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US-China Trade Talks Collapse After Half A Day Of Negotiations

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

That didn’t take long.

After roughly half-a-day of negotiations, the US trade delegation has broken off talks with its Chinese counterpart and is already on its way back to Washington, a sign that no new progress was made, and that trade talks between the US and China remain at an impasse.

According to Bloomberg, US delegates including Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer wrapped up talks with Vice Premier Liu He and their other Chinese counterparts on Wednesday afternoon at the Xijiao State Guest Hotel in Shanghai, according to a pool report.

US-China Trade Talks Collapse After Half A Day Of Negotiations

As the talks ended, China’s Ministry of Foreign Trade issues a response to President Trump, who has been warning the Chinese not to keep stalling on the talks.

In response to a question about Trump’s tweets, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that although she was not aware of the latest developments during the talks, it was clear it was the US that continued to “flip flop.”

“I believe it doesn’t make any sense for the US to exercise its campaign of maximum pressure at this time. It’s pointless to tell others to take medication when you’re the one who is sick,” Hua said.

The People’s Daily, mouthpiece of the Communist Party, also responded to Trump on Wednesday with a commentary saying that China has no motive to “rip off” the U.S. and has never done so, and China won’t make concessions against its principles on trade.

This week’s meetings, the first in-person trade talks since a G20 truce last month, amounted to a working dinner on Tuesday at Shanghai’s historic riverfront Fairmont Peace Hotel and a half-day of negotiations on Wednesday, Reuters reports. Neither team commented publicly.

Liu He bid farewell to his US counterparts as their motorcade pulled away from the Guest Hotel following a group photo. The talks concluded at around 1:45 pm local time – roughly 30 minutes before they were scheduled to begin.

Of course, the latest round of talks took place against a jarring backdrop following a fresh outburst by Trump on twitter, who, as delegates gathered Tuesday, slammed China’s unwillingness to buy American agricultural products and said it continues to “rip off” the U.S.

The Chinese apparently didn’t make any new concessions to the US, despite last night’s PMI report which showed that China’s factory activity continued to shrink in July, a sign that the trade dispute is taking a serious toll on the Chinese economy.

What’s worse, the talks were supposed to focus on “goodwill” gestures, like the agricultural purchases promised by China, and the rollback of sanctions on Huawei promised by Trump. Apparently, the two sides are still at an impasse regarding these two issues. These issues, as Reuters reports, are “somewhat removed” from the more core US complaints in the trade dispute, including US demands surrounding forced technology transfers and state subsidies.

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of China’s state-run Global Times tabloid, wrote on Twitter that the negotiators had “efficient and constructive” exchanges.

“The two sides discussed increasing purchase of U.S. farm products and the U.S. side agreed to create favorable conditions for it. They will hold future talks,” Hu said, without elaborating.

Earlier, the Global Times said if Washington still holds the illusion that Beijing will somehow cave in and compromise on issues concerning sovereignty, “then no deal is fine”.

Of course, few analysts expected this week’s talks – the first round of live talks since the second trade truce was struck between Trump and President Xi in Osaka – to yield much progress. But now that they’ve collapsed, does the Fed have the green light to deliver a 50 bp rate cut?

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How it is possible for China to negotiate with US mafia.

Gary Sellars

The US is run by the Kosher Nostra. US politicians are the best that ((their)) money can buy.


Israel have fkd America.

Brother Ma

Itis really quite simple. America loved free trade on market principles blablah blah in tge early days with China be ause it knew it would almost certqinly benefit most. What america hates but was obvious to anyone with half a brain was than in the long term China would so better because of its 1) cheaper wages 2) larger population 3) boundless resources 4cuktire of frugality , tge nationstate and longterm vision ;al tge things Aerica la ked and la ks.

America hates that China beat the USA and the whole world at its own game. Uncke Sqm onky likes market freedoms and free trade when it cleans up all the winnings. Now America for all its talk eants mandated ,controlled trade with China. Yep! Typical Yanker shortsightedness and fuck-ups to the detriment of the rest of US!

