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US, British Troops In Aden, More To Arrive In Yemen Strategic Areas: Reports

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US, British Troops In Aden, More To Arrive In Yemen Strategic Areas: Reports

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The US and British leaderships are responding to military setbacks of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen with deploying more and more troops in the country. The formal pretext is to ‘combat terrorism’. However, there is no secret that US and British forces are assisting Saudi operation against Ansar Allah (the Houthis) across Yemen.

Press TV reports (source):

The Emirati-backed separatists in southern Yemen say hundreds of US and British forces have arrived in the port city of Aden as the first batch of a large military force that Washington and London seek to deploy to the Arab country’s resource-rich areas under the guise of fighting terrorism.

According to Fadi al-Murshidi, media official of the so-called Southern Transitional Council (STC), some 450 US and British soldiers arrived in Aden, al-Masa press reported.

Murshidi said that Washington and London — staunch backers of the Saudi regime’s war on Yemen — plan to deploy 3,000 troops in Aden, al-Anad base in Lahj province, Socotra Island in the Arabian Sea, Hadhramaut, Mahrah and Shabwah provinces, under the pretext of combating terrorism.

Local media reported that a US force consisted of 110 soldiers reinforced by 10 Black Hawk aircraft, 30 Harvey armored vehicles, four Patriot air defense systems and an integrated field operations room had reached the coast of Balhaf in the oil-producing Shabwa province.

Two US warships docked at Balhaf, Yemen’s main liquefied natural gas (LNG) export port, according to southern local media.

Military experts say Washington’s intensified moves in Yemen’s southern provinces are aimed at preparing for a possible military intervention and establishment of military bases in the country.

Some analysts say the moves indicate Washington’s intention to plunder the country’s oil resources.

The presence of US forces in Yemen comes as Washington has begun withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and apparently plans to transfer them to another territory rich in natural resources.

Both the UAE-backed separatists and the militants loyal to the former Saudi-allied Yemeni government serve the Riyadh-led coalition, which has been engaged, since 2015, in a bloody military campaign against Yemen aimed at reinstating ex-president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, who resigned in 2014 and later fled to the Saudi capital.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have purchased billions of dollars’ worth of weapons from the United States, France and the United Kingdom in the war on Yemen.

Despite all the firm support from the West, the Saudi regime and its coalition allies have achieved none of the long-drawn-out war’s objectives thanks to stiff resistance by Yemen’s armed forces — led by the Houthi Ansarullah movement.

The reported American and British deployment comes as Yemen’s armed forces — led by the Houthi Ansarullah movement — have been making more gains against pro-Saudi militants on several fronts.

Angered by the gains, the Saudi-led coalition has stepped up its airstrikes against civilian targets in different area of Yemen.

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klove and light

posted that 2 days ago here at SF……and as usual just weird comments………Folks you have to realize that this is all part of a geopolitical Zionist Chess game……and there is an Agenda they ALL follow.

a one world goverment with Jerusalem as it´s capital under satanic Leadership.All nations that RECOGNIZE the illegal criminal satanic Zionist Entity named Israel are part of the AGENDA.This includes, Russia,usa,uk,china,eu etc………… THIS is the reason why certain nations that DO NOT RECOGNIZE the satanic Entity are beiing attacked day in and day out.

to fullfill their satanic Dream, they ALWAYS had only 2 OPTIONS.

1.make Israel bigger or

2.make the world smaller

well take a wild quess which one it will be.The world will become “smaller” by a “controlled” nuclear Exchange between east and west.

for the brainwashed dummies

USA and RUSSIA are two sides of the same coin.both controlled by satanic zionism.


It’s looks like they don’t want Aden to fall, if it falls the Yemenis (Houthis) can easily block the narrow bab al mandeb strait… This will be a game changer to the resistance…. The Zionist entity can’t stand that…at all. Russia is always sleeping…not proactive at all… I don’t know what they think…. Houthis should be armed with armament that will lock the skies… Those Americans and what not will burn in their hands…

Jimmy Jim


Brother Ma

Maybe Russia just can’t fight so many battles at once. It is not as rich or populous as America. It doesn’t mean Russia is sleeping or stupid….


Russia don’t breed kweers ok,usa does,disinfo only serves satan it ain’t gorbachev era mason!



the only thing Zionists “control” is your brain Mr. Klove. They have you in full on mental illness.

Codenamed 'Gordon'

The Americans and the British are the embodiment of evil. All independent states should fight them together e kick out to Hell where they deserve to stay.


So in Syria they support rebels, in Yemen, they are fighting ”rebels”. The other thing I can’t seem to comprehend is why the Houthis are called rebels when they are in government. How can the Yemeni seat of power be based in a foreign country, what kind of nonsense is this?

The good for nothing UN calls the Syrian humanitarian crisis the worst in history while downplaying the catastrophe in Yemen where about 100,000 babies have died from starvation. What do we need as a species to reset all of this craziness?

Brother Ma

Natoisraelamerica will lie ,cheat and steal because they can and have never been punished. Punish them and then see how they will change their tune.

Jimmy Jim


Lone Ranger

CIA trolls are crying and raging ;)


Wonder what criteria they use to assign troops. Send really good ones to reek the most havoc or send the mal contents to be rid of them for good. Those guys in Iraq and now Yemen must feel like the bullseye on the target.


Funnily enough, I cannot recall the British Parliament debating the deployment of combat troops to Yemen, or any BBC reports either.

Perhaps the corono virus panic has buried the news :)

Brother Ma

Maybe they don’t need to get an order- in -council for war? I’m not sure how Parliament works in the UK. So ,don’t need to debate it in parliament ,they just do it and hope to get the law passed within a year ?


Or just do it as a ‘ fait-accompli ‘. :)


Careful. You might be Skripalzed.

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