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US Balkan Policy: Hysteria To Undermine The Peace


It looks US diplomats have given in to panic following a series of US foreign policy failures as well as US setbacks in some European countries.

Comment by the Information and Press Department on provocative statements of a US diplomat (source):

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Hoyt Brian Yee made a number of provocative statements aimed at undermining Russian-Serbian cooperation during his trip to Belgrade on October 23-24. The US diplomat crudely demanded that Belgrade reconsider its cooperation with Russia and focus exclusively on rapprochement with the European Union. He also objected with unfittingly emotional phrases to granting immunities and privileges for the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Centre (RSHC) in Nis.

We would like to recall that the United States is not an EU member, and this is probably why it is unaware that many EU countries are involved in large-scale, mutually beneficial and productive cooperation with Russia. Nobody should prevent Serbia from having the same approach on the basis of its national interests.

As for the RSHC, the Americans are feigning ignorance of the assistance that it has been giving to Serbia and other European countries, including EU and NATO members, in overcoming the consequences of natural and man-made disasters. Its experts are also removing mines from Serbian territory. They have already removed thousands of explosive objects that were left in Serbia after the NATO bombing in 1999. During this bombing, ammunition with depleted uranium was used on a massive scale.

We are urging our American colleagues not to impose on others hostile ideological stereotypes that undermine the foundations of international stability and cooperation in the Balkans and Europe in general.



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  • hhabana

    Clinton should be sent to the Hague for this gross infraction on Serbia. Never happen though.

    Stop buying our Treasury bonds and this war adventurism will end. Your leaders are like all leaders and underlying problem with all humanity: greed.

  • Expo Marker

    What is with NATO and trying to force Serbia to ignore its long rich history with Russia and join an alliance that destroyed Belgrade about 20 years ago. Plenty of Serbs are still alive from that time, and would never think to stand with blatant aggressors.

    • Bob

      The US’s depleted uranium bombs are still resulting in throat and related cancers in Serbia today.