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US-Backed Syrian Democratic Forces Took Control Over Government Institutions In Al-Hasakah (PHOTOS)

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On June 27, the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) occupied a number of government buildings in the northeastern city of al-Hasakah, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The Kurdish-led group took control over the buildings of the following institutions:

  • The General Administration for Grains;
  • The General Electricity Company in al-Hasakah;
  • The Sports City;
  • The Youth Housing Complex;
  • The Syrian Informatics Society;
  • The Directorate of Industry, Tourism and Environmental Affairs;
  • The Traffic Branch;
  • The Directorate of Civil Registry;
  • The Commercial Bank.

Employees of the institutions mentioned above told SANA that they had been forced out of the buildings. SDF fighters blocked entrances and deployed guards at the gates. On June 28, the employees organized a sit-in to protest against the buildings seizure. However, the SDF didn’t back down.

US-Backed Syrian Democratic Forces Took Control Over Government Institutions In Al-Hasakah (PHOTOS)

Click to see full-size image

US-Backed Syrian Democratic Forces Took Control Over Government Institutions In Al-Hasakah (PHOTOS)

Click to see full-size image

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the incident. According to the monitoring group, the SDF occupied the buildings by orders of U.S. forces, who are planning to increase their presence in al-Hasakah city.

This provocative step by the SDF will definitely damage the relations with the Damascus government. The relations between the two sides have improved in the wake of the Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria last year. Currently, the U.S. is pressuring the SDF to keep it away from Damascus.


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Damien C

I hope when this is all over the Syrian people remember how the Kurds behaved in helping to try and destroy Syria as a country

Jens Holm

As usual You try to talk as if SDFs as well as many others has no supporters. They have and for good reasons.

By that many also support SDFs.

Assads has been the systematic destroyers of Syria making good wind for extreme extremists with totalarisme and no updating to normal develklopments according Suýria as well as the relations and affiliations to the rest of the world.

Here “Your Kurds” as the only ones didnt particpate in the uprise. Thats very visible for normal ones. It was the second choise by USA because ISIS came out of hand after it partky was made by Assads if he and the Baathist ever had that control.

Tour definitions of Syria as a country is far out. For many decades it has been a Regime for Baathist members drieven as a privat entreprice famous for ignoring the rest and experts in corruption.

Record in 50% unimplyment gave jobs for any man as any kind of mercenaories too. It made sense and still do, that those 1000s did not support the Damaskus Regime.


Again fuck off Turd lover.

Jens Holm

If You cant love the ones, You can love the ones, You wish.

And about it: Yeach Your childrn well.


Yeah and Bin Landen attacked WTC towers because he hated the American liberties… If Assad is guilty for extremism with his totalitarianism, why is NATO directly sponsoring that Sharia law extremists? ohhh wait cause Westerners started to accept burka in their capitals and Assad didn’t..

Jens Holm

Nato is not in Syria and has never been.

Nato is in Syria asked for by the Legal Bagdad Goverment.

Others has other country agendas. USA has, Turkey has, France has.

And there are many levels in that and not only Sharia. Number ones for me is if other harms me.

I only speak for myself about it. Western systems are sekular and by that Our laws are dominated by being above any religion. Much like religion is fine as long as its not visible or only a little visible.

So in Denmark Burkas are not allowed but the other versions, where You can get eye contact and see whats going on in the streets are. But black tents are very visible, so if You need a job, many says no as much as they can. So the dilemma is if You want to support Yourself, You have to wear something else there 37 hpurs a week.

Old Danish vomen have rules too according to Our tradtions. They cant do as they please and many use uniforms of all kind, so we can see, who they represent – And thats never Mecca or Christianity(some small cross around Your neck often is accepted).

But next we dont see muslim men wearing that black tent. We see them in hot sommerdays as now on Our beaches running around in shorts or small trousers only. Vomen here should have same conditions or the men should be dressed in the same level as the vomen.

So women are kepty down. Only few are not and have that dress b own choise. It is difficult but in western culture we dont cover faces and often not a lot of other parts, becasue we are open to Our Gods, if we have any.

