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US-Backed SDF Forces To Leave City Of Manbij To Syrian Government – Russian Defense Ministry

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US-Backed SDF Forces To Leave City Of Manbij To Syrian Government - Russian Defense Ministry


The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), primarly consisting of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), will leave the key northern Syrian city of Manbij to the Syrian military, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Friday.

The Syrian army will reach Manbij, which is currently under control by the SDF,  on Friday, Lt. Gen. Sergey Rudskoy said during a media briefing.

Earlier today, reports already appeared that Syrian army troops had started to spread across SDF-held villages in the western countryside of Manbij. Rumors even appeared that units of the Russian Military Police can be deployed in the area.

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Valery Grigoryev

I thought that SDF/YPG would have become a shield between Turkey/FSA and SAA. While now the situation there seems to be absolutely opposite…

Valery Grigoryev

The third person from the right on photo looks like Russian:)

Behold a Pale Horse

Check mate

Pampi Ta

Jeez, this Putin is a strategy God ! The guy is a cracker : http://www.chroniquesdugrandjeu.com/2017/03/maestria-dans-le-nord-syrien.html


Deir Ezzor province is also very important where is Syrian wealth that is oil and gas.

Turkey have weakened the Syrian and Iraqi governments by their wrong foreign policies and created a large Kurdish state which will occupy most of oil and gas wealth in Syria, Iraq, Iran and in Turkey. I thought that Erdogan is a talented person and capable of running his position but not.


now that Palmira is back to the syrian government, again, lets see if they can push ISIS back to the other side of the Euphrates and reach Deir Ezzor city by land.


they will

John William

That’s great news. Now YPG can focus on Raqqa. I wonder tho how Hasaka will be handled and that other pocket in Kurd territory.

Trustin Judeau

This is good.If ES attacks Mannbij when it is in SAA hands, the world will see that ES is neo Ottoman project which I already know.


That was, indeed, a good move by the Kurds, but Im afraid that will not be so good for the syrian government because now it will have to fight both ISIS and FSA far from its strongholds. I hope it can secure, at least, the west side of Euphrates and avoid facing the turkish army directly.


It will be facing the Turkish army directly . SAA , stand tall , stand proud .

John Mason

Very clever move especially that Russia has warned the US coalition against attacking Syrian military and having Russian Military Police present also warns Turkey. Tactics by Russia are starting to fall into place.

Ismail Hikmet Cevik

This is a major victory for Turkey and Syria. They achived their objectives again without firing a single bullet like in El-Bab. Turkey got PYD kicked out of Menbij, Syria again took control of her homeland soil. These are the solid facts. Recent developments shows us the power of the informal allience between Turkey-Russia-Syria.

Aaron Logan

Haha they are still in city and won’t leave.

Ismail Hikmet Cevik

Ha ha they will leave. What a pitty!!

Ahmed K Hurmizyar

shut up troll

Ismail Hikmet Cevik

Be patient. This is the rule of Orta Doğu. You have to learn. You will learn.


That make no sense whatsoever. Turkey required its special forces to get involved to take Al-Bab and that was what persuaded ISIS to cut deal with Turks and hand it over in end. Syria has now moved to block Turkey from moving south and east by an informal alliance with SDF. Turkey is Syria’s enemy – Turkey has waged war and plundered Syria’s assets for six years.

Ismail Hikmet Cevik

US backed PYD is a destructive force for Syria. It is a tool for the objectives of US. Wake up Bob. PYD is the ground force of BOP ( This is the Turkish abrevation of Greater Middle East Project ). Syria will never have an allience PYD strategically. This is the dream of US and the dream believers. Turkey and Syria informally allienced to combat against separatism. US once dreamed with Erdoğan would have accomplished that, passed away to eternity. The hero, Syrian army demolished, demolishes this dream. We are ALL thankfull and greatful for the “unknown soldier” of Syria. By Atatürk revolution founded Turkey is bigger than Erdoğan, now it prevails. TURKEY AND SYRIA is in a salvation war against US backad PYD or ISID.

888mladen .

Turkey and PYD are both hostile to Syrian government and SAA only with a different degree of hostility.


Either way Turkey under current leadership is the Syrian state’s enemy. Turkish intelligence facilitates mass weapons and munitions transfers across border, southern Turkey is home to militant Islamist base and training camps, also home to the NATO/GCC picked ‘provisional Syrian government in exile’, and likewise joint CIA/NATO/GCC military intelligence control rooms for strategic direction of militants.


very nice video! i think SAA should definitely take the western and northern parts of manbij to prevent TAF from going further south there

Jonathan Cohen

That’s the end of abortion rights in Manbij, isn’t it? Unless, and I hope it is fully annexed by either Russia or Turkey, both of which allow abortions just like SDF, but unlike the repressive SAA and Al Nusra. See how nutty these alliances and rivalries are? with abortion rights forces fighting each other and anti-abortion forces also fighting each other? over what? language? who to bank with? both piddling issues beside abortion rights!


No one will hand over Manbij…

MMC releases statement on agreement with Russia 06.03.2017 11:20 Headline, News

NEWS DESK – The General Command of Manbij Military Council released a statement refuting the distorted reports on the agreement they have made with Russia.

The statement by the General Command of Manbij Military Council is as follows:

“Following our statement in relation to the border line between our forces and the Euphrates Shield, some press and broadcasting institutions do not reflect the reality and are making distorted claims.

As the Manbij Military Council, we have already pointed out that the defense duty of Manbij and its surroundings is carried out by the Manbij Military Council and international coalition forces. We do not allow any passage of force(s) into the area. Manbij was rescued from the Daesh gangs by our forces and international coalition forces, and we are carrying out the defense of Manbij as the same forces. We promise our people that we will defend them and make their lives safe.

The agreement made between Russia and us, the Manbij Military Council, only comprises of the border line of the Arima region and Euphrates Shield.”


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