carvajal.

The article was originally published on February 24th, but US National Security Adviser shared it on twitter on February 27th, with accusations that no longer mention “Maduro and his cronies,” but rather Maduro and “a counsel of terrorists and Cuban minders.”

According to the Jerusalem Post article, which itself cites a NYT report, Carvajal revealed powerful ties between the administration of President Nicolás Maduro and the Hezbollah terrorist group, as well as wide-spread corruption and drug activity.

Allegedly, those who were meant to combat drugs were engaged in trafficking them,  Carvajal said.

El Aissami was not only a drug kingpin, said Carvajal, but also had connections to Hezbollah, and attempted to arrange Hezbollah terrorists to work with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia [FARC] through Venezuela.

The claim that Hezbollah has ties with the Maduro government was initially suggested by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo close around 14 days earlier.

On February 24th, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif expressed his country’s support of Maduro’s government and slammed any foreign intervention in Venezuela’s internal affairs. Thus, it is also possible that accusations of Iranian influence to being circulating the media soon.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported, citing opposition Legislator Angel Alvarado and three anonymous government sources who claimed that Nicolas Maduro had removed at least 8 tons of gold from the Venezuelan central bank’s vaults between February 20th and 22nd.

This was done while there were no regular security guards present at the bank. According to Alvarado they plan to sell it illegally abroad.

The anonymous sources and Alvarado did not say where the gold would be sold. They said the operation took place while central bank head Calixto Ortega was abroad on a trip.

Separately, on February 27th the containers were also placed on the Simon Bolivar bridge to block it as well. It is a major pedestrian crossing between Colombia and Venezuela. It is also the place where the “humanitarian aid truck” was set on fire allegedly by the Venezuelan military.

The Tienditas bridge, which is blocked for passage all year round was also blocked by shipping containers in January.

US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido who travelled to Colombia, despite a travel ban imposed by the Venezuelan Supreme Court also travelled to Brazil on the evening of February 27th to meet with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro as part of a tour of several nations to ratchet up international pressure on President Nicolas Maduro to step down.

Maduro said that Guaido should face justice after he returns to Venezuela because he went against the supreme court’s ruling.

Meanwhile, in his address to the UN Human Rights Council Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza suggested that Maduro and Trump should meet and “try to find common ground and explain their differences.”


“We’re calling for dialogue, dialogue with the United States – why not between Presidents Maduro and Trump? Why shouldn’t they meet so that they could try to find common ground and explain their differences?”

“Under the pretext of humanitarian aid, an intervention against Venezuela is intended,” he also said.

US Vice President Mike Pence discarded the suggestion, saying that the only thing to discuss is the exact “time and date of his [Maduro’s] departure.”

On Thursday, both the US and Russia submitted their own draft resolutions on the Venezuelan crisis.

The decision to submit the Russian draft resolution was announced by Russian mission to the UN Fyodor Strzhizhovsky.

An anonymous diplomatic source told TASS that the vote on Russia’s draft resolution on Venezuela at the UN Security Council is planned for Thursday.

“Voting on Russia’s draft will be held on Thursday after the vote on the US draft document,” the source said.

Maduro’s vice-president, Delcy Rodríguez, is also to travel to Moscow for talks with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov on March 1st. Russia has continued to support Maduro government throughout the crisis and despite continuing false media reports that it is doubting the “regime.”


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Another SF post which quotes ad nauseam the IsraHelli based Jerusalem Post, which in turn supports its lies by quoting the the Jewish owned and controlled NYT. Do we really need msm lies and bullshit reproduced here???


Of course we do. Because A: we need to be challenged in our views, lest we become an echo chamber of only hearing what we want to hear, and B: for shits and giggles? We can always use a laugh, right?

northerntruthseeker .

I laughed so hard, I fell out of my chair and spilled my coffee on myself… Southfront owes me a coffee and a new shirt!!!!

Concrete Mike

Its called give the objective reader both sides of the coin.

Some of us can tell propaganda from fact . In fact citing “their” news gives us a snapshot into these fools mindset.

Sometimes a good laugh!

Nothing wrong with that.


It’s alright as long as they clearly say it’s a quote and who is the source.

We are capable of separating the chaff. Every know and then I spend some time on American, British and Israeli “news” sites and read them to understand the direction of the narrative and am sure many other do the same.

But I don’t waste time on western MSM-style Arabic or Persian sources, they’re useless as they just parrot the English ones.


The US is getting really desperate, they are making the same noises they made just before they destroyed Iraq. Is it a coincidence that the US destroys its competitors in the oil market? But enough is enough, please China, burn their economy to the ground so they can no longer harm others.

Gregory Casey

I’ll repeat what Redadmiral said below and add that I read through this piece expecting that somewhere, anywhere I’d read some contrarian view to the summary of the fake-news media bullshxt peddled throughout but shockingly, there was nothing. You first accuse Maduro of stealing 8 Tonnes of Gold from Venezuela’s Treasury but furnish nothing to support this wild theory nor supply any detail of how 8 Tonnes of stolen Gold could or would be shipped out of Venezuela to a willing purchaser. Please, South Front, a little balance and STOP PEDDLING BULLSHIT.


So not only are we back to using the Nicaraguan Contra regime overthrow rule book, we’re also back to using socalled defectors telling us what we want to hear, like with Iraq. God, do Neo-Clowns never learn from their mistakes?


Both the Nicaraguan Contras and the Iraq thing got them what they wanted. How is that a mistake? Sure, lots of ’em are clowns, but this stuff is the CIA playbook; what we’re dealing with here is malevolence and greed, not stupidity.