Muslims according to us camouflage and hose thjemselves for Allah by clothe. We think religion and descensy is inside the head partly leaned by traditions, schools nd for the religios by priests too.

Your attitude to Assad certainly is not mine. This is not about religion at all but hgow You treat Your contry as well as the citicens inside it. Assads here are as bad as it can be. I am so old, that I partly remember the Father and have written about Gamel Abdel Nasser too.

I never has asked for any war by us there, but I see how bad living stanfards there are as well as I see why. Mnay has written about it and all is very well descriebed. Even if nly half was true people like him and then should have been removed decades ago.

Its very visible, You are are raised to, the only alternative is Jihadisme. Thats the Assad fear factor and it semes to work, because You are kept in the dark.

All around You You have other and much better systems, which You could adaps in own versions to improve living standars several times and even much mpre, because You keep all and especially women even mpre stupid then that. The vomen are jist as bright as men, where I live. They raise Our GDP with about 40% too.

So I do compare with Our systems and You should do and learn. If 50%(OF MEN) was unimployed before the figtings began it has only internal reasons. It makes a lot of sense that many of those men would like any given job and many has become opposition to the system and prefare to be paidf as mercenairies.

If that was Denmark there would be re-election right away and long time before 50%. We would get a new Goverment and create all kinds of jobs even if we had to take a lot of loans and raise the tax for the ones in jobs.

And we do. Many jobs are long times ones such as building hospitals, motorways and bridges. We put in extra into education(we just has made 5.000 extra seats for education on all levels). We also put in extra, so Our tourisme areas are extra clean are painted and suddenly has extra flowers.

We also make extra jobs in the industrial sector. Those full time jobs are real but each working there only has 3 moinths there and then are replaced by another unimployed.

Thats inclusing all as well as we can. So we take the top of the crisis. In good times, we instead help less and pay back all the loans back as some kind of emulation.

So I am telling others hpow they can do and for Syria as well. If Syria is an oil state, why cant they produce simple plastic buskets. The wages are very low.

Here we are back to level zero again. You do none of that as well as You make maybee 10 or 15 times less pr hektar at Your farmland and in the future even more salt marches by wasting water even Turks takes more and more.

Here Kurds are the only ones having realistic programmes for it, but are kept back by Your thin one string syatems as well as ancient traditions well covered with ancient religion.

Look how hard it was rakenaway ancient schoolbooks away from people in their region. But thats whats needed for all Syria.

You have to divide the responsability to all as we do because then people get rewarded by using their own money for own things and work harder and better as well.

I see Assads taking oil money to the center in horrifying corruption and theft from the non Baathists. So the Baathists not even see they can make even more free profit by investing and steal parts of te extra pays of.


Indeed the islam extremism grows when antagonizing a non-islamic power like in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya. Before the Syria war, the large part of Syrians that were poor were the most religious ones, the same is in Turkey and that’s not Assad guilt and even if it was – the West started to trade with Communist China when they were still eating roots. Most of the countries are rulled by people like Assad not like Trump. Assad could point Denmark on the map though. When it was the Iraq invasion they had to feed you another reasons more ‘sofisticated’ like weapons of mas destruction, now that Assad is fighting terrorism, he’s guilty of… Fighting terrorismbthist stimulating it. And you know all the money for the terrorists come from the Gulf, Turkey and other Allies. If today a terror attack would occur in Denmark, would be someone who side with or against Assad? Well it doesn’t matter because Assad is at guilt :) stupid brainwashed people!

AM Hants

Really? Not officially maybe, but, certainly there.

S Melanson

They will, and so will the Iraqi people remember.

Alejandro Bonifacio

the kurds need to remember they only have the mountains as friends

Jens Holm

They dont need that. It has been felt since they were not Osmans anymore and 4 fanatic little new nationalistic rats would run everything and change most people living there.

What a stupid comment of Yours.

You should wonder why they are not Your friends as well as any solitions with the rest. This is not about Kurds but the rest.

Much like You put Kurds in the middle as a scapegoat for Your own low life attitudes just as You do with USA, Israel, West, Nato.

