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JUNE 2023

US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces Might Be New ISIS – Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister

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US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces Might Be New ISIS - Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister

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Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said during an interview with the Iranian al-Alam TV on December 20 that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) might be “another ISIS”. Mekdad argued that the US-backed force can’t be trusted because of their current policies.

“There is another ISIS, that might be named the SDF, the US is trying to support them against the will of the Syrian people, and they serve the United States and serve the western plans against the people of Syria and the Syrian state” Mekdad said during the interview according to al-Alam.

During the interview, Mekdad called the SDF to change its current policies and warned the Kurdish dominated group that its fate will not be different from the fate of ISIS or al-Qaeda. Th deputy foreign minister also stressed that the Damascus government will consider anyone holding a gun against the Syrian state as a “terrorist”.

“They [the SDF] should withdraw now so they can become an irreplaceable part of the Syrian Arab Republic, or their fate will be the same as the fate of ISIS, al-Nusra Front and the armed terrorist groups … who hold a weapon against the Syrian state is a terrorist, that’s how we think, this is the international humanitarian law and this is the international law,” said Mekdad.

The Mekdad statement came only two days after Syria President Bashar al-Assad described members of the US-backed force in eastern Syria as “traitors” during a meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

This proves that the Damascus government is adopting a new much more hostile policy towards the SDF. However, it’s very unlikely that this tension leads to a military confrontation, as both the US and Russia are not interested in such move according to experts. Despite this, a wide political deal between the Syrian government and the SDF are not likely in the nearest future.

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“MIGHT BE” in the headline! Cuz reportin real news is so hard! I want my phuckin donation back!



Icarus Tanović

Wise words.


It was reported earlier the Kurds are trying to talk to the Syrian govt as they should.

Kurds are in precarious positions

Jens Holm

Thats right. Darwin was wrong. People from Damaskus and Ankara are still born with ears.

Seemes he is more correct according to brains.



Jens Holm

Thats dirty smelling blimping. They have nothing else.


As I said before, Syrian government cannot allow SDF to hold any Syrian territory and Kurds have to join Assad or risk attacks by Assad forces and kicked out of Syria .

In Sochi the Kurds will go back and US will leave Syria or be forced out by Assad and friends.

Iran will make sure of that even if Russia back off which I do not think so to abandon Assad .

Icarus Tanović

Oh man, they take about that already 50 years, since first USSR military bases has been constructed of the shore of Syria. And that has never happened.


Certainly SDF consists ex members of ISIS/Nusra/Qaeda etc. Same sh*t, different wraps.

Icarus Tanović

That’s right!

Jens Holm

hahaha. Marxisme in Russia was killing all bishops, most priest, confiscating all their proporties and making churches into shop, kiosks, cinemas, libraries and centers for educating people for communism.

very good brainwashing system, if it is like that. Damaskus should by it.

Rodney Loder

There doesn’t have to be a confrontation between US and Russia over SDF their not worth it, Turkish and Syrian Kurds are now fair game, I noticed that the Zino Media is writing them out as darlings to die for, now it’s suckers to be put to rest which is more appropriate now.

However the Yemeni blockade is the big push for the direction of the war, Putin and Xi are coming on board in coordination with open support for Houthis after all Salman is not manufacturing his own weapons, Saudis aren’t even manning the missile defence systems, Frances Macron is adopting the King maker role that Iran is afraid of, for no good reason.

Trump will fold on support for Saudi if Jerusalem doesn’t steal the show.



Icarus Tanović

Prove it!


for sure US is trying to train new proxies, but i dont think SDF or any other group will become as infamous as daesh. sure, they may try, but ultimately will fall short, like kylo ren trying to be the new darth vader lol

Jens Holm

SDF`s are not infama at all exept against ISIS and FSA. SAA too.

