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JUNE 2021

US Confirms Delivery Of Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles To Ukraine

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US Confirms Delivery Of Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles To Ukraine

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The US State Department has confirmed the delivery of anti-tank missile systems Javelin to Ukraine.

“They have already been delivered,” a US State Department official said on April 30 in response to an RFE/RL query on the handover of Javelins.

In March, the US confirmed the deal to sell 210 Javelin anti-tank missiles and 37 Javelin launchers to Ukraine. According to the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency, the deal also includes “United States Government and contractor technical assistance, transportation, training and other related elements of logistics and program support”

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko also confirmed the delivery and said his country would continue “to strengthen” its “defense potential.”

“I am sincerely grateful for the fair decision of [U.S. President] Donald Trump in support of Ukraine, in defense of freedom and democracy,” Poroshenko said.

“Washington not only fulfilled our joint agreement, it demonstrated leadership and an important example.”

ПП: Вітаю жвавий інтерес – і в Україні, і за її межами – до постачання нам комплексів Джавелін. Можу лише підтвердити,…

Posted by Петро Порошенко on Monday, April 30, 2018

Ukrainian Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak thanked Poroshenko and wrote on his Facebook page that Ukrainian troops would begin training with the new weapons on May 2.

Вдячний Президенту України Петро Порошенко за титанічні зусилля для отримання протитанкових комплексів Джавелін та…

Posted by Степан Полторак on Monday, April 30, 2018

Further details of the delivery have not been provided yet.

Meanwhile, Czechoslovak Group (CSG), a private defensive and industrial company, secured a contract to deliver refurbished Russian-designed BVP-1 (BMP-1) amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) and 2S1 amphibious tracked self-propelled howitzers (SPHs) to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the US Jane’s Defence Weekly reported on May 3.

“The contract was signed recently and is worth hundreds of millions of crowns and involves dozens of vehicle platforms,” the CSG spokesman Andrej Cirtek told Jane’s Defence Weekly.

“Excalibur Army will completely overhaul the armoured vehicles and self-propelled howitzers at VOP 026 Sternberk and then transport them to our partner Wtorplast in Poland, which will export them to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine,” Cirtek added.

Moscow has repeatedly warned against supplies of weapons to Ukraine saying that this would result in the escalation of the military conflict in the country’s eastern Donbas region, ongoing since 2014.

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paul ( original )

I would like to think that Russia will understand from this that restraint
and caution is only for them while the West has carte blanche. So
no S-300 for Syria but lot of Javelins for Ukraine


I don’t know. Assuming they’ll get to use the real things instead of lookalike knockoffs in battle.

Javelin missile is IR guided. They’re easily dazzled by IR jammer though i think IR jammer too would be rare encounter against Donetsk and Luhansk resistance. In Syria they uses wire guided missiles and other antiquated MCLOS system extensively because the Syrian almost always have IR jammers.


javelins quickly take out russian tanks.


Pull that NATO rocket out of your anus and get it through that tiny brain of yours that the American Government is not your friend. It will use you, rob you, rape you and leave you for dead. Just ask Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Ghaddafi and Milosevic. What can you gain from siding with the Americans? McDonald’s in every neighborhood and village? Walmart? Coca Cola? Hollywood Garbage and LGBTQ parades through your capital?


Hey! He enjoys being raped. That’s why he is here.

Mo Richard

We are not rapist here!


Yeah, his butt is safe, but what’s left of his brain will cook off:-)


So well said, JEinCA the US regime defiles and defecates on everything fine and clean and deprives people from true freedom.

Thom Kinoshta

true, but the USA government has to steal in order to keep the American people happy. USA lifestyle is highest in world.

Tudor Miron

Very very well said.


hahaha, i see, you released your bile in wrong place. good health! :DDDD


Shut up, turkey!


how do you come to “turkey” now?


It is something from a movie i believe it was Jurassic park, when Sam Neil compares raptors to giant turkeys. So animal rather than country.


Well Russian anti tank missiles will take out Ukraine tanks too


sure, but putin helps them less and less.


They have to aim them first. And there’s a reason these socalled ‘People’s Republics’ exists and the Ukrainian army got its ass kicked. Ukraine is a deeply corrupt and failed state. You can dress up a turd, it will still remain a turd. Getting rid of its pro-Russian leadership did not end the massive corruption, did not make the Ukrainian state efficient and did not undo years of neglect of the Ukrainian army.

The US and the West in general have this brain bug that if only you supply training and modern weapons you can turn a hopelessly incompetent army around into a modern Western army. It never works. So yeah, Javelins could take out Russian tanks. But if they’re being fired by chimps? Not bloody likely.

