US-Backed 'Moderate Rebels' Behead Palestinian Kid of Being 'Pro-Assad' (VERY GRAPHIC FOOTAGE)

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US-Backed ‘Moderate Rebels’ Behead Palestinian Kid of Being ‘Pro-Assad’ (VERY GRAPHIC FOOTAGE) 3.9310344827586 out of 5 based on 29 ratings. 29 user reviews.

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The US-backed ‘moderate rebels’ from the Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki (supported directly by the CIA) captured a palestinian kid, accused him of being “pro-Assad” and beheaded him for this.

The event was in the militant-controlled refugee camp “Handarat Camp” in northern Aleppo. Today, the Syrian army has launched an offensive in the area.

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  1. O'Brian Andrews says:

    This is the kind of scum that is backed by the West and called the Free Syrian Army. They must be wiped off the face of the earth.

    1. Mohamed says:

      this is the fanatics that America and the west loves to brag about , the leaders of these retarded fanatics are Zionists at the top.. enjoy the new zion

      1. Barry says:

        Yeah, they are real Zionists. I think they own shwarma restaurants in Tel Aviv.

  2. cheetah88 says:

    if only the american citizens knew that their tax money bought that knife…

    1. Mohamed says:

      this is the fanatics that America and the west loves to brag about , the leaders of these retarded fanatics are Zionists at the top.. enjoy the new zion..

  3. O'Brian Andrews says:

    I’d very much like to lead an expeditionary force against these scumbags and give that child justice.

  4. Hisham Saber says:

    its time to start thinking of the nuclear option.

    1. David says:

      uh, no, it isn’t.

    2. Barry says:

      Hi Heshy- nice to see that you are so brave in your mother’s basement in between por n and video games. I would like to see you storm the beaches of Tel Aviv (and not just to harass the hot girls there). Rodents like you never wore a uniform and never show bravery of any kind while calling for mass murder.

  5. 0zzy Osman says:


    1. _OUTLAW_ says:

      What the fuck are you blabbering about? Learn to make a coherent sentence. Hasbara troll.

  6. 0zzy Osman says:


    1. Anas Anasovic Wins says:

      give me a proof pf your words that mohammed was a childre killer ya himar ya kalb ya 9Ird

      1. Velpes says:

        all abrahamic religions are SCUM period. be it christianity,judaism or islam they all wroship the dragon of abraham, a demonic entity…

      2. Jonathan Durocher says:

        It’s in the “adith” (no mather how its wrote) that Muhamed kill a familly a take the younger daugther as wife… And the adith even tell us that he sleep with the girl at 9 years old. I dont have the reference but I know it trua as many muslim who use these text book for raping there “wife”. Never too young just to tight. -Mohamed

    2. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

      The US supports terrorists and wants you too believe all muslims are like this, your lack of smartness is their ground for their warcrimes for the ultimate goal. Forgotten what it is. Its allways the same Oil in the middle east!

      1. jerry says:

        the US goes well out of its way to try and make us understand that all Muslims are NOT like this.

  7. Gary Sellars says:

    If the kid was a Jew, the Yanks would be invading already…. but since he’s “just” a Palestinian, the US media will ignore this abominable disgrace…

    Someone needs to identify this filthy dirtbag and kill him… slowly and painfully….

    1. jerry says:

      quite the opposite. if the child was a Jew, the world would blame the Israelis for “inciting” “understandable” “desperate” action by the Palestinians.

      they are naming streets and parks for the guy who stabbed a 2 year old to death in Israel, and the guy who recently stabbed the 13 year old to death in her bed has already been named a “martyr” — praised by both his mother and the Abbas administration — and his family being rewarded with money from Iran and Abbas. As bizarre as it may seem – his university even awarded him a posthumous honorary law degree.

  8. HISTROIKA . says:

    They look so proud of their little prize. Death by bombs is too good for them, they should be all be eaten alive by rats

  9. Anas Anasovic Wins says:

    why allaho akbar ?? you have no relation with islam son of bitch

    1. Paul Blackstock says:

      Yes he has, he is muslim. Or are you a denier too

      1. Random guy says:

        he is like O’Reilly saying that Breivik has no relation to christian extremism.

      2. Anas Anasovic Wins says:

        give me one thing on aya from quran or suna who say kill little children in war or kill other people

        1. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

          he cant he is a clueless CNN troll!

        2. siaisjack says:

          Qurayza men and boys taken captive and beheaded on Muhammad’s order

    2. jerry says:

      to say that religious extremists have “no connection” to their religion is inaccurate and unhelpful.

      The Crusades certainