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US Companies Recruit Staff For Anti-Russian Provocations In Norway: Foreign Ministry

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US Companies Recruit Staff For Anti-Russian Provocations In Norway: Foreign Ministry

FILE PHOTO: U.S. Marines, who are to attend a six-month training to learn about winter warfare, arrive in Stjordal, Norway January 16, 2017. NTB Scanpix/Ned Alley/via REUTERS/File Photo

Mission Essential continues to look for translators from Russian and Norwegian to take support “extremely covert operations” of the US military in Norway, spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said in her press briefing on January 23rd.

As of January 24th, there is no such listing of a position.

Zakharova in her statement said the following:

“Our attention was drawn to reports in Norwegian online media to the effect that the company Mission Essential, registered in Ohio, which renders various services to the US military, intelligence organisations and the Department of State, as well as the governments of “friendly countries,” has announced a position for an expert and translator that speaks Russian and Norwegian “to support extremely covert operations” by the US military in Norway. The requirements for a job applicant are interesting: US citizenship, willingness to travel to “combat areas,” working seven days a week up to 12 hours a day, inconspicuous behaviour and knowledge of “the culture and customs of the country of stay.” In which country is this potential employee to use his talents? The contact is Arendal in the south of Norway with no definite address.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry also reached out to the Norwegian Ministry of Defense, however, it went into no detail and only said that it is keeping up with its NATO agreements.

“Unfortunately, the Norwegian Ministry of Defense, without going into detail, reduced its comments to the usual themes on the US military’s regular exercises in Norway in keeping with its NATO agreements. Norwegian Minister of Defense Frank Bakke-Jensen is convinced, from facts known only to himself, that Norway’s US allies “respect Norway’s interests including Oslo’s policy towards Moscow in the fields of defense and security.””

Zakharova explained how Russia views the advert:

“US recruitment agencies are unceremoniously trying to recruit staff to carry out hostile moves against Russia from Norwegian territory. In this situation, official Oslo has been pushed into playing the role of an obedient subordinate whose task is to unconditionally approve all of its senior ally’s “creative plans.” We wonder if Norway really needs this.”

In late November and early December, SF reported on two other job adverts that were posted by Mission Essential.

The first one was looking for a Ukrainian Linguist based in Mykolayiv, Ukraine. The port city is also significant, because that is where the US “logistical” naval facility is currently under construction.

Since then, another advert was posted in the week between 14th and 20th January looking for another Ukrainian Linguist with the exact same description. [The screenshot was taken on January 24th].

US Companies Recruit Staff For Anti-Russian Provocations In Norway: Foreign Ministry

Click to see the full-size image

The second advert was looking for a Norwegian/Russian Linguist, similarly to what the Foreign Ministry spokesperson said.

It appears that either the position does not appear to be lucrative, or employees seem to leave quickly after being hired.

The report on the Norwegian/Russian Linguist position also included a posting for a Russian linguist in Moldova, with similar requirements.

As of December 4th, Mission Essential has also been looking for a Russian Linguist to provide translation services in support of US African Command. [Screenshot was made on January 24th]

Which may be showing of Russia’s progress in reinforcing its ties to the region.

US Companies Recruit Staff For Anti-Russian Provocations In Norway: Foreign Ministry

Click to see the full-size image

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Jan Lavicka

mentally ill pedophiles rule Norway

so no wonder :-)

Albert Pike

Norway a ‘combat area’ ? Wouldn’t it be Finland and Sweden first ?


Finland and Sweden are not even in NATO yet…so where is the logic?

Albert Pike

‘Finnish cooperation with NATO is based on its longstanding policy of military non-alignment and a firm national political consensus. Cooperation has been reinforced over the years since Finland joined NATO’s Partnership for Peace in 1994 and became a member of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council in 1997.’
‘NATO and Sweden actively cooperate in peace and security operations, and have developed practical cooperation in many other areas.’

But anyway – you are right, they aren’t members. The fact remains with land forces into Norway, the Russians would have to cross Finnland and Sweden first – or they would be landing as paratroopers by air. Also why would one employ seperate translators in a Nato country, with existing Nato-Norway infrastructure? It makes only sense if there was no infrastructure any longer, …for which there is no logic.


I disagree.
Why would they do that?!
There is no logic whatsoever in the case of some conventional border conflict with NATO in Norway, that Russia would attack non NATO countries and make 2 more enemies out of already 28 that are in NATO.
(on top Swedish army is the most powerful in all Scandinavia)

Because the border with Norway is so tiny it would not be problem at all to contain any number of NATO forces in Norway from spreading to Russia.
In the case that border conflict would turn in massing troops for all out NATO attack on Russian Western border …In that case all the NATO command posts, major military bases, harbors, airports, troupes would be hit with tactical nukes and high precision missiles
And we would be heading towards MAD full speed before Sweden would be able to say “IKEA” or Finland “Nokia”….

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