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US-Backed Opposition Running Out Of Steam In Venezuela, As Single US Hawk Keeps Squawking


US-Backed Opposition Running Out Of Steam In Venezuela, As Single US Hawk Keeps Squawking

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Despite being out of the limelight for a while, the crisis in Venezuela is far from over.

On June 8th, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the reopening of several border bridges leading to Colombia.

The borders were closed after USAID, with assistance from the US-backed opposition led by US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido tried to enter unwanted aid into the country.

“In full exercise of our sovereignty, I have ordered the opening of the border crossings with Colombia in Tachira State, starting Saturday #8Jun. We are a people of peace who firmly defend our independence and self-determination,” Maduro said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Maduro is set to meet with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet when she visits Venezuela between June 19th and 21st.

Her visit, at the invitation of the Maduro administration, comes ahead of the U.N. Human Rights Council opening a three-week session starting June 24th.

“Bachelet will engage with victims of human rights violations and abuses and with their relatives. She will also interact with civil society representatives, members of the business community and trade unions, religious leaders and academics,” her office’s statement said.

Maduro is also expected to visit Moscow and meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin soon.

On the side of US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido the usual rhetoric of usurpation and calls for Maduro to give up power continue, but the opposition is practically running on fumes right now.

Regarding the US, it appears that US National Security Adviser John Bolton is the only high-ranking official still being vocal about Nicolas Maduro. Even US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who were also quite vocal about the issue have no focused to the new flavor of the month: Iran.

Regardless, John Bolton alleged that Venezuela had signed a $209 million defense contract with Russia and Maduro had mismanaged the country’s funds.

He further claimed that Guaido continued to rally people across the country, but much doubt surrounds that statement.

In response to the defense contract claims, Russia’s Ambassador to Venezuela, Vladimir Zaemsky dismissed Bolton’s claims.

“This is another fiction, which Bolton apparently needs to maintain the illusion that Venezuela is an imaginary threat, and Russia, of course, is to blame,” Zaemsky said.

Bolton, a few days earlier alleged that Maduro had mismanaged funds and caused millions of Venezuelans to leave the country, then saying that Guaido was the way to go.

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza also slammed Bolton’s statements.

“We reject @AmbJohnBoltons absurd, false, malicious & perverse statements today on Venezuela. It’s no surprise that he has failed in every step he’s taken. He completely ignores the country’s reality. A man stuck in the anachronic Cold War,” Arreaza tweeted

“Even worse, by threatening Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua, @AmbJohnBolton clings to the ancient Monroe Doctrine of over 200 years ago. He doesn’t understand that the free people of Our America own their destinies in the context of a multipolar world. He needs a History adviser!”

“Mr. @AmbJohnBolton should consult Mr.@SecPompeo, he can explain that the scorpions attacking eachother are in the Venezuelan opposition. Worse yet, the Nat’l Security Advisor seeks terrorists and paramilitaries on the wrong side of the Colombian border,” he added.

But it would appear that the pressure on the Maduro government may not be at its end, as European leaders are considering sanctions against it, the Associated Press reported.

The financial and travel restrictions are being mulled by a core group of five nations — U.K., France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands — before being proposed to the European Council. These rumors are based on anonymous diplomats and Venezuelan opposition members.

“Our priority is not to impose new sanctions. But neither is it to relax pressure on members of the Venezuelan government,” said a Spanish foreign ministry official. “The primary focus at the moment is the dialogue in Norway.”

The Venezuelan opposition is currently running out of steam and it is primarily the US-imposed blockade that keeps it going, and propagating the crisis in the country.




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  • Sinbad2

    The Americans British and Germans have stolen so much of Venezuela’s assets it will take them decades to recover.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    This stupid CIA shill Guaido arsehole should be arrested and executed for being a foreign terrorist and spreading sedition. In the Americunt police state he would be in Gitmo being waterboarded and getting a cavity search and high colonic.

  • Bob

    Bolton is a Neo-Con chicken-hawk. Bolton will never desist, nor learn, from his pathological bullying and aggression, all done from well behind the safety and power of the US military. Like all sociopaths, Bolton lacks self awareness – oblivious that his dogmatic aggression is an over compensation, and simplistic projection of ‘badness’ onto others, due to his own youthful cowardice in dodging military service and deployment to Vietnam.

    • TiredOfBsToo

      The most vocal psychos that avoided military service (cowards, after all, they love war so much) are the ones that have their gums forever flapping in the breeze to send poor people’s kids to kill another country’s poor people’s kids in order to steal their resources and pad their pockets.

    • Gary Sellars

      Bolton is a lunatic psychopath. Nuff said…

  • Cheryl Brandon

    This Week’s Action

    shall be lobbying the Constituent Labour Party on Wednesday 19th of
    June 2019 in support of Julian Assange the publisher of WikiLeaks. We
    will be distributing a copy of an open letter to CLP members urging them
    to pass a resolution in defence of Julian Assange. Join this wonderful
    midweek action!

    Location: Lobby of North Islington CLP meeting

    Day: This Wednesday June 19

    Time: 7pm for a 7.45pm meeting start

    Address: St George’s and All Saints Church, Crayford Rd, N7 0ND

    In solidarity

    JADC (Julian Assange Defence Committee)

    Grassroots solidarity for the WikiLeaks editor


  • LaRata

    Tus dos golpes de estado fracazaron Guaido…recoje y vete a tu amo…

  • verner

    and the quickly disintegrating states of A huff and they puff and get nothing much done except increase the profits turned by the arms industry while the great unwashed and under-educated public in the fly over states are left to fend for itself – no schooling, no healthcare, no rights and a prejudiced legal system (where a drooling octagenarian, bader-ginsburg is the darling of the intelligentsia in the west and no william o douglas in sight) and a police force that is small and brutal occupying army. what to like. and the nazis in washington dc can’t leave well alone, can they.

  • TiredOfBsToo

    “John Bolton alleged that Venezuela had signed a $209 million defense contract with Russia and Maduro had mismanaged the country’s funds.”

    Funds that are used to purchase weapons to protect Venezuela from psychos like Bolton are NOT mismanaged funds, but necessary!

  • AM Hants

    ‘…The borders were closed after USAID, with assistance from the US-backed opposition led by US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido tried to enter unwanted aid into the country…’

    Don’t funds for USAID, go back to So ros? Not forgetting, their support of the White Helmets.

    State Department and Congress Should Probe USAID, Soros Promotion of Radical Agenda Overseas… https://www.heritage.org/gender/report/state-department-and-congress-should-probe-usaid-soros-promotion-radical-agenda


    • Gary Sellars

      The tentacles of the ZOG reach far and wide…

  • Xoli Xoli

    Bolton and John McCain used to be rape by Vietnamese soldier and Japanese as well.

  • Zaack

    Dumb socialists always blame everyone else for the ruin their failed policies create. Suck on it socialists. This is what you create.

    Oh yes, and stop mislabeling capitalist free market economies in Europe as socialist. And no one is fooled. It was t-shirts of Che socialist nitwits wore around for years… a Communist terrorist thug, not images of tepid European leaders. We know exactly the kind of dictatorships leftist twits love. Chavez and Murdero are responsible for this… its a wonder the lefties don’t have t-shirts of them. I guess those are stashed with the copies of Mi Amigo Hugo.