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US C-17A Globemaster III Now Can Airlift B61-12 Nuclear Bombs To Europe

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US C-17A Globemaster III Now Can Airlift B61-12 Nuclear Bombs To Europe

C-17A aircraft from the 62nd Airlift Wing stationed at Joint Lewis–McChord Base serve for worldwide airlift of nuclear weapons and associated equipment.

On January 9, the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) announced that large military transport aircraft C-17A Globemaster III of the US Air Force were certified to carry new B61-12 nuclear bombs.

According to US experts, the US Air Force amended the safety rules for transportation of nuclear weapons by air back in November 2022 to allow C-17A Globemaster III aircraft to carry B61-12 nuclear bomb. The new instructions allowed C-17As to transport the advanced nuclear weapons to military bases both in the United States and Europe.

The updated Air Force instruction did not confirm reports that the transportation of nuclear weapons began in December 2-22; but US experts clarified that some preparations to their transfer are ongoing.

In October 2022, the US National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) confirmed to the FSA experts the start of full-scale production of new B61-12 nuclear bombs.

According to a senior Pentagon official assured that the production of these nuclear bombs was not accelerated in response to the military conflict in Ukraine.

“Nothing has changed in the schedule. There is no acceleration due to the Ukrainian crisis, production of the B61-12 is proceeding according to the planned schedule,” he said.

US C-17A Globemaster III Now Can Airlift B61-12 Nuclear Bombs To Europe

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The 500kg bomb has a length of over 3.5 m and a diameter of about 30 cm. Unlike its predecessor, it is equipped with four aerodynamic rudders that allow it to change the trajectory of the fall. The handlebars, coupled with a satellite guidance system, provided it with high hit accuracy of up to 10 m.

During the flight, the onboard equipment of the bomb tracks its location by GPS, checking it with the coordinates of the target. However, due to the lack of an active homing guidance system, the bomb can only hit stationary targets.

Depending on the task, the capacity can vary from 30 tons to 50 kilotons in TNT equivalent.

It was earlier reported that about 480 new B61-12 bombs would come to replace the outdated versions already in 2022.

The new B61-12 were expected to be deployed to Europe in 2022–2024, in place of older B61-3 and B61-4s. There are six operating bases in five European countries and Turkey, where approximately 100 B61 tactical nuclear bombs are located in underground storage facilities at air bases. Among them are the Buchel air bases in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany), Klein-Brogel (Belgium), Volkel (Netherlands), Aviano and Gedi (Italy) and Incirlik (Turkey).

At the moment, it is unknown whether deliveries of the B61-12 to Europe have begun. If not yet, then it is inevitable, according to American experts.


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Use transport planes, SLOW, large and visible from afar, to release atomic bombs with free fall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But these planes at most can frighten a backward country in the third world. With the sophisticated weapons of the East they are knocked down hundreds of km from the border! As I said, those who command the West are great geniuses.

Connor Kenway

Fortunately, “nukes” are fake.

Seriously, the abject stupidity of humanity has just gotten worse over the past 80 years.

There has already been a “Nucleic War.” It is over. 70% of the populace has been killed or permanently maimed. Distracting you with yammerings of a “Nukular Woar” is part and parcel of the distraction. “They” just have to keep people focused elsewhere, lest the ants in the jar realize that the hand that shakes it can be eaten down to the bone. Which if history (especially the slaughter of the past 160 years) is any teacher, they won’t.

But, don’t take my word for it. Read some documentation by people that have both the intellect and the means to shoot the whole pathetic “nukulur weppins” scam full of holes:





Pay attention. Two small Japanese cities, build 95% of wood and paper, already heavily bombed (every city in Japan had been bombed to wreckage by 1945, there were no “virgin targets”), barely noticed being “nuked” (and no craters, no blast damage…both of which would have been present if ground level “nukes” had been set off). Both cities back up and running within 7 days. No radiation. “Survivor tree” bark biopsies show no traces of radioisotopes (test samples were taken secretly back in 2015 and tested by three labs). Soil samples show no radioisotopes. Radiation levels identical to background. Health of the inhabitants -above- the mean for Japan.

Logic. Pay attention.

You are free to believe whatever you want, but the evidence suggests that “nukes” be regarded with the same derision and skepticism as anything else created by the usual suspects.

Last edited 2 months ago by Connor Kenway
V for Victory

Mathis is a fair person, but he is a totally idiot too. No, no craters in Hiroshima. Because the bomb exploded at 2,000 ft. Simple. Mathis must be a very idiot man if he thinks really that nukes are fake. Just check the many video on YT to see a lot of those bombs exploding in any situation, included airbust. Nothing can simulate them. Nothing. Just like nothing can simulate the Sun.


Oh cool nukes were are the western cheerleaders who will tell us that nukes are very good for humanity if the us owns them?

Paul Citro

What’s in your fallout shelter?


If one of these transport aircraft goes down over the Atlantic ocean and is swallowed up thousands of feet below where does that leave humanity? ? These Western politicians have no regard for the safety of millions only their own greed and corruption…….

William White

What’s the point? USA have lots of Subs fully loaded and ready to destroy the World as do the Russians. What will be left after the Subs unload? It’s just extra poison, everyone is dead anyway. craziness!


Zatiaľ tomu nijako nerozumiem, prečo Rusko už neuzatvorilo zmluvy z Kubou a Venezuelou? Už mali mať na ich územiach svoje vojenské základne a mali tam mať svoje jadrové zbrane na odstrašenie darebáckeho štátu USA.


Prečo ? Pretože najvyššie riadiace kádre UA rovnako ako RF pracujú na tých istých cieľoch. Oslobodenie Donbasu ( od Slovanov ) a globálny “Veľký Reset”. Preto aj celá “špec.voj.operácia” vyzerá ako vyzerá…


It’s going to be getting very hot in moscow soon… heheheh

Prompt Critical

Mutual Assured Destruction is still in effect… heheheh ?


Согласен! Кто первый тот и папа :)


It is better to sweat 7 times than to freeze 1 time :). Listen to what you’re talking about, tired of life?


Fly a plane load of Zircon to Cuba on a couple White Swans, T-160 and watch how fast Nuclear attention should be averted.

Prompt Critical

Just to be absolutely clear, which the article is not, this certification is for the C-17 to transport the bomb, not to drop it during a conflict.

Isser Harel

God is our Eternal fallout shelter- MLK Launch everything at these racist satanists: our Creator did not create the world to be run by a handful of satanic racists. Russia will not receive Judgement for acting in a Just manner.

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