Tudor Miron

They actually can… turn them around into a modern western army. Problem is that is not that much anyway.


Sure, Ukaine is extremly corrupt country. Independently upon, theri si pro or antirussian government. allpresidents had toilet from gold (i dont know, why this perverse habit? :) ). Also lady Tymoshenko was maffia person. Unfortunately, the first move of EU was to remove her from jail after the coup. :(

The AU army is corrupt, drunkan soldiers. But i see also development. It is growing up and was formed one good core. Remeber, in Syria tiger forces were able to win the war. in ukraine will be similar. nato will build up one good division and they will defat russians on lugansk and donyetsk. putin forbad them to take mariupol and thus they lost momentum. lot of people left these two regions. there is nothing, no production. u r from netherlands, u know exactly, that such way can not last long. they will simply collapse.

putin also in case of ukraine was extremly stupid. he had halp during demonstartions and held the legal president. send some troops and swiftly remove them. west would accept this. maybe in the beginning some weak sanctions, but today would be over. so, the east ukraine is fully destroyed, crimea is not enough instead of dead eurasian project (without ukraine has no sense). even if russia took east ukraine, would lost, beacause eu and nato are much closer now.


So…….., if Putin handled it so badly he is therefore not the Big Bad Boogeyman the West makes him out to be? He could have gone all the way but didn’t. I sleep better already. ;-)

I agree that those regions do not have much economic viability. Which makes taking them militarily all the more stupid. An invasion would probably galvanize them and bring in Russian intervention again. Russian ‘volunteers’ would probably again cross the border. Left to stew in their own juices chances are they would probably drift back into Kiev’s orbit without a shot being fired.

I wouldn’t make the analogy between the Tigers and one crack NATO trained UA division though. The Tigers have been around for years before the Russian intervention. They weren’t formed by the Russians. And as I said NATO has a poor track record when it comes to training locals. The kind of steel needed to actually fight has to come from within. Time will tell if it will work out. Beware of historical analogies though. The simplifications that are needed to make them all too often make them utterly useless, as every historical situation is unique. After all, in Syria the Russians did more then just train an elite unit. They rebuilt the Syrian army’s support infrastructure, allowing them to rebuild damaged vehicles, they started training and commanding increasing numbers of SAA units, up to the strategic level, and above all, the SAA’s biggest boost came from the incredibly effective air support from the RuAF contingent. NATO has done nothing of that kind in the Ukraine. And unlike the Jihadis in Syria, which only have some manpads to defend against low level aircraft, the rebels in the Ukraine do have access to far more advanced SAM systems.


So…….., if Putin handled it so badly he is therefore not the Big Bad
Boogeyman the West makes him out to be? He could have gone all the way
but didn’t. I sleep better already. ;-)

i dont understand, what would you say???

I agree that those regions do not have much economic viability.

Before civil war this region was themost developed, most important in ukraine. there are mines, indutry, military industry. the war devastated, and beacuse of destroyed factories, emmigrated people has no chance alone. Russia will not annekt, the only way is lay down the weapons, for moscow from the beginning were only puppets. putin wants long civil war, he obeyed those russians. so, tipical rogue russian politics. the lives of russians are less then dogs.

you forget one thing. ukraina was parto f russia, important part. large %s of SA was formed by ukrainians.there are lot of good ikrainian soldiers. if mak one good unit, this single one unit will be able to deter the revolt.

the philospgy about TFs you wrote, has nothing to do with fact, what i wrote.


If Putin is fallable, because he made the wrong choices over the Ukraine crisis, then he can hardly be evil scheming mastermind that the West portrays him. Then he’s just like the rest of our politicians. Hardly anything to get worked up about. Don’t believe the hype! That sort of thing. That’s what I tried to say.


Please the adults are speaking here.


and the clevers writing, dumbs pleasing


The wire-controlled ones in Syria also use an IR beacon on the missile’s rear to verify the flight path.

The jammers, which they developed in Syria, are showing a brighter signature right on top of the tank, so the missile thinks it is straight on target and stops adjusting it’s course.


And more sophisticate weapons are coming to Ukrania. However, Russia does not know yet whether or not to send S-300 to Syria and S-400 to Iran…..Syria is already destroyed, Iran is the next country to be destroyed, and after this….Russia is coming. If USA-ISRAEL-NATO are not stop in Syria, Russia wil regret a lot and too late this bad tactical game with these guy (Mainly Israel).

You can call me Al

You blood sucking POS America.

