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US Closes ‘Window of Opportunity’ for Russia in Syria

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According to the US President’s adviser, if ceasefire in Syria is not installed now, there will be fewer opportunities to do this in future.

US Closes ‘Window of Opportunity’ for Russia in Syria

Ben Rhodes (Photo: AP)

It is becoming more difficult to install a full ceasefire in Syria, and if this is not done now, there will be fewer opportunities to do this in future, the main foreign policy adviser to US President Barack Obama, Ben Rhodes, said. Some experts have seen an implicit threat to Russia in his words.

“Our message to Russia should be – a ‘window of opportunity’ is closing. We should see whether they [Russians] are able reach a real agreement [ceasefire] and support it,” he told journalists on August 29.

Rhodes also noted that the US and Russia have made progress, although have not “reached an agreement,” and now Washington expects Moscow’s “support and actions through its own armed forces and impact on the Assad regime”.

According to the US President’s adviser, an ultimate goal of this cooperation is a “true cessation of hostilities and a mechanism for humanitarian access to affected areas, particularly to Aleppo.”

Rhodes believes that if such agreements were reached, the US-Russian cooperation in the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS) and the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist groups in Syria would be feasible.

Will remind, after talks with his US counterpart John Kerry, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia and the US find “more and more points of contact” on the Syrian situation. According to him, the both sides have made several important steps to resolve the conflict in Syria.

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When was any windows of opportunity opened before. The US should fu.k off with their threats. Destroyers of countries!


It´s an empty move. There is nothing behind it. Everybody is doing whatever is in their interests. To announce in public something that would have been easily conveyed with discretion, in private talks, is just theatrics. So, to whom was the Presidents´spokesperson talking towards?

Less than a couple of weeks ago, the US was telling everybody don´t touch the Kurdish forces working with us or you will feel the pain; ´touch them and we are going to kick your behind´. Now what is going on over there? The Kurds are being bombed from the air, shelled by artillery, as well as being engaged on the ground by Turkey and da´ crew. Are these spokespeople even aware of what they said yesterday or of correctly tying their shoe laces this morning? This is a real form of macabe humor, brought to you live at taxpayer expense. However I am very hesitant to laugh, because of what it is doing to those not in the fight. A good day to all.


I can’t wait to see them backpedalling again once Aleppo is fully sieged again.

888mladen .

Terrorists in Aleppo need time to regroup. It’s clear that US is coordinating all military operations against Syrian Government. Including Russia who knows after all they are partners aren’t they?They control covertly all the terrorist factions and coordinate them from one center. Terrorists supported by Turkey have started new offensive in Hama and at the same time ISIS stars its own too. US has sent signal to Russia to start another doomed to fail ceasefire. Which side is Russia on? The first one had long lasting negative impact on what SAA had achieved initially. The precious momentum was lost. Who needs enemies with friends like this. Putin and his Knight of Malta general Shoigu must stop this nonsence duplicity and either fight or surrender.

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