Did it get them what they wanted? Daniel Ortega still rules Nicaragua and they’re still trying to get rid of him. And Iraq did not become the Great Democratic Beacon that what bring in Democracy, Freedom, the American Way of Life and a life time US ally to the entire region. They basically handed Iraq over to Iran. They removed the Sunni regime that was seen as by both Iran and the region as a bullwark against Iran and where then surprised that Iran now enjoys immense influence and power inside Iraq. Because the Sunni regimes of the Middle East don’t like to see Shia governments pop up among their midst and out of sheer necessity alone the new Shia government of Iraq had to cozy up to big Shia brother Iran for survival.

We are dealing with stupidity here. With children playing with matches because they do have access to instruments of immense power, the CIA, the US military, but they aren’t being tempered by any knowledge and wisdom that those who created those instruments at least had. The American leaders who created the American superpower at least had some understanding of the world. They weren’t ideologues, they only created the propaganda because they knew that without it they couldn’t achieve their agenda. That’s how neoconservatism was started. Its creator knew that in order for US society to be both dominant and united common myths and ideology had to be created. But that was meant for public consumption. Its leaders had to be above the pack. The current neo-clowns on the other hand have started to believe their own propaganda and when faced with reality prefer to believe their own propaganda instead.

And that is why we are dealing with malevolence, greed and stupidity combined. This is why empires fall, when its leaders believe their own bullshit and are no longer tempered by realism. Shrewd leaders create empires, and their descendants who lack that wisdom lose those empires.


Ortega was gone for decades though, and his new government is weaker, more centrist than the old. And the Iraq thing turned the whole region into a weakened, more violent place where nobody thinks there’s anything wrong with US troops and drones wandering around killing.

For the US it always seems like the destruction on its own, even if it accomplishes nothing else, is always a good enough result. It moves regional politics away from traditional diplomacy and towards the military and naked force, which is good for the US. And it makes an example of the victim, creating fear. Even Vietnam, which was an unqualified failure for the US due mainly to the Vietnamese being unified, brave, and amazing fighters both tactically and strategically–even there, the “dominoes” didn’t keep falling. One factor was almost certainly “I don’t want to ‘win’ an independence fight the way they did.” The mass death alone created a deterrence effect on anyone else who might have thought about stepping out of line. Chaos is their brand.

True, the “letting Iran regain strong influence in Iraq” thing was a huge blunder. And it does seem like much of the current crop of leaders–starting with Reagan, really–have rather drunk their own kool-aid. Seems to be an occupational hazard of propagandists, especially relatively subtle propagandists.


bolton, pence, pompeo = the 3 stooges.the stuff that worked for previous pschopaths cheney, rumsfeld, kagan, etal doesn’t seem to be getting any traction. watch your back juan guano your masters are going to make a martyr out of you.

Lena Jones

Let me correct the headline for y’all: US JEWS Continue To Fuel Hezbollah In Venezuela FAKE Narrative.

northerntruthseeker .

Absolutely!!!! And you do have to laugh at how they claim that Maduro “stole” Venezuela’s Gold.. Its more like the President had the Russians take the Gold out to prevent the US from stealing it like they have done in so many other countries with their fraud “regime change” (Ukraine is the prime example!)

Dušan Mirić

What media? Agitprop! Media died long time ago.

Pave Way IV

Colombia has been Israel’s main little South American bitch for decades. Wikileaks:

…Colombia has “engaged former Israeli military officials to help provide training and advice in the fight against the FARC and other terrorist groups.” Israeli contractors, the cable continued, support the Colombian government through “arms sales, military training, and the provision of strategic military planning and consulting services.”

Israel has been is a significant source of weaponry for Colombia, and according to the cable uncovered by Wikileaks, some 38 percent of Colombia’s foreign defense purchases went to Israel in 2007…

So if the US and Lima Cartel are trying to enlist Colombia’s army to kill Venezuelans, than Israel will be all over any ridiculous justification. They made these stupid Hezbollah claims about the FARC guerrillas when the Colombian government couldn’t defeat them despite extensive but worthless Israeli ‘help’. The

Colombian SF were only trained to become more psychopathic butchers and torturers under Israel (and US) ‘advisers’. The Colombian military rules by terror and cocaine profits. Their regular army just plain sucks.


The people who stole Venezuelan gold would be British bankers who refused to hand over Venezuela’s gold when the government wanted to move it.

R PLobo

The likely result of all this Venezuela bashing by the zionist pimps is the destabilizing of the local comprador Colombian vassals. Colombia is far more politically fragmented than Venezuela and will soon realize that there is no net gain for its own interests. Brasil has already stepped back.

Xoli Xoli

Again Bolton, Pompeo, Pentagon, CIA and M16 propaganda with the blessing of phsyco biblical goliath Trump. Trump is not in charge of USA his just a spokesman of Bolton and fat boy Pompeo. Just like Erdogan.Both are contesting most racist and stupid just a title President for spokesmen duties position noble prize.

Xoli Xoli

Learning process never save your money,gold,oil,gas profits in USA NATO banks.This are democracy of thief’s,looters,instigators,ethnic deviders and chaose and violant, terrorists creators.Dont make deals be careful.Learn from Iraq,Libya and Iran.5+ Official agreement under UN Security council agreement was canceled by biblical goliath Trump.North Korea be careful after a floated deal war economic enrichment of USA NATO will be implemented.Dont even expect help from weak allies stand up for your rights.Israel and all the main NATO puppets have nuclear weapons that is why their are untouchable.


I hope they took the gold somewhere safe, because it is one of the “resources” to be exploited by the invaders. Naturally the opposition is pissed, Yanks are pissed, mercenaries are pissed, bankers are pissed, in fact there is no one opposing Madure who is not pissed if the gold has disappeared by the time they get there (which they won’t, just saying).

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