Very much as You cant even make peace among friends.


Your Turds are natural born rats that not only betray others in their adjacent countries but betray themselves, through out history, therefore never able to establish a nation. You’re Turd friends are mindless rats of the highest order.

Jens Holm

Maybee You should have followed biology better, if You had that in school putting in rats.

I am from Denmark and I have a lot of critisism for and against Turks too.

You all are counsins of the same cuture, which with no devellopmenets will remain as this everæasting conflicts, where all pretend they are peacefull tea drinkers and pipe smokers.

I am sure You wont be met more friendly from a Turks being named as rat.

And its the same with pigs. Those belowed animals often seemes more bright then most of You too. They eat all garbage even the one comming from You and give good meat by that.

Your relations to animals seemes to be very clothe to the humans, whcij You by strange reasons dont see as Haram for food.


A Dane that cant speak their Anglo Saxons mother tongue well, you truly are a rat brain Turd lover.

Jens Holm

My English is perfect normal oral English in writing. I can be understood in the whole western world amongwesterns too.

You not even has a language for, what we do. Fokus on “english” is form as a nice parcel, where You dont care, whats in it.

My parcels often are not nice, but they are not cheating. You get gold for free.


Cant understand jackshit Turd lover.

Jens Holm

You are born with a virus. Some antivirus and Malwarefighter might reduce Your knowledge level to 0.


The war in Syria is over, the current distribution of territory is the new de facto status quo that everyone agreed on (unofficially).

Fog of War

I hope the Syrians remember how Putin betrayed them.


How did he betray them? he saved Assad’s ass many times at the UN. If you talk about the cooperation between Russia and Israel against Iran, well that is just common sense. Iranians or shia militants will keep dying in Syria, that is just how it is.


The pedophile nobody asked for. How are you doing fake commando.

Jens Holm

Very impressing putting in pedofiles in this. It show You own level very well. Are You cleaning ISIS toilets in their deepest tunnels.


Your level is that of monkey judging in what you type Turd lover. Oh and Israelis are homosexual pedophiles just like Danes.

Jens Holm

I am sure monkeys know the Turkish needs better then You. Many Turks are nice people and well respected where I live.

Some are not and Erdogans are minus.


Again if you are not Turd then what business is of your you stupid Dane, between the Turkeys and the Turds, they are both scum of the region along with the foreign Israeli parasites.

Jens Holm

We buy a lot of stuff from them. We sell thema lot of stuff. We are in Nato with them. Turkey also is hard affiliated with us by EU.

And now You put Israeliens in as parasites too. Hip hip. Probatly the Jews run the whole world too.

You really dont get the world by Your limited perspective. Even if the Jews in Israel runs the whole businees, we prefare that by GSP and other things sompared to Your little world.

You probatly even think we steal from Syria. But Syria produce nothing we want apart from some dades for christmas. They could but insist in staying behind in all kinds of things.


Man it’s great being unemployed there Jenny, it gives you a lot of time type up long winded nonsense, unlike you I’m scheduled to go to work. So I cant make you Anglo Zionist trolls lives miserable, how I miss being unemployed myself. Hey at-least my job is actually more productive to society, as opposed to paid troll, because if you are not getting paid for this then you are an idiot. So adios moron.

Jens Holm

I am not unimployed at all.


Don’t waste your time Jens, just block him like I did :-)


Because your a chickenshit pedophile.

Jens Holm

It makes no sense to compare Your own family relations with Your own.

Maybee You should have more chickenshit as fertilizer, when You grew up Yourself,

I prefare hens from little roosters just have a big noisy voise fro early morning. Hens lay eggs. You smash as many as You can every day right here.


Stuck a nerve Turd lover.

Jens Holm

I already has written I have critisisme for all of You and my best wishes is a wall west of Istanbul, so we seperate and all would be happy.

Right here I also has written, that I, We and the Danish Goverment has a lot of critisime to the Turkish behavings.


Again pathetic unemployable Danish Turd lover.

