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JUNE 2023

US-backed SDF Says It Will Need 4 More Months To Capture Raqqa

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US-backed SDF Says It Will Need 4 More Months To Capture Raqqa

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On Thursday, сommander of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Hafal Jabbar, said that SDF need 4 more months to capture Raqqa city.

Hafal also said that the SDF is now besieging ISIS fighters in the center of Raqqa city. He also confirmed that the SDF now controls 50% of Raqqa and is advancing towards Mansour and Rashid districts in the city.

From its side, the US-led coalition said that its warplanes targeted ISIS positions in Raqqa city with 33 airstrikes in the past 24 hours.

US-led coalition warplanes also targeted Al-Salam Hospital on August 8, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Opposition sources claimed that Dr. Qais Farid al-Sayed Ahmad al-Haj was killed as a result of a US airstrike on Raqqa city yesterday.

US-backed SDF Says It Will Need 4 More Months To Capture Raqqa

ISIS claimed that its snipers killed 4 SDF fighters at Saif al-Dawla Street and west Train Street in Raqqa on Thursday. The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq also released a statement arguing that 45 SDF members were killed or injured in a SVBIED blast and the followed ISIS attack in the Great Mosque area.

In turn, The SDF revealed that 8 of its fighters were killed during the recent clashes in Raqqa city.

US-backed SDF Says It Will Need 4 More Months To Capture Raqqa

The SDF continues to evacuate civilians from Raqqa city according to pro-kurdish sources, where it’s believed that tens of thousands of civilians are still trapped inside the city so far.

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Rodney Loder

Allah only used the one’s He loves the most to draw down the US ambitions in Syria, this He has achieved, Allah actually went one up on Fate due to the heroic behaviour of ISIS, but now Allah is telling me that the best plan would be for all Islamists to obliterate the Kurds.

Joseph Scott

Yes, well, Allah also told the Khalifa in 1898 that the best place to fight the British would be at Omdurman. All available evidence to date indicates Allah doesn’t love any of you as much as you think.

Rodney Loder

The Ottoman Empire was never a Caliphate, although the Sultan was sometimes professed to be a Khalif, the last Sultan Abdul Hamid the 2nd. hated the CUP and favoured the British, the Sharif of Mecca who loved Hamid and so loved the British had this to say at the time, quote from “The Balfour Declaration” J. Schneer ( The Caliphate means this, that the rules of the Book of God should be enforced, and this they do not do). Probably he meant that the Turks had never done that and the CUP was the consequence. THAT’S NOT TRUE, what happened was Christianity had to be first cab off the rank as man’s Religion but Allah knew it would more than likely fail, even so impartiality meant that anything goes, one other thing important is that if Islam had of prevailed how would I not be an apostate to prove that I was really the opposite to “verily God is the Messiah Ibn. Maryam.” Sura 5 verse 19 Rodwell translation.

Joseph Scott

I wasn’t referring to a Turk, but to Abdullah Ibn-Mohammed Al-Khalifa, leader of the Ansar of Sudan , successor to the Muhammed Ahmed, “the Madhi.” They also proclaimed a Caliphate, and in many ways, the Ansar were very similar to Islamic State, if less international, due to 19th Century technology.


He had a dream in which Allah told him he would win a great victory against the British at Omdurman, Sudan in 1898. The result, however, rather different. One British officer said of it that “… It was not a battle but an execution.” The British-Egyptian-Sudanese force lost 48 dead and 382 wounded, while the Ansar suffered 12-15,000 dead, 13,000 wounded and 5,000 captured, despite outnumbering the British force by 2 to 1. Tactics trump faith. p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }bdullah Ibn-Mohammed Al-Khalifa

Rodney Loder

Swords against machine guns, with Churchill and Lord Kitchener, Churchill turned into the Soviet Union’s saviour and Kitchener too has an opportunity to be a great man amongst his people, but he couldn’t overcome his kleptomania so Allah had little use for him after Sudan except to be on posters. I think your right, a Caliphate has to be Universal so declaring one means not much unless it becomes Universal, and the Mahdi can only be, one person in the end, I know Him personally He put me on to Islam when I was an anchorite, He was right I was going nowhere neither was this dreamer that you speak of, dreams are anathma, I look forward to being dead to escape from them, that’s because dreams are controlled by satan.

