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US, China Clash Over ‘Belt And Road’ In Afghan Resolution


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

The United States and China unleashed a war of words Friday (Mar 15) over Beijing’s $1 trillion Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) after the United Nation Security Council adopted a resolution extending the mandate of the council’s political mission in Afghanistan for another six months, reported The Washington Post.

The 2018 resolution extended the council’s mission for a year aimed at strengthening regional economic cooperation involving Afghanistan, including the BRI to connect China to Europe, and Africa. The 2016 and 2017 resolutions had similar BRI language.

US, China Clash Over 'Belt And Road' In Afghan Resolution

Council diplomats said China wanted to embed BRI language into the 2019 resolution, but the U.S. strongly objected.

U.S. deputy ambassador Jonathan Cohen said that “China held the resolution hostage and insisted on making it about Chinese national political priorities rather than the people of Afghanistan.”

US, China Clash Over 'Belt And Road' In Afghan Resolution

Cohen said the U.S. rejected China’s demand “that the resolution highlights its belt and road initiative, despite its tenuous ties to Afghanistan and known problems with corruption, debt distress, environmental damage, and lack of transparency.

China’s deputy ambassador Wu Haitao shot back at the U.S., informing the council that Cohen’s comments were “at variance with the facts and are fraught with prejudice.”

“This is an initiative of economic cooperation aimed at achieving common development and prosperity. It has nothing to do with geopolitics,” said Haitao.

US, China Clash Over 'Belt And Road' In Afghan Resolution US, China Clash Over 'Belt And Road' In Afghan Resolution US, China Clash Over 'Belt And Road' In Afghan Resolution

Haitao told the council since the BRI was launched in 2013, 123 countries and 29 international organizations have signed agreements of cooperation with China on infrastructure development programs.

The sharp exchange came as Washington and Beijing have canceled a trade summit between President Donald Trump and China’s Xi Jinping to end the trade war. The proposed meeting to sign a trade agreement has been pushed out to June, a move that shows the trade war is deepening.

Now that the U.S. demands all communication about the BRI be removed from future resolutions. This follows sharp criticism late last year when Vice President Mike Pence said the BRI left countries drowning in debt.

The Trump administration continues to bash the BRI, but the trade scheme continues to draw massive support from around the world. Expected later this week, Italy will sign a memorandum of understanding to join the BRI officially, a move that has deeply annoyed Washington.



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  • Zionism = EVIL

    As always you heard it from me first kiddies, the Americunt lardass warmongers and their Zionist cancerous masters are trying to use Afghanistan and Tajikistan as the next major terror bases for the region. The CIA, MOSSAD and Mi6 are busy transporting and re-branding ISIS as a proxy terrorist scum against China, Russia and Iran. Afghanistan’s Ashraf Ghani has been on CIA payroll with the other pimp Zalmay Khalilzad since they were students at the Americunt/CIA university in Beirut since 1970’s.

  • Davki

    Wonderful… what expert (not!) liers, both. Mr Cohen aptly described exactly what the US did and does to Afghanistan… “corruption, debt distress…”, brief, holding Afghans hostage for the US’ geopolitical interest.
    Now China… they could do better. Sure, the BRI is intended to bring prosperity, ok, but it also has *everything* to do with geopolitics.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      It does not take a Ph.D in Cartography to see that the biggest beneficiaries of the Chinese One Belt and Road initiative are Iran and Turkey as well as Russia and Italy (which is pro-Russia generally), so the Zionist scum, EU fags and Americunt lardasses want to destabilize the region. They tested the waters by pushing the little street shitting Indians into a slugging match with much tougher Pakistan. The Jews are crawling up India’s ass to act as a “counter” to China, not going to happen.

  • Tommy Jensen

    We Americans have always been thinking of the Afghanistan peoples well being.
    We fear China with its lack of green alternative energy knowledge, old fashioned family structures and mass outlet of CO2 will cause clima change in Afghanistan that will wipe Israel, a free democratic country, completely off the world map.
    China will NOT be allowed to cause ecological disasters and distress to the Afghan people as long as we Americans are in the country. For freedom folks.

  • Concrete Mike

    That list of infrastructure speaks for itself.

    Show us lists of infrastructure you have rebuilt in afghanistan in the almost 20 years you have been there nato!!

    The soviets built more water works than you did and it still works.

    Pence says bri leave loads of debt, what he meant to say is its not our debt nor our money or banks involved so it aint happening.

    Well fuck you pence you dont know shit, stick to bible studies and touching little boys!!! Thats what your good at!!

    • You can call me Al

      That above Mike, sums it up perfectly. Thank.

  • verner

    it’s just a last ditch attempt by the morons before they feck off for home, for mum,´and apple pie. the afghanistan war is lost, just as they lost vietnam and a few other wars. the talibans know they have the morons over the barrel and that it’s over soon. the problem for the morons is a) to end it without it becoming too obvious that it is an abject defeat and b) how to get the hoards of weapons back home. these can’t be left behind so rest assured that the morons are in deep negotiations with the various stan-countries to ship the stuff asap, either via pakistan (and iran which is difficult in view of the sanctions the squatters made the morons impose although the iran port of chabahar was left outside the sanctions since the morons uses it for transports to afghanistan).

    but as said – last minute posturing by the morons and china will soon have right of way in afghanistan ’cause the morons just can’t afford to stay on. just as they just can’t afford a war with iran and israel, which requires theorons to do the heavy lifting, won’t do it on their own. cowards as they are.

  • iosongasingsing

    Jewish America is a barbarous, predatory state, like the Mongols, but based on the Talmud that dominates and destroys other nations. China has the Confucian idea of collaboration and technically it is a year ahead of US eating corn. America is in decline into the Middle Ages, China has already opened the modern era.