Jens Holm

Thats no comment. Hard to see if it came from Your mouth or behind. Which ones is closest to Your brain.

Jens Holm

I never will. Its tempting but people also has no know other oppions are there. I see “other people” as more then him.


Again failed bobsy twins keep posting here, the Danish moron and the Fake Israeli commando.

Jens Holm

Now Israel is in it too. We dont need. We have Our own F35s as well as some missiles, corvettes and like that.

We are not involved in Syria but are asked in as helpes for the Iraqi Goverment.

Maybee You cant see the difference between Iraq and Syria?

Jens Holm

Correct. Fog of War has learned in scholl, that Pution & Co was a friend of theirs.


Again you have nothing to say Dane.

Jens Holm

I just tell that You all are learned nationalistic versions of the hostiory as well as the rest.

None thereforee can be blamed for going to school and learn, what they are told so. Pupils doing that often seemes to be the clever ones too.

BUT facts are its new constructions from just after WW1 and vertical wrong i vital things.

You can get how things actually was all the way down to Adam and Eve by many free sources at internet and by that not even has to buy books or have a library.

So my blame is You insist in making Your own artificial lebensrooms by that with walls and roof and kept in dark.

Fog of War


Jens Holm

Assads sold Adein and other parts away themselves being stubbern insisting in no needed changes.

Kurds didnt fight for Assads. They were not even soldiers of hos lousy military forces, which did not protect wast areas against Johafdist, ISIS, FAS – whatever.

So of course Kurds in fx Afrin will not go back to, that Assads just should come back and make the same very bad governess against them and others as they had done for decades.

Its very easy. They and the SDF Kurds were denide to decide local things by local elections, which is a very normal and effectiv infrastructure i many countries. Syria of tyodaqy has no structure for devellopment. The base for that also is not there. There is no sober structure for education but only religios infacted nationalisme of the worst kind.

Kurds are the only ones trying to equalize in more sekularisme for all include women, which is not even allowed to debate about here on these sites…

Well You can using “motherfucker”, “rape Your mother” and like that. Thats the accepted level for the Levant with muslims and others there.

And You still think Assad is comander of the Russian army. I see that. They love a smaller and more homogene and higly depended Oblast named Syria, where they now has the bases they have wished since WW2.


Oh what business is it of stupid Dane like you to give a shit about the Turds, also learn English you Danish idiot.

Jens Holm

My English is fine normal English based on the spoken language and is doing pretty well.

You dont understand the parts, which Your limited language dont cover as well as You not even has a langage for our less limited world of Ours.


Muble mouth Dane speaks what again.


Hey Iron Zion when are you going to show photos or proof of your mighty military career or activities, you shit talking keyboard typing kike fag.

Jens Holm

Thats no comment.


So fucking what.

Lone Ranger

Hope Russia and SAA will remember next time not no move their pinky for the Kurds. Im starting to understand why Turks hate them so much. They are prosstitutes selling themselves for the highest bidder. Strong words? I dont give a fuck to be honest. Its True.

Jens Holm

Very slow start.

None should blame cuntries having such slow learners inside them.

Lone Ranger

You are like a Picasso painting the more I read your comments the less sense they make…

Jens Holm

It could be You are born blind.

Lone Ranger

20/20 vision. With perfect color sight :)

Lelouch Vi Britannia

Syria should make deal with Turkey to end these separatists. There is no other way. Russia, USA both protects seperatists.


Those SDF bitches are scum,they just can’t be trusted as collaborators of the US,when Syria is liberated the leaders should stand trial.


The Zionist Kurds are seditionists every place that they go. The leaders should be arrested and the SDF disbanded. According to the last census the southern half of the province off of the Turkish border is an Arab majority area.





Kurdish majority areas. https://i1.wp.com/sahipkiran.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Kurdish-Majority-areas-in-Syria-.jpg?zoom=2 https://bozbuga.wordpress.com/2014/09/21/kurdish-population-in-syria/


From Google maps. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e8b571d0b2c6f5900b0efd2349f90732dbc145b4ab54f2d6d4840744ac7e19f3.png

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