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US-backed SDF Captures Rest Of Hisam Abdumalik District In Raqqah City – Reports

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have captured the rest of the Hisam Abdumalik district from ISIS  in the city of Raqqah, according to pro-Kurdish sources.

With this advance the SDF isolated the ISIS-held part of Old Raqqah from the southern direction and now the US-backed force is able to pressure ISIS units in Old Raqqah from multiple directions. This increases the SDF chances to break the ISIS defense in this strategic area.

US-backed SDF Captures Rest Of Hisam Abdumalik District In Raqqah City - Reports

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SDF doing well. No spectacular but steady progress.

Reportedly captured some 55 tp 60%, and clashes going on in another 10 to 15%. That means IS controls just some 30% of the city.

Hot spots the next two weeks will be, or might be : Afrin and Idlib on the one hand and SAA march on DeZ and SDF assault on Raqqah on the other.

The fights will either end with Raqqah and DeZ or there will be a large escalation in Idlib and or Afrin.

Justin Ryan

hahaha, the only person commenting (until I come here) on SDF! hahahaha Lets be honest! SDF not doing well at all! Its been 2 months and maybe 50% (the easy parts) have been taken! If ISIS still has 2000 left in Raqqa then I believe it will cost the SDF 2000 to take it! Another 2 months I suspect! Plenty of time for the SAA to reach DEz and those oil fields! Plenty of time for Turkey to chip away at Kurdish areas! If this is what the SDF “doing well” looks like, id hate to see what “doing bad” looks like!

Dude they have the US mother fucking airforce and likely Delta and SEALs coordinating and THEY STILL haven’t taken it!

Its a small city for fuck sakes! It’s ISIS! Not Al-nusra!

Fucking terrible!



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Γιωργος Καλλεργης

Support IRPGF. Don’t make me say it again. trust me, you don’t want it.

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