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US-backed SDF’ Media Wing: There Are No Negotiations, Coordination With “Syrian Regime”

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US-backed SDF' Media Wing: There Are No Negotiations, Coordination With "Syrian Regime"

Image: sdf-press.com

On August 13, the media wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released an official statement commenting on rumors spreaded by the Turkish media that 1,300 members of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) may participate in the expected operation of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

“Lately, there were a lot of talking regarding the participation of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the military operation that the Syrian regime is said to be lunched in Idleb [Idlib] governorate. There were also a lot of rumors published by some biased media institutions regarding this matter.

We declare that such rumors are incorrect, neither our participation in such operations, nor any negotiations or coordination with the Syrian regime,” the SDF said in a statment on its website.

There are a few interesting things in this statement:

  1. The Turkish media said that 1,300 mebmers of the YPG and the PKK, not the SDF will participate in the alleged SAA operation. So, by the August 13 statement, the SDF directly showed itself as an entity created as another brand for the YPG and the PKK in Syria – this is something what Ankara has repeatedly claimed publicly.
  2. The SDF has deounced any reports on the negotiations between the SDF and the Syrian government. The August 13 statement contradicts real facts on the ground. For example, in late July, a high profile delagation of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) – this is a political wing of the SDF – visited Damascus for negotiations with the Syrian government.

On the official level, the Kurdish-dominated SDF seeks to keep an image as a reliable “proxy” of the US in Syria and provides an official media policy based on the MSM text book. This approach, especially when it’s emplyoed without any creativity, causes situation when the SDF’s official statements contradict to actions of the SDF on the ground.

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Who in the world will negotiate with you dumbass kurds


ahhhhh yes my kurdish motherfuckers friends…show your true face….the face of backstabbing and of lies….well who teached you bastards…THE satanic JEWS…..but dont you worry you scum of the earth…is idlib liberated….quess whos next motherfuckers…..fucking kurdish pricks…..selling heroin to our european kids..dope pushers…thats what you have always been…the junior partner of the jewish dope dealings……kurdish nation??? oyeah, thats the jews dream just as the islamic state was, a satanic jewish dream……

neil barron

Kurd turd


ps. I love those pictures of the SDF/YPG women brigades…hahahaha…well the SAA and their allies sure will have a lot of fun with you kurdish whores…..analize them, then skin them and let them rott in the desert………I can already see them fucking kurds in europe demostrate against the evil SAA, there is nothing more evil and pathetic than a sour looser….you backstabbed,you lied,you murdered,you kidnapped,you stole and all on orders from them satanic jews.How pathetic, how can anyone ever respect such an evil pathetic group of filthy people.

neil barron

Turk turd.


A media wing, or a media spokesperson (gotta be politically correct after all), is just a fancy name for officially sanctioned liars anyway. So who cares what any of them have to say? They say the Earth is round and revolves around the sun, I immediately start to believe its flat and just a disc carried by four elephants on a turtle, with the sun going underneath it.


Obviously, some Kurds are allying with the regime and some are paid by the U.S.. some are doing both.

This spokesman has no intention of becoming Syrian. After the U.S. stops paying him, he’ll go back to irbil.


Or may be to the States in Amerika, because it’s so Kafkian as the SDF very temporary regime in East Euprates.


Speaking of a ‘Syrian regime’ it’s hilarious, when in the de-escalation zones are thousands and thousands of people from the political oposition in the administration, police, etc. But never mind, boy, your “regime” in the east of the Euphrates River will be short in time.

Pave Way IV

The US needs the ISIS threat to continue existing in Syria to be able to hold the SDF Anti-Iranian / Israeli protection Army together. Regular paychecks and massive arms infusions worked up until now, but neither Kurds nor Arab militias had any real loyalty to the artificial SDF command layer. With ISIS falling apart and plenty of arms, the YPG and Arab militias are going to drift off to pursue their own interests or just go home. Neither group seems interested in taking on the SAA.

This situation, of course, is making CENTCOM commanders panic. They created the SDF as cannon fodder for the Iran War, Syrian Phase I to protect Israel. The expendable fools are suppose to follow SDF orders without question, not wander off to fight their own non-SDF wars. The U.S. State Department’s alternative anti-Iranian/anti-Syrian army in Syria was supposed to be the Border Security Forces merc army, but they walked that back to ‘just some training’ now because of the international outcry. It’s almost like nobody wants to protect Israel. Damn anti-Semites!

The SDF is losing relevance, no matter how many paychecks and arms they have to dole out. Same for the YPG as a standing, unified army (vs. their original purpose as local militias). If nobody is threatening to attack Kurds, especially in the northeast, then they have little desire to waste their time as eternally-conscripted soldiers. The Assayish (PYD STAZI) isn’t big enough to force the entire Kurdish population into the SDF or keep conscripts in the YPG forever.

If the U.S. can’t get the Kurds or the Arab tribal militias to go to war with the SAA, they’ll lose control of them. I kind of wonder if the ISIS slaughter of Druze in Sweida was some kind of last-ditch effort to recruit the otherwise neutral Druze militias to the U.S. ’cause’.


The “slaughter of Druze” : what you said and + a retaliation for don’t do it.

leon mc pilibin


SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

In other words, the Kurds are friggin’ hypocrites.

S Melanson

That ever so slight smirk on his face says it all.


There were articles on SF a while back about the SDF being paid to do and say things by the US and allies. Just like the Jews were paying the terrorists in Daraa. Unfortunately in those circumstances it’s often necessary to use force to correct the problem until the opposition realizes that they’re losing, being overrun and that the payments from the US and Israel will soon stop because the opposition is unable to do what they’re being paid for. Once it reaches that point, then there’s a much better chance that they’l stop fighting and negotiate.

Jeth Roderet

The Syrian army does not need these “SDF” rats and if the “SDF” does not return the Arab lands that they have illegally seized then they will inevitably be driven out with military force.


SDF KURDE= FSA+HTS djihadists puppets of america point kill,m all!

Mahmoud Larfi

Of course the SDF is US proxy, don’t expect anything independently coming from them, they are dogs of the empire. However look for YPG, YPJ, these guys and girls know where the compass is pointing ;) ;) ;)

Peter Jennings

The SDF’s insistence of publically referring to the Syrian gov’t as a regime shows that they cannot be too serious about negotiations. Let’s hope they recover from their psychosis soon and save more lives being wasted on a lost cause.
It should be clear by now that the Kurds are not going to be getting their own ‘homeland’ anytime soon, with or without american and isreali help. The Syrian gov’t has in the past tried to accommodate the Kurdish population, even allowing them some autonomy. In return the Kurds sided with the enemies of Syria in the hope that land could be acquired permanently from the chaos. Fighting head-chopping scumbags with US forces with the intent on keeping the land they ‘liberate’ hasn’t done much to further their cause in Syria.

Peace needs to return to Syria.

Syria needs their oil fields to fund rebuilding that which has been destroyed by illegal invaders.That isn’t going to happen whilst the Kurds continue to double-deal with american and isreali forces.

Will history repeat itself? Will the Kurds antagonise the Syrian gov’t into action and then be left between a rock and a hard place after the US withdraws their forces?

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