Joseph Scott

Technology played a part, but not as much as everyone thinks. The Ansar had 15,000 rifles captured from the Egyptians, and had acheived much greater success against the Egyptians and the earlier British expedition to try and rescue Gordon at Khartoum in 1885, because they started out fighting smarter, trying to use terrain to mask their advance so British and Egyptian firepower wouldn’t have as much time to thin their ranks.

Had the Khalifa attempted to attack the British during their advance, there were numerous places were he could have used the terrain and water supply to his advantage. However, because of his dream and the hubris of past success, the belief that Allah had destined for them to win, he decided to have the great battle at Omdurman, a place a lot of open terrain that gave the British every chance to use their artillery, machineguns and rifles to full effect. I suppose it conforms to your views on dreams, since it led straight to dis downfall.

Interestingly, Churchill’s participation in that campaign and observation of Ansar behaviour only confirmed the Freemason decision to use Islam as their scapegoats in a world war to unify the world, and Islamic State is the outcome of that. Islamic State was deliberately sponsored by Freemasons, who wish to set it up to be the disposable villain, the monster under the bed they can scare everyone with and rally them to their New World Order. They think they are fighting for their Caliphate, but they are being set up to die. It was noted back than that such people are committed enough to be willing to take on the world, and in their initial rush of inspiration, are likely to achieve some success, as the Ansar did in the 1880s, as Islamic State have done, but that their penchant to consider ideology and faith as much as more material issues of tactics, terrain, etc. would mean they could inevitably be led to an Omdurman.

Rodney Loder

The reason Religion became his Guardian Angel is because He obviously was predestined to give opportunity to Djinns and People to expose their evil, even though he wasn’t aware of it, for example, the pseudo Jews had to be given great power in order to expose their evil by re-creating Israel without being led back by a Prophet, so the Ottomans had to be wiped out Sudan was a port of call. Palestine had to be sacrificed, and Churchill had to begin his ascendency to save the Soviet Union in case Christianity came good. Also it was the same with IS as it was with Turkey who were IS’s major benefactor, Turkey was predestined to pull the plug when the waters got dirty, isn’t that what your supposed to do, when you’re fulfilled Allah’s purpose, we Muslims think so. Now look at the situation IS has given us, Russia is entrenched in Syria and Assad is saved. And Trump will attack somewhere he is a puppet that the Democrats put him in to try out military stratagems, without their fingers getting burnt, he could go for war in three theatres, but I think he’ll only go for one, Venezuela, the easiest in his mind (shared with his Jew controllers, he hasn’t got the brains to fight them like I do), however he has to beat down China’s One Belt One Road Initiative or the US is sunk anyway. The Democrats are hoping for another Petro Dollar phenomena. Destiny is a reversal of Creation, Allah sank China as the leader of Civilization (read Gavin Menzies) the reason He did that was because, the Chinese would have set a course of unchangeable perverse goings on, already evident with foot binding and castration. He needed the conclusion of (P) Abraham’s Religion, the only chance humanity had, likewise He sacrificed China, IS and the Ansar for a good reason, so Islam can triumph in the end.

Joseph Scott

Well, I think you’ve noticed a few things more or less correctly there.

“…the pseudo Jews had to be given great power in order to expose their evil by re-creating Israel without being led back by a Prophet…”

Churchill would agree with you about Israel: the non-Jewish Freemasons plan is for Israel to be sacrificed in their war with Islam as payback for the Israelites (Hyksos) murder of the Pharoah Sekhaenre (the murder of Hiram Abif) and temporary takeover of Egypt. They pretend to be brothers, but the murder of a king is not easily forgiven amongst them. Of course, the “Jews” are aware of this set-up and plan accordingly.

“…Churchill had to begin his ascendency to save the Soviet Union in case Christianity came good.”

Again, the Masons would agree: the Soviet Union was a tool to break religions like Christianity and also nationalism, all part of the plan for one world civilisation.

“Turkey was predestined to pull the plug when the waters got dirty, isn’t that what your supposed to do, when you’re fulfilled Allah’s purpose, we Muslims think so.”

Freemasons also.

“And Trump will attack somewhere he is a puppet that the Democrats put him in to try out military stratagems, without their fingers getting burnt,…”

Exactly right, except it’s not just Democrats. The shadow government is made up of both parties, who are just different orders of the same people. But yes, definitely, Trump was picked to be the ‘independent’ populist president who would keep people distracted while the real rulers got on with the plan, which was starting to show rather obviously. Just a pawn, frontman and figurehead to keep the masses occupied.