Do I want to pay more for a tshirt or mobile phone? No! Yet ,if the jobs had stayed here ,if the tech and know -how stayed here in my US vassal country ,yes I would pay more and gladly because all of that would have my country humming along like it once did. Tax monies woukd also have kept up our infrasteucture ,we woukd be sovereign again and much better off tahn now.

Yet ,the greedy and stupid govs in my country just had to follow the American Way ; right over a cliff!


From China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying:

”It’s pointless to tell others to take medication when you’re the one who is sick,” Hua said.’

That is one of the most priceless gems I’ve seen in a while.

Sums things up perfectly.

Brother Thomas

Good one!


China has replaced the US as the planet’s work shop producing more goods than anyone else. They don’t need the US for financing or markets when the whole world will buy their low cost high quality products. It is the US consumers who will suffer as they have to pay more for less as the US government continues to waste insane amounts of money trying to conquer the world for the vampire Jews so that they can victimize humanity.

Brother Thomas

The US has been the sole superpower so long, it has forgotten the language of diplomacy. Uttering threats and laying down ultimatums is not negotiating.

Luke Hemmming

This is the death throes of a dying empire. The USA us struggling to remain the dominant market economy force here. China’s economy is on par with the USA, but you would never read this in any mainstream media propaganda outlets. The trade wars, ie USA invoked the sanctions first under dubious allegations of proprietary theft (why now all of a sudden?) are just a way to prolong the empires dying breaths. China will surpass America’s economy in 2021 to become the dominant market force. Already we have started to see a shift in countries tradingvwith China to move away from the US dollar as the preferred trading currency. I’m sorry USA but you ain’t ‘bringing home the bacon’ anymore. This is all tied into its constant war mongering and sabre rattling that we have seen lately. Dot connecting folks, just connecting dots to make up the big picture here.


There were rumours that Putin tried to get China to fk America in 2008, but China didn’t want to do it.

Since the US took Meng Wanzhou hostage China has changed its mind. China will say lots of conciliatory things, they don’t want to appear to be the aggressor, but no deal will get done and China will grind the bones of Americans for fertilizer before this is over.


They’re waiting for a change of administration, like everyone else. Is there anyone besides Israel that Trump hasn’t alienated?

Harry Smith

No one believes in the administration change. Very few things depends on POTUS. All other is so called “deep state”. If I am wrong – show me the wall.


– In a victory for Trump, the Supreme Court frees up $2.5 billion for the border wall –


Harry Smith

OK. Where is the wall?


Ask me later as it’s going up.

Harry Smith

The deal!


Waiting until the US has an intelligent leader is foolish. China has a better chance now with fools as opponents. When they made Xi leader for life, I knew they were going to make their move.


Why would any right thinking rational leader prefer WW3 brinkmanship, broken treaties, sanctions, tariffs, threats and insults to a lack of them?


Trump and Xi having dinner at G 20 and not only did Sabrina Meng get kidnapped in Vancouver, but , on the same day, Chinese Physicist Dr., Soucheng ZHANG, of Stanford University mysteriously “falls off his high rise balcony”, claimed to be ‘suicide.


A contributing factor to China’s success is that after WW2 they outlawed Judaism and got rid of the Jews. The US should do the same thing.

Ivan Freely

Banned Judaism? This is news to me. I could have sworn there were Jews living in Shanghai.


They’re almost all foreign workers. They’re trying to reestablish a foot hold in China. Hopefully it fails. There was a significant refugee population during WW2, but they were all forced to leave after the war.

“religious belief in China is protected by the constitution, the measures “do not guarantee [PDF] the right to practice or worship.” Religious practices are limited to “normal religious activities,” though “normal” is left undefined and can be broadly interpreted. The state recognizes five religions: Buddhism, Catholicism, Daoism, Islam, and Protestantism. The practice of any other faith is formally prohibited”

– Religion in China –


“With the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 and the fall of Chiang Kai-shek in 1949, almost all the Shanghai ghetto Jews left. By 1957, only 100 remained, and today only a few may still live there.”

– Shanghai Ghetto –


Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

nobody wants to deal with backstabbing devious deceitful snakes of america lol

andy L

Of all the ugly Americans, DT top it all. Why a country with the ugliest amount of debts wield so much power over us? Only country who can place sanctions, fines, punishments on another country, institutions or any individual it doesn’t like

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