Just remember you piece of vermin “what goes around, comes around”.


Provide anti-tank missiles to hit Donbass women, farmers and miners? This is just an index that a new aggression is ongoing to be prepared in contempt of the Minsk treaty. Once the Ukrainian traitors supported the Nazis (Germans) and killed their own people. Now history repeats itself the same: the Ukrainian traitors in power are armed and financed by the new Nazis of the 21st century, the USA, to kill their own people.

Thom Kinoshta

yeah, Ukrainians are dumb. The USA will fight Russia till the last Ukrainian dies.


If the idea is to deter war by giving Ukraine enough to fight back but not enough to get some bright ideas, then we have succeeded. This is certainly more efficient support than those drones the Obama administration gave them since Russia relies on massed tank charges but the only problem is that this does not end the possibility of another Maiden style crisis. The new Ukrainian government isn’t any more honest than the last one.

Thom Kinoshta

The only reason Russia has a low grade war in eastern Ukraine is to prevent Ukraine joining NATO. A country in conflict cannot join NATO. USA annexed Ukraine and Russia is countering US aggression.


Are you a troll for fun or a troll for hire?

Tudor Miron

Smaug, above poster sounds fairly reasonable and logical (while there is a room for debate) while it is you who’s displaying some err… naive statements.


Which of us is reasonable, again? (Rhetorical)


Write it again !! In your opinion, is the intention of the US to “avoid war?” So, if that was their purpose, because they first armed the nazsti of “pravi sector” that brought down the legitimate government, then burned people alive in Odessa and finally bombed the civilians in the Dondass when the Ukrainian army refused to do so (it happened in the first times and the soldiers of the army, replaced with nazi of pravi sector) ? If you believe that the aim of the US in Ukraine is to increase peace and not to establish new nuclear bases against Russia, you can also believe that donkeys fly, … with you, …


No one wants war, common sense dictates so, but everyone engages in behaviors that could theoretically cause a war (like your bellicose rhetoric).


I don’t know. You point that giving the aggressor in this cases new cache of weapons as a mean to attain peace. Which bellicose rhetoric exactly ?

Tudor Miron

Who we? “since Russia relies on massed tank charges”(c) stopped reading after this.

Do you really think that US is trying to stop war in Ukraine? I mean, seriously?


russia gave lot of tanks. putin also told this.


Yeah, and you know for a fact that it’s true.

Tudor Miron

Wake up mister. We’re not in the 70s.


Not true. Russian would gallops it’s cavalry in a furious charge.


Sorry to keep beating this drum, but I firmly believe that a major conflict will be instigated in the Donbass area soon before the beginning of the World Cup in Russia — any Russian loss of prestige or humiliation ia viewed a a win by the CIA.


“The US State Department has confirmed the delivery of anti-tank missile systems Javelin to Ukraine”…Now Russia has NOT RESTRAIN to provide Donbass with more sophisticate military equipment to defend themselves from the DEEP STATE/Ukraine AGGRESSION.

Hide Behind

Just as in Syria where Russia. ceded lands above Euphrates to US and allies keeping Russoa Sea Base, so too he ceded everything in Ukraine eccept for Crimea and once more his sea base, to those same US and allies.
There are no means left for Russia to stem both the military build up all around it nor the economic warfare being used BY US NATO..
Russia is fast becoming hard currency strapped. And still sells some gas to Ukraine as it tries to complete new Routes.
THEY cannot trust Germany who sees a chance to lower its gas prices by playing of US sources against Russia.
I do not see where some people down play Ukraine military, when at one time they were huge arms, cyber, and even served as integral part of Russian Army.
Culturally they are a brutish brutal peoples, as in burning of Russian speaking Ukrainians trapped in building. Females showed up with bottles. filled them with gas and gave to men while throwing many of them and phosphorous grenades into building, and then joining in finishing off of barely alive. Laughing and then dancing. drinking party outside the ashes.
Their military I S no unorganized depending on mythical Allah’s 70 virgins to fight and win.
Their torture rape as part of Russian military is well known; less well known is how NAZi supporters did much worse and barbaric things to own and Russians , Jews, Christians and Russian Orthodox in WWII.
And their US Eurocentric handlers like them because of it


$250k each, 6-800mm RHA. How stupid can you be. Kornet – 1000-1200mm RHA. Costs less. That’s what happens when you let the illuminati run your country.


javelin is a class better then kornet. yanks are not stupid bears, they dont attack the front size of tank :P


Russia repeately bla bla bla bla, nonsense. Russia, be prepared for the worst from Ukrania.

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