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US Bombs Somalia, Says 27 al-Shabaab Fighters Killed, Hiding Civilian Casualties

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US Bombs Somalia, Says 27 al-Shabaab Fighters Killed, Hiding Civilian Casualties

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The US has been bombing Somalia more frequently since Biden ordered the deployment of more troops to the country in May

Originally published by AntiWar

The US launched an airstrike in Somalia on September 18, US Africa Command said on Wednesday, as the Biden administration continues to escalate its war against al-Shabaab.

According to AFRICOM, the strike was done in support of the Mogadishu-based government and killed 27 al-Shabaab fighters. AFRICOM claimed no civilians were killed in the strike, but the Pentagon is notorious for undercounting civilian casualties, especially in Somalia, where its operations are shrouded in secrecy.

The strike was launched near the village of Buulobarde in the central Hiiraan region. AFRICOM said that the bombing allowed the Somali National Army and the African Union’s Transition Mission in Somalia (AUTMIS) regain momentum for an offensive they launched against al-Shabaab.

“This operation is the largest combined Somali and ATMIS offensive operation in five years,” AFRICOM said. The US-backed Somali forces claimed in comments to Voice of America that they killed over 100 al-Shabaab fighters over the weekend and recaptured several villages in the Hiiraan region.

Over the past few months, the US has escalated its war in Somalia after President Biden ordered the redeployment of up to 500 troops to the east African nation. The last known US airstrikes in Somalia took place on August 14, which AFRICOM said killed 13 al-Shabaab fighters.

The US military portrays al-Shabaab as a major threat due to its affiliation with al-Qaeda. But the group was born out of a US-backed Ethiopian invasion that was launched in 2006, and al-Shabaab didn’t declare loyalty to al-Qaeda until 2012, after years of fighting the US and its proxies.

Update by SF:

US Bombs Somalia, Says 27 al-Shabaab Fighters Killed, Hiding Civilian Casualties

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Washington deliberately hides civilian casualties in Somalia. For example,

On September 9, seven civilians were killed in a UAV strike, and more than ten were injured in the province of Lower Shabelle. The drone reportedly fired a rocket at a rally of truckers and public transport drivers protesting against poor working conditions. The victims were taken to hospitals in Mogadishu. Presumably, the drone belonged to the US Air Force. The operator could have confused the demonstrators with a militant group of the Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabab group.


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Well said, as they did in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya…

leni ortega

„und tötet 27 Al-Shabaab-Kämpfer!“ = Gut gemacht, jeder Tote Extremist ist ein guter Extremist!


Winter will help, because in Winter it’s easier to shoot much more of these high precise wonder-weapon missiles, that brought a lot of success in the last 7 months 🤣🤣🤣

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it seems that Putin and Schoigu are fucking traitors, paid to destroy russia and to reduce russias population..

they needed 7 months to realise that 10000 policemen are not enough for Ukraine..

and they will need 7 more months to see that they must destroy western weapons before they can be used to kill russians..

and 7 months later they will see that it would be helpful to destroy ukranian infrastructure..

what stupid and dumb idiots in this 3rd world shithole are responsible for military strategy??

fucking idiots Putin, Schoigu and all the other bastards.. they had a big chance in 2014, but Putin decided to sent 200.000 encircled ukrainian soldiers home again to give them the chance to come back much stronger many years later and now he has similiar stupid strategies again 🤣🤣🤣


Wrong article?


He has a mental illness and his Russiaphobia is forcing him to spew his garbage anywhere regardless of the topic at hand.


Why aren’t the criminals in the uS government held accountable by the UN for bombing a sovereign country? Where are the outcries from the hypocrites in the Western world? Why aren’t the American athletes banned from international competitions?


it’s clear that Al Shabaab is a threat to life for the people of Somalia – may they be right or wrong – but I’m sure of these 27 fighters, 20 were younger than 5, six in their late teenage and one could be an actual armed man

leni ortega

„und tötet 27 Al-Shabaab-Kämpfer!“ = Gut gemacht, jeder tote Extremist ist ein guter Extremist!

leni ortega

“und tötete 27 Al-Shabaab-Kämpfer!” = Gut gemacht, jeder Tote Extremist ist ein guter Extremist!

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