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JULY 2022

US Conducts Airstrikes On Iran-backed Force In Iraq And Syria After US Contractor Killed

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US Conducts Airstrikes On Iran-backed Force In Iraq And Syria After US Contractor Killed

Late on December 29, the US Air Force bombed 5 positions of Kataib Hezbollah, a part of the Iraqi Armed Forces’ Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), in Syria and Iraq.

The US military claimed that the strikes were a response to Kataib Hezbollah attacks on US military installations.

The Pentagon also claimed that Kataib Hezbollah was responsible for the December 27 shelling on the K1 military base in Kirkuk that killed a US military contractor and injured several US soldiers.

The PMU confirmed the US strikes on its 45th and 46th Brigades in western Anbar and near the border with Syria. At least 25 people were killed and 51 others were injured.

Kataib Hezbollah vowed to respond to the US ‘aggression’.

The  situation is developing.

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the unhinged states of A always was trigger happy – shoot first and find the facts afterwards. it’s fine if they use that principle back home, weaponized cops against the black communities for example, but when they are running around putting that principle to use haphazardly in the world outside of the usa, it is more than worrisome. one reason why they can do so is that the so called compatriots in nato and other kowtowing spineless countries allow them to brake every law there is. thank god for russia and for china and for iran and for syria and north korea. they have more spine than the unhinged states of A ever will have.

Hide Behind

Cannot find much press within US or anywhere else upon the daily activities of Iranian or Lebanon’s Hez within Syria or Iraq, and for that matter US relations with Iraq’s Sovereign Government, so as to who ” he hit me first”, who knows. A rational group would not go around taking swipes at a much larger military to then run and hide all the while knowing that 50 to 100 of your friends are gonna die next or day after. But then there is a heck of a lot of irrational people in both Syria and Iraq and not all are terrorist supported by US and NATO. The Kurds of both Syria and Iraq do have common enemies, formal Governments of both Syria and Iraq, and both have Iranian military and volunteer Malitias which include Hez, being proxies forces of both governments. It is obvious that US and Israel are at war with Iran and Lebanons Hez, and feel they can bomb them at will, and as neither Syria nor Iraqs government is capable of protecting their allies, it is cheaper and safer to kill them in those lands than upon each groups home turfs, Iran and Lebanon. History shows Hez fanatics, if not their leadership, likes to now and then lob rockets into Israel, knowing full well Israel will retaliate 10 fold back at them killing anyone not just the fanatics. It is also readily apparent that Israel has US permission to Bomb in Iraq so one can see where you hit back at your enemy, Safer against US than Israel. Iranian and Hez forces should know that placing themselves in between Iraq’s well established Kurdistan and Syria’s growing Kurdistan is a bad place to be.

Arch Bungle

You seem to confused. The PMU group struck by the US is not related to Lebanon’s Hizbollah, nor is it an Iranian group. It is an Iraqi group. The rest of your rant is pure garbage.

Hide Behind

Not confused, they are paramilitary groups that do not recieve any US military aid, and recieve almost all financial support through Iran in conjunction with what remains of Iraq sovereign government. Iraq proper got but only was necessary aid to keep fighting Terrorist groups while giving far more aid to the Kurdish Forces. Iraq governments Military is as corrupt as their government officials and all their military supplies and repairs are largely supplied and provided by foreign contracyors, paid for out of Iraq oil sales. These paramilitary groups have a diverse demographic make up; that while it is largely Iranian and Iraqi has Palestinians, Hez and other largely Islamic volunteers. Some members of Iraq decent are actively protesting both their own government and Iranian volunteers and justly using anti corruption, even anti Iran, as platform. No group of political or militaristic platforms can exist within Iraq without using Iranian assets or those of US, and no group is more tied to US than the Kurds. Those close ties to US make them opportunity targets by anti US, and US will not tolerate outside interference in their relationships. The only snipers of info about Iranian influence in Iraq comes from their heavily censored news outlets, and Al’Jazeera has become one more propaganda outlet for, Israel/ US, Europe and ME allies. More info is available through the numerous Mercenary Security and Foreign infrastructure contractors.


“US military installations”? It is a blatant violation of international law for the US to enter, much less occupy, any part of Syria. And yet that is exactly what we’re doing. If we dont end the wars, eventually they will end us.

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