Rodney Loder

About Hiram Abif, I come from a Freemason family I know the truth, Allah gave it to me straight so as I wouldn’t forget, it’s just another story of Occultation, and lots of them are evident, only the Scriptures are valid because Religion is man’s narrative that Allah impounds Himself within, so we might benefit from His assertion. Now considering things that go missing in Scriptures, it’s mainly the Sacred Chest the most important, it was ceased by Allah and given prominence not totally literal but rather allegory since the original is somewhat hard to understand. The original was the Missing Prophet Particle, may Allah support His resurrection that He may now be listed in Heaven, what happened was in the first Universal Creation there were two Fates in the one place, Fate was the Father of God and some say that He was also the Father of the Alien that Allah displaced with reason, but no one is sure about that, anyhow Fate is always newly created and is dispossessed to cause the big big bang transcending conceived reality to be a perceivable state, such is always the excess of His anger. That’s ok it works fine but in the first Universe the newly created Fate should have insisted that His Grandfather establish Heaven but both wanted to be the Administrator of the substance created, really it was the Missing Prophet whoes Universe it was but He gave way to his Relative and left a path to be followed so that one day Creation would find Him, only I know the path


Some of what Winston Churchill (Lt) wrote in 1899 about Omdurman battle: “Suddenly the whole black line which seemed to be zeriba began to move. It was made of men, not bushes. Behind it other immense masses and lines of men appeared over the crest; and while we watched, amazed by the wonder of the sight, the whole face of the slope became black with swarming savages. Four miles from end to end ” He was a gifted writer also.

Joseph Scott

Indeed. I like him as writer and historian quite a lot better than as statesman.


Though you are correct, you do not mention it took the Brits some 18 years to get to that point. Meanwhile, the Mahdi ravaged much of Sudan and Ethiopia.

Joseph Scott

Only because it didn’t seem relevant. The time between the Madhi defeating Hicks and taking over Sudan and Omdurman was about politics.not real operational constraints. Wolseley would have been quite happy to carry on the campaign in 1885 had he been allowed. But none of that really related to the point, which is that the Khalifa lost disastrously at the point when he trusted Allah to win the day.

Michael Qiao

4 more months? boy, it’s going to be worse than al bab


I reckon that gives the SAA less then 4 months to reach Deir Ezzor, cross over the Euphrates and move towards the Iraqi border before the SDF can enter that race again. They better not squander that time going after stupid things they could have done later.

It might be even less time once Al Nusra launches yet another Hama offensive and forces the Tiger to redeploy yet again to defend Hama.

El Diablo

Kurds would fight Turks in Aleppo next :D


Your last paragraph is something I have mentioned several times to be ridiculed by assadpphyles blind to reality.

Reality is that HTS capabilities are not really known and that with many elite forces in the east, the west will have been weakened while HTS has been strengthened a lot.


HTS also have elite UN and US military advisors amongst them as seen in Aleppo. Now that the Idlib “rebel factions war” seems to be over they might start building up for a larger attack in Hama.

Justin Ryan

Not when Turkey and the PMU attack the SDF! War game scenarios! If u can do it for ISIS and HTS, ill do it! BE READY! TURKEY HATES KURDS AND U KNOW IT! Syria and Turkey are not necessarily allies! But they have COMMON INTERESTS! I can’t wait for u to start BITCHING when this happens!

Dustil schmit

So in otherwise you are saying ISIS will just give up Abu bukhumal, Maaydin, the other maadin and deir ezzor that seems to be a 6 month job.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They are withdrawing from Maadan and are fast coming undone at the seams as their forces are to spread thin and every raid leaves them weakened. They lack the ability to maintain the fronts they are on and keep giving up ground to the Deir Ez zoir defenders, and the onslaught from the various SAA fronts.

HTS is losing when they try to probe Aleppo defenses the SAA counters with its own veteran special troops in the area. The southern regions have many Elite capable fighting brigades and have been able to conduct and wage war on many fronts.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The push to Deir ez zoir will be started again in earnest once they secure more of the region with the increase of more Tiger units moving into the region. The Special Airborne unit has moved into the area to conduct operations and maybe used to clear out Maadan as they are also experts on urban warfare.The ISIS/Al Qaeda clones are still probing against veteran and elite fighting forces in those regions and FSA groups are engaging them in the region.

Jan Tjarks

If this is true and the SAA advances are not slowing down, then it might be that the SAA will already leave As Suwar on the road to the east.

Dustil schmit

It will take a few months to secure the iraq border and taking 4 cities. Are you forgetting those?

Jan Tjarks

Read it again, especially the first four words. Then connect them to the next eight words. Do the same with the second sentence.


Colin Oskapy

Yeah, right, the guy in that picture who was killed really looks like ISIS. And figures of tens of thousands are referred to as still being in the location. Thus the USA is waging a massive campaign of genocide against non-Zionist Syrians through its SDF and ISIS proxies.


lol a campaign of genocide by the USA ? what are you smoking ?


This is bad because, By the time these guys take Al-Raqqah, Bashar might be in Deir Ez Zor by then. While the SDF maybe more organized then the FSA, they still don’t have the matching capacity as the SAA. Assad right now needs to take advantage of this and try to do all he can to reach Deir Ez Zor. But who knows? the 4 Months could either be shorter then we think or maybe it will be longer. Whatever the case is, the SAA must do what it can.


It’s called “milking the clock”….

Oh, and the kurds can’t fight either. They are on par with the fsa….

Dustil schmit

Sure they can’t otherwise they would of died off in kobane but wait…


obama came and saved their ass…. lucky fucks…


Guess none of you all ever heard of the saying “milking the clock”….

Anything government backed has huge cost overruns, is always late, and is always messed up…


Makes sense to those who worship Mammon (God of Money)

Muhammad Jawad Abbasi

It’s good if they’re taking that much time to save innocent lives…..

Tom Tom

Try never taking Raqqa.


Nice reporting but the mentioned commander did not say it would take four months but that it might take up to three four months, which is not the same.

The numbers of civilians is now estimated to between 10 to 25k, which is not tens of thousands, implicating that it must be something like 50k+.

Beyond all of this, a slow but steady advance which is really doing well given the fact that SDF still lacks the heavy weapons and does not have enough armoured cars.

Sean Glennie

Most of the SDF’s forces are motorized junk. The same can be said for the majority of forces in Iraq and Syria, especially the many terrorist insurgencies that most often adhere to a Jihadist theocratic ideology.

This why they’re bogged down in Raqqa, however they would perform a lot better in any type of land warfare if they were to be reequipped with tracked armor, from battle tanks to infantry fighting vehicles with a main armament of 23mm or higher, along with anti-tank guided missiles, ERA, and APS. Artillery, MLRS, and SHORADs should also be self-propelled on tracked platforms. This is most important in urban warfare and rural offensive operations, and of course most war takes place in rural areas no matter the terrain.

Sean Glennie

The quality of the SDF is mediocre, the same applies to the majority of all armed groups in Syria, including all of the many insurgencies (most of which are Jihadist), as well as the government forces of Iraq and Syria. They all mainly rely on cheap motorized units transported by truck, the best of which are Iraq’s, followed by Syria.

This is the reason why they always bog down in urban fighting and is also the reason why it takes them a while to out maneuver their adversaries, either through double envelopment or encirclement. To solve this problem they need access to tracked armor, including battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles with ERA and active protection systems for defense against ATGMs and RPGs (including recoilless rifles that fire rocket-propelled grenades such as RPG-7, RPG-29, RPG-30/32, Carl Gustaf, Panzerfaust 3, and others).

Sean Glennie

The advantages of tracked armor include better armor protection (including thicker armor and active & passive protective measures, plus shrapnel won’t puncture your tires and mangle your wheels because you have rubberized tank treads instead), more firepower, and superior off road mobility (wheels have tires that eventually go flat, while caterpillar tracks remain firm and steady).

Likewise, tracked self-propelled variants of artillery, MLRS, and SHORADs have also remained ideal in front line warfare since WWII. Whether in symmetrical or asymmetrical warfare, tracked armour is ideal in any kind of terrain, especially in difficult terrain and urban environments with the support of the infantry and all other aspects of combined arms warfare when suitable.

Sean Glennie

Russia has made the most strides in mastering urban warfare in the 21st century, mainly with both variants of the BMPT-72 “Terminator” and the Armata platform. Israel on the other hand has the Namer IFV, while they have also retrofitted old T-54/55s they captured during the Suez Canal Crisis and the Six Days War. NATO of course has made strides in developing urban warfare variants of their MBTs, however few have ever gone into production and other areas of development are left to be desired.


ISIS took the whole city in three days. But that involved them surrounding the city and whatever opposition there was running away or surrendering.


Exactly who is this , “US led coalition” ?


American-backed huh? Then calm down guys – you’ll still be saying “we need 4 months blah blah ” in 12 months time.

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