Frank Behrens

Oh, look….another suit is making some lofty political speech…..duck talk I call it. I am pretty sure that some SDF spokesperson will answer in kind and makes some speeches concerning that ….bblalablabla…will never give up…bllalalabla…remain firm…blabla..some more bullshit …blablabla

Gregory Louis

He’s the head of Foreign Fucking Policy if I don’t know what represents their feelings including the president mind you I don’t,.their the leaders in head positions of power making these statements not some random Colonel of the SAA

Frank Behrens

You missed my point…my point is that ALL sides do some barking and political trash-talk . Reminds me on pre-election campagne time…talky men are talking and making all sortes of threads, promises and-what-we-wiil-(are-about-to) do-if…

Gregory Louis

What are you on about still this is serious…..why would the SAA make such claims if they really don’t consider them the enemy considering what the US-led mob did to Raqqa yeah pretty sure they have their reasons to be pissed off

Jens Holm

Its well known, most babies can see that.

Frank Behrens

see, that is another point: taking such political duck-talk serious is naive at best. (besides: SAA making claims? Are you confused? That is one politician…not the army). The Assad regime will do nothing against the will of their supporters (mainly Russia and Iran). If you want to take him serious …by all means do it. But what do I care ? What do YOU care? Next I am taking comical ali serious, or what ? ^^

Jens Holm

I agree. But they should send funny ones.

Gregory Louis

I’m saying people in positions of power in Syria see the SDF as a threat including Iran and Hezzbolla meaning there will be clashes between the two parties soon spats between groups has been provoked by less like the “Bucket War” in Italy..what do mean what do I care of course I do any military situation involving the US and Russia or their proxies is important to the whole world………I’m not saying take him specifically what he’s saying seriously I’m just saying pay attention to this rhetoric which will turn into a war Assad also called them traitors so yeah this is serious If you don’t think Assad has power over what the military can or can’t do you know nothing of Middle Eastern Politics

Frank Behrens

Sure, that´s something TOTALY new. But if they think that the SDF is such a threat …why didn`t they already attacked them? Why are there still SAA enclaves in Hasaka ind Qamishil ?

Military situation were the US and Russia are involved? There are many (and were). And because of syria, there will be no world-wide-war…on the contrary: because of them there is NO clash between the SAA and the SDF . They want peace = no long ongoing involvement (both fear that after Afghanistan). And as long as Russia gets his share /influence , they will even sacrifice Assad. Do not doubt that..it is just a question how much is “paid” for that.

Gregory Louis

There where clashes and small firefights between the SAA and SDF before and If in the endgame the SDF don’t want to return to the Republic or give back it’s territory what do you think is going to happen as the SDF is Kurdish linked and many Arab commanders have already jumped ship

Frank Behrens

As ever…first of: what those this should bother you what happens there ? Does it tangents you in far away europe/usa ? No.

Second: I will ask my magical crystal globe what will happen..and especially how they will react…. problem is that damn thing won´t work currently…darn.

Third: again…without consent of the big gamers (US and Russia) NOTHING will happen there of any significant

Gregory Louis

You showed yourself not to understand politics my friend may I ask this what wars during the past decade perpetuated the migrant crisis….in Europe the Arab Spring right? The Syrian and Libyan Civil Wars that forced millions to leave their homes the wars in Afghanistan and Sudan right all proxy wars by the US these wars have great impacts on other nations because of their geopolitical locations and alliances…what country do you live in cause if it’s the US chances are ISIS are still there in cells waiting to attack just like San Bernadino and The Night Club Shootings…these wars even impact the Asian continent like what happened in Marawi so idk wtf your talking about a war between the US proixes and a Iranian-Russian-Hezzbolla alliance would be insane and would probably be the final push towards the new Lebanon War between Israel-US-Saudi’s and the Russian-Iranian alliances

Frank Behrens

How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take out the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log that is in your own eye?

