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US-backed SDF Captures Jisr Shanin, Deploys In 10km From Raqqah

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have reseized the village of Jisr Shanin from ISIS in the eastern countryside of the terrorist group’s self-proclaimed Syrian capital of Raqqah.

With the liberation of Jisr Shanin, the SDF is deployed in about 10km from Raqqah.

US-backed SDF Captures Jisr Shanin, Deploys In 10km From Raqqah

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Lord Humongous

Kill every last one of the ISIS rats.


Once they reach the Euphrates east of Raqqah, SDF should be able to force a crossing somewhere. They need to do this to cut the roads between Raqqah and DeirezZor.

Once over the river they can march west towards the other side of the Tabqa dam. At that time, Raqqah will be completely encircled.It will take time but they can use that toset up shelters for the expected refugees from Raqqah.

Alex M

The SDF will soon encircle and liberate Raqqa and Dier Ez Zoir. Following their liberation, civilian autonomous governments will be established composed of the local people (Sunni-Arab tribes + minorities) in preparation for elections. With the Euphrates and all land north of it under secular-democratic autonomy, the Syrian Democratic Council will have allot of negotiating power. The optimal solution to the Syrian Civil War would be a polyethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious, non-sectarian, secular-federal democracy for the entire country with autonomous self-governance to protect the rights of all ethno-religious groups, ensure gender equality and fight Islamism. The Russian proposed constitution is a start, but doesn’t go far enough (only mentioning limited “cultural autonomy” for the Kurds and nobody else). The Social Contract of Northern Syria should be the basis for a future constitution. The same goes for Iraq. A predominantly Yezidi-Assyrian province under the protection of the local Sinjar Alliance would be a major start. A social contract based on democratic-confederalism would be drafted, an educational system which respects minority rights, gender equality and social justice would be instituted and persecuted Assyrian Christians, Yezidis and other non-muslim minorities would finally have a homeland.

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