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US Calls Iranian Missile Strike On ISIS In Syria “Reckless”

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US Calls Iranian Missile Strike On ISIS In Syria "Reckless"

FILE IMAGE: Sepahnews, via Associated Press

The US has called the recent Iranian missile strike on ISIS targets in eastern Syria “reckless, unsafe and escalatory.”

According to a statement by Pentagon spokesman Cmdr. Sean Robertson quoted by VOA, Iran took no measures to notify military powers operating in Syria of the October 1 missile strike. Cmdr. Robertson stated the Iran acted not like “professional” military forces such as those of the US-led coalition and of Russia deconflicting their operations to ensure maximum safety.

The Robertron statement looks strange if one takes into account repeated US accusations against Russian forces operating in the Middle East and in Syria particularly.

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Iranian missile attack was a message to US and their Zionist allies, no need for US to be notified.


Did US notify Syrian Army on September 2016 when they struck Deir ez-Zor with air raid? No, they did not. They acted not like “professional” military force when killed between 90 and 106 Syrian Army soldiers… so STFU


Well said. What a bunch of fucking hypocrites. Its revolting.


The real reason for usual US bitching is the fact that they were taken aback by the speed of Iranian response to the terrorist attack in Ahvaz by US, Saudi and Zionist proxies and also the proficiency and accuracy of Iranian missiles and drones. 6 Zolfighar and Qaim missiles laden with HE and anti-personnel ammo hit the terrorist camps with an error radius of barely 5-10 meters and then 9 Iranian drones double tapped the terror camps, one of the drones providing a live feed which the Iranians promptly aired for the world to see.


Love Irans response to American arrogance thus far.

Tommy Jensen

As American I can only confirm Iran´s attack was unprofessional and amateurish and presented an unnecessary and unprecedented danger to global security.
Iran should admit its limits. Iran dont have nuclear weapons as US/Russia/China. Iran dont have hypersonics as Russia/China.
Iran should leave its external borders to professionals and lay down its clown missiles and only bear police handguns inside Iran for its own internal safety.

Jan Turoň

As a Czech, I can only confirm American’s attacks are unprofessional and amateurish and present unnecessary and unprecedented danger to global security. USA should leave its external borders to professionals and lay down its clown missiles and only bear police handguns inside USA for its own internal safety.


Z Spoj. Stat nyet

peter ambler

they only bomb schools hospitals and the innocent to claim success and make films


You sound like an anti-American troll, very unprofessional from you.

Promitheas Apollonious

and from your answer we need to look no farther why americans are so stupid in their majority with very few exceptions, just so they prove the rule.


I said he’s too obvious anti-american, trying to look american. You didn’t guess so you’re unqualified troll, too.

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont have to guess mentally challenged thing. Truth does hurt does it, not?


How do you know what’s true if you don’t know how it feels like?

Promitheas Apollonious

To me is not bad to be a patriot actually if you want to have some meaning in your life it is a must to love your motherland and from there as a base to build becoming a normal productive human being or you nothing.

But to be as a blind kitten and accuse others they are anti americans because they see the king naked and not clothed, shows low IQ and damaged mentality. So how you know what the truth is while you living an illusion of mistaken patriotism that you think it allows you to judge whose anti american and you not?

with your comment about whose professional is like admitting, you are a professional troll your self. Subconscious each and every time you write can be a bitch to the ones who are able to read between the lines.


Ok so you believe I’m a professional troll, that’s a compliment for me, also you assumed I’m an american patriot – another compliment. Thanks but I’m not either. Btw patriotism doesn’t improvee your IQ. There are a lot of patriotic retards too, for example for many Russians to be patriotic means to kiss Putin’s ass which is a friend of oligarchs, while blaming western oligarchy.

Promitheas Apollonious

no kid I think you just a brainwashed low IQ person who can not see any truth even if it hit you over the head as a sledgehammer. Believing is based on faith and not logical deduction, just like religion.

I base my judgement of you, on the moronic comments you make and kid I am only responsible for what I say, not how you translate them into your mind, as it suits you, in order to come back with the lame conclusions you post. I guess shekels can no longer buy someone intelligent so they get what ever they can ha?

xm…. russians… how you fly your colors show also your low IQ.


Ok so your believing is that if I’m not Murican I must be a Jew, a lot of IQ there… you think politics in colors, like in sports? What colors do you have, btw?


Are you familiar with phrase – thou doth protest too much…troll.


In Russia you get raped in prison for protest, I’m happy that I’m living in a free world and I can protest whenever I like.


So, you don’t understand the meaning then.


Why is this expression so important for you?


Calling out your troll desperation – your comment makes literally zero sense:

a.) this is Russian orientated strategic news site

b.) since when were internet public forums a professional arena?

Your troll desperation is hopelessly transparent – LOL


Yeah, the entire imperialism is desperate of your brilliant comments.

Jim Bim

Your mindset is typical american….no wonder your Empire is sinking.

Promitheas Apollonious

sorry wrong post

Gary Sellars

As a non-American I can only confirm that you are full of shit.


America should admit its limits. America dont have brains as US/Russia/China. America dont have hypersonics as Russia/China.

peter ambler

typical yank crying cant get your own way


The Americans want the Iranians to warn them so they can move the US, French, British and Israeli assets out of the way of the missiles.

Zionism = EVIL

The real issue is that 40 US sponsored terrorists were killed in the precision Iranian missile and drone strike. US is a loser that to sulk despite being in Syria and Iraq illegally.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

LOL because iran knows if they told US, they would have told their daesh buddies about it in advance


US would have airlifted the headchoppers had Iran told the Iraqis whose army is compromised by US occupation. Only Syria and Russia knew Iranian attack plans and both approved and cheered.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Gee, did the US butts get spanked by Iran? The heart bleeds!


Obviously those Missiles Destroyed some USraeli ISIS-Assets….Fire a couple more Iran….Kill some more Western Headchoppers…no better, Killem All…


It did take place in a town where the Kurds had recently raided, but I wouldn’t expect the Iranians to care any more about a random Syrian Kurd than the Israelis cared about that Il-20….

Concrete Mike

You are correct, iran dont care about syrian kurds since al jubeir showed up there in 2017 with his money purse….strings attached of course.


What US and their stooges are doing in the world for global power for that someone should have to intervene that what are you doing, are you mentally sound. This is called compulsive intervention. Russia doing their job most honestly to save the world from disaster.

Jim Bim

According to the Syrian FM, Iran notified and worked with the Syrian Government before the strike. The US presence is illegal and it acts illegal.

Conglomera .

You said it all

Zionism = EVIL

Russia, Syria and Hezbollah were informed in advance by Iran.

Jim Bim

Yes they are allies and communicate/coordinate with each other in all their operations.

Feudalism Victory

Pretty funny. Im sure he said that while holding back laughter.

John Mason

Nothing has really changed over time, the Yanks can’t stop shooting their stupid mouth off. Verbal diarrhea at its’ best.

Gary Sellars

So attacking ISIS is “reckless”. Thanks Murica, good to know….


The statement by the US Cmdr. is ridiculous. Pay it no mind.

J Roderet

ISIS is dying,
Neocons are crying.

Rafik Chauhan

iran has doen professionally without notifying US and Russia bcuz they dint harm any SDF or other military force. Unlike US has always done mistake and killed civilian . US force is the not professional at all and their equipment cant even useless .

Brother Thomas

America noticed. Iran’s message received.


Well, the Murricans ought to conclude a similar mutual agreement with Iran before crying that they have not been notified according to the agreement.

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