You think this war is the main reason for the so called migration crisis? And you think the wars in Sudan and Afghanistan are all proxy wars of the US? So, that the USA is to blame …and totaly alone? Oh dear…then you just show the wide spread anti-americanism. Scapgoating at it´s best…like blaimng the jews or Israel for all the evil and sad in the world.. You think evil and despare will be gone, if those two “evil-doers” are gone (in one way ot the other) . Then as well you can blame the devil . No, that is humanity – how (many) people ar -greed, selfish, arrogant and vain..and last but not least full of fear for the things, they have no direct control over – and instead to face it , that this is all up to them, humans always blame same “evil” from outside…..so lazy..so coward. Lo, the wars aren`t just there because the USA , Israel or whoever initiated them…it is US…us humans who do this, did this and will do this. You really think there is a civil war in Syria/Afghanistan/Sudan etc. because the US and/or Israel initiated that? How easy that would be…but no. (sure, they might, as any other state who as the power and abilities, use them for their interests…humanity again). You think people in Syria had and have no reasons to revolt ? You think all was well and good in Syria? Under a brutal dictatorial regime ? With ecological and economical problems? Where there was wide-spread nepotism (look who runs the bbig buisness in Syria..family members of the Assad-Clan and their cronies) and corruption. Yeah, and for sure, their is nationalism and religious bigotry in the ranks of the rebels. The millions who flee and/or try to migrate to the western world? They are looking mainly for a better economical future there …and only comparable few flee from wars…the numbers from Lybia are rather low…more are from the southern parts of Africa (from countries, where there is no war). Stop all the wars you want…people will still try to migrate to the “golden” West out of ecological and economical reasons. You really fear ww III because of Syria? bah, there were numerous (and will be) conflict points between those states. We will see numerous rather small scale wars and regional proxy wars…but no big bang .

Gregory Louis

Who supported the rebels that try to overthrow the Syrian government…who supported the Libyan Civil War in which HILLARY CLINTON SAID: “We saw we came…he died” while laughing look at that country…its a disaster there was an influx of migration in record numbers in recent European history which was unprecedented these people came from mostly Afghanistan mind you where the US has been for 16 FUCKING YEARS waging a war that won’t end and is pointless like Vietnam…I don’t need to elaborate on the Iraq conflict which left a major power vacuum which supported the rise of ISIS and Al-Qaeda in the region..then flame up the Yemeni conflict where at one point OVER 2000!! schools where destroyed by Saudi airstrikes wtf are you on about this has nothing to do with being Anti-America or whatever you said it’s about facts that are happening….Russia’s also done some fucked up shit too there not safe either…but the US is fucking over the whole Western world with their insane foreign policies in which Obama bombing most of those countries and destabilizing them like what happened before the Iranian revolution so go fuck yourself you blind cunt

Jens Holm

I dont care who he is. If You if possible want to lower the respeckt for Damaskus, he is doing fine.

Many civilians killed a few days ago by another carpetbombing certainly branded them well over the whole world too as well as the russian allowence of gas attacks.

Gregory Louis

The SAA doesn’t use Chemical weapons what good what it do for their forces?

Jens Holm

From today or what. If so it is good news.


Ya the SDF can bark as loud as they like. When the time comes like Iraq they will leave as they would be insane to take on Assad’s allies including Turkey in the mix

Frank Behrens

I don`t have a crystal ball …do you ? If so, tell me the right numbers for the next local lottery. My point was, that there is a lot of “barking” on all sides….reminds my on pre-elections periods.

Jens Holm

I agree. SDF normally dont bark at all. Well, PKK and Barzanis does here and there…not SDF.

Frank Behrens

All factions do have their “barkers”—speakers etc. They are the one ´s who do the trash-talk..mainly to cheer up the fan-base…nothing more.

Jens Holm

It has been Damskus and others barks all the time, so why are they not allowed to bark some too.

SDF has given no filthy propaganda until now. Now it seemes like they do unless most of it is made propaganda by Turks and Assads.

Jens Holm

Of course they will. SAA and SyAF never can take the SDF possition. SDF also have a guarentie for USA will never allow it.

Damaskus is blocking for some peace there and even accept escallation against Israel. Hard to see more then only more killed.

