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JUNE 2021

US-backed ‘Moderate Rebels’ Killed Syrian Pilot Taken Captive near Damascus (18+)

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US-backed 'Moderate Rebels' Killed Syrian Pilot Taken Captive near Damascus (18+)

“Moderate rebels” from the US-backed militant group Jaysh Al Islam have killed Maj. Noures Hassan who had been taken captive after his plane crashed near Damascus earlier today.

We remember, Jaysh Al Islam claimed on July 1 that it has downed a MiG-23 warplane, belonged to the Syrian Arab Air Force, and taken captive the ejected pilot.

Syrian state media report the crash was caused by a technical fault.

Video with Maj. Noures Hassan after the crash:

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George Washington

Who is the new guy (see: idiot) who put a pic of a dead mutilated body on top of the article?

Where is an editor when you need one…

Greg Schofield

It has been US military policy since Vietnam defeat to force the media to hide the faces of the dead — because they rightly understood that such humanisation of victims would feed anti- war sentiment. In WWII the dead were shown without censorship and this encouraged anti-fascist feeling. The faces of the dead, the horror of the death of a human being forces people to think, makes them think, makes them feel — is this right? Who does this and why?

Don’t be a tool for the US the picture is of the man in the video was executed by those supported by the west — he was not mutilated he was shot through the head, probably facing the pistol — watch the video look at the picture.

To the editors thank you for honouring his life with the truth of his death and not a pixalated mockery, or complete absence, of just one more body in the accounts of US empire.

jklahsd32 laksd13

RIP sir.


Poor guy. RIP.


Those scum! Total extermination of all these “moderate” jihadists fucks is the only solution!

Tim Hadfield

The USA can be proud …

Shameful. What the USSA is backing is a disgrace to all.

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