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JUNE 2023

US-Backed ‘Moderates’ Reject Nationwide Ceasefire, Officially

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US-Backed 'Moderates' Reject Nationwide Ceasefire, Officially

Abu ‘Ammar Al-‘Umar

Ahrar Al-Sham has officially rejected a nationalwide ceasefire proposal pushed by the United States and Russia.

Ahrar Al-Sham is one of the largest Syrian militant groups. Despite the radical views, the group is often called the “moderate opposition” by the Western Media and is supported by the United States.

On September 12, Deputy Leader of Ahrar al-Sham ‘Abo Ammar al-Omar’ publicly rejected the ceasefire proposal in the Eid message. According to al-Omar, the problem is that the ceasefire will exclude from the agrreemennt some Syrian “opposition” groups… for example the Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat Al Nusra) terrorist group and other Al Qaeda affilates in Syria.

The proposed ceasefire is set to be started today at 16:45 local time. However, there are serious doubts that it will be de-facto implemented on the ground.

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Good news. See, Putin and the USA knew this would happen, that’s why the deal is beneficial to the syrian government and the americans didn’t like it.

Bombs away!


It is becoming ever more clear that there are no real moderate extremists, only extreme extremist and that Turkey is ally to all of them and the US is ally to a lot of them.

To be expected of islamo fascist Turkey, but shame on the US.

Jens Holm

might name the groups something else.


In any nation , a moderate becomes an extremist , the day he aims a gun , against his nation.

This American war against Syria is extremist and shameful indeed. You may know some history of the MKO, could you give us any background on them .


This News about our US Pets – Moderate Muslim Murderers – rejecting the Ceasefire – is Totally MISSING here in the US this Monday morning. Seriously the story isn’t just buried….it’s NOT being reported at all…. by our Main Stream Propaganda….opps…Media.

Divesh Kumar

“Syrian Opposition groups” ………………. Where are they??????? Main Syrian opposition group it seems to me is US only.

Frank Pico

Russia get them all ………………………………

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