Jim Martin

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad

His other role is to send pigs into space and declare them to be Halal

Another Syrian regime puppet or “deck of cards” member

Icarus Tanović

Your other role, with that false name, you, Zionistic kosher pig is to stick your dirty mouth into septic hole and wash it.

Jim Martin

name calling?

You cry like a little girl “Icarus” (Jihadi Bob”)

Icarus Tanović

Write something intelligent, please.

Jens Holm

Most of the real syrians are either refugees or dead.

Sometimes I thon we should give all of you more weapons. And when one of you is left(some YPJ), the normal ones can come back and live in peace among others.


Another Ostrich comments from a sour losers.

Assad is winning and has all the cards. Now the Syrian government speaks up as they should .

On the past they had been quiet to all the nonsense by your masters

Jim Martin

“Assad is winning and has all the cards.”

More like generating most of the bodies “slingblade”

Philippe Nassar

Nazis also used the same rethorics u use pal….

Icarus Tanović

Your too.

Jacques Cuse

Yeah, and these nazis were also financed by the US, like all other truly criminal regimes.

Jens Holm

Yes, of course it is much easier to control private property, when the spendable sheep are not able to shoot back and their speakers systematicly are killed.

That is no country.

Jens Holm

Assads dont have all cards at all. If so the war was won years ago.

Jens Holm

Ours are complaining to UN about it. They certainly seemes to have a better life, even we slaughter and eat them after only 8 months :)) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b486076843b5d56f3840104e4f1349b5a4ca500dc462e6abc13f04df6ebdc9e9.jpg

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

The bottom line is that any group that is in armed rebellion against the Syrian government should be ruthlessly crushed. Such armed groups have the legal status of “brigand” (that is no legal status whatsoever).

Jens Holm

Thats not a Goverment.


So there is no Syria or Syria is like Libya?

Appoint the Kurds with IS general in UN then


Jens Holm

Yes and no.

Syria and Lebanon as well as half of half of Aleppo and Raqqa provinces incl. the coastil line(Tripolis) was made for neocolonialisme by France(and UK).

It was meant and named as a Protectorate. That actually said, that France should educate the people there, so they could take over and rule it by Goverment(s).

By Balfour and later Lausanne there was made borders, which more gained France then the inhabitants.

There were many models for that, but mainly France(and UK) took this for Kirkuk oil connection. But many others were possible and more sensible.

One could be to make more countries and follow most of the ancient Ottoman ones, which partly was a takeower from Muslims taking over Konstantinopel. Some even was from the period of Romans.

Those was unites by nature even things are outdated now. Fx You today easy can cross Eufrat and connect develloping the other side of it.

So if I was France at that time, I would remove the feudal power, which also happend. I also would help irrigation as they did.

But I would have many small states as they were. The reasons for that is, that a big mixted state as Syria is to complicated for any beginner. But a Sultanate or Emirate as the old borders, could be a better level.

By that France would help the states, which needed it and let the others be themselves and reduce the areas runned by France one by one.

After that the small states could join each other as they voted for – and more or less and make unions among each other. By that I dont see any United Syria.

But i see some might unite and others solving fx transporation by railroad, big roads, bridges, telephone, radio. Syria also have some need for import and exports, where good harbours could be usefull.

But the going from country came was, when the impossible artificial unification went into a military take over. Here You were back in the feudal structure again even the take overs were by weapons in stead of credentials.

So – in this version of mine – You would have some more or less unification might even being named as Federasy of Syria. …………………………………………………………..

Libya is very differet. Until italien took over it was 2-3 runned by bandit emirates and sometimes pirates as well. Low all over exept in sand.

Italiens killed so manay to unify their wantings for having colonoes as well. All their tribes and areas was like that down to black Africa.

I would say it was wrong by the new UN in 1948 to accept that area as one state. A minimum would be 2-3 and probatly 4 states. The main ones are well known as Tripolis and Bengazi(has other names too). Then You have Sirte where Gadaffi came from as a small one and finally the desert and mountain areas in the south, which should be left as they always were.

But by that, there was never a Gadaffi ruling all of it. Of course there could be 2 of them in stead, but they could be educated and if needed better controlled by being smaller states, so the basics were not only a reliable military system but a civile one having no need for controlling but only a smaller structure.

Gadaffy was a private owner of Libya. By that he was no Goverment. There are owners of states like Brunei, Lictenstein and Monaco – But he stole Libya from the inhabitants. Stealing from the poor and illitarates gives extra jail in me.

Of course Rommel and Montgommery could not see, they with lack of fuel were figting on a carpets of it. But the beginning of Libya as United was totally wrong.

To many colonies should be more countries and diveded different with other countries.

Thats my oppinion about states. You are only a state, if the population are relativly free and work in trust and no fear for it.


You can’t be serious you type such a long post defining a state.

Keep it simple. Define it as a country as per UN membership

Jens Holm

I want changes there. UN about that is totally outdated and based on making stabilty after WW2.

One could be a country or an area of today should have minimum human rights and from that improve and never go the opposite way.


Of course Mr. Mekdad is correct. All of Syria east of the river is the responsibility of the Syrian Government and the SAA. Anyone setting up road blocks or committing acts of violence against the SAA in these areas are guilty of serious crimes and need to be dealt with as the criminals that they are.

Jens Holm

Facts are not like that. You made Your assumtions for a thing rising under Your bed blanket ?


You’re sick in the head.

Jens Holm

You dont dare to light You 7-armed candelear and give it a last match. It would improve a lot exept if You go into fire yourself.

Thats what I like about jews. They learn by finding facts and innovate them. You create some from the time of Muhammed and keep and economy bases on arms https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/330f934dd53acff7adc6fb3b5ea80b4d826d4f4eb4e1c7a33c44e3ed0a847b7b.jpg robbing, raping and taxing others.

If you ever should be able to defeat them a minimum would be to copy them well.

Not all muslims are like you.


Your English has improved in terms of spelling and grammar. But what you’re writing is nonsensical. It isn’t something that a sane rational person would write. It’s something someone with mental issues or a severely flawed AI program would write. You’re a head case.


That is why there are such striking parallels between the Nazis and the Zionists. Most likely, it is the case of the latter learning from the former + some necessary innovations, of course… :-P


What are these guys smoking? Do Assad and co really believe that when they utter this kind of threats the Kurds will come to them – shivering and with their tails between their legs? The Kurds know full well that neither the Syrian government nor Russia will launch a full scale attack on them as long as the Americans are around.

The Americans have one weakness: their lack of patience. As we saw in Iraq, there is nothing that they hate as much as staying around for years without any hope of achieving further successes. So the best strategy for Assad is to be nice to the Kurds and to give the American troops the feeling that they are useless.

Jens Holm

I agree. I seemes to be a counterattack made in child level.


Tell us how the Kurds able to resist Assad force and survive EVEN IF RUSSIA STAYS OUT which is unlikely.

He is backed by Iran is enough said and the last soldiers US want to fool with is Iran not to say Hez

Keep dreaming

Jens Holm

You seemes only able to see military solutions.

Even the artificial state Syria at a wrong place was made by political reasons as well as the others.

Only Israel was made by military force.


You are out of logic really as to how people will react to a hostile foreign power right in their country.

Well you may think US will back them up. Look at the result in Iraq , US did nothing and US forces in Iraq is no match for Assad combined forces of Syria, Iran, Russia, Turkey ,fearful Hezbollah etc.

In fact , Assad forces can also starve the entire US and Kurds in they do not attack.

Air force is useless. Just look at the map.

You are out of your logic to say Kurds know Assad forces would not attack the Kurds and drive them out of Syria as traitors to Syria.

The joke is , Assad is the victor with superior forces to allow a hostile force in the country?

Gosh grow up. No one in the world allows that and the world will surely force US to leave or be annihilated as sure as the sun sets tomorrow.

Jens Holm

Rastafaris dont like Swiss.

Damaskus still expect we see them as owners of their private proporty and it should be given back.

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