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US-backed SDF Advances On Grain Mill In Syria’s Raqqah City (Map)


US-backed SDF Advances On Grain Mill In Syria's Raqqah City (Map)

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On September 22, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) further advanced against ISIS in Raqqah city. SDF units, supported by multiple US-led coalition air and artillery strikes, attacked ISIS units in an area of the grain mill in the northeastern part of Raqqah where a fighting erupted between the two sides.

According to local sources, the grain mill as well as the nearby area are now contested. However, the SDF has a strong point in the gran storage facility. So, it will likely be able to forces ISIS members to withdraw from the grain mill.

Earlier this week, the SDF seized the grain storage and declared the neighborhoods of Rawdah, Ramilah and Trishrin fully captured. Since then, multiple pro-SDF and pro-opposition sources have been speculating that Raqqah city will be liberated within few days or even have been already liberated.

However, the fighting is still ongoing. Some Syrian sources believe that these fake news are intended to justify a redeployment of SDF units from Raqqah city to Deir Ezzor province where the US-led coalition is seeking to seize important oil and gas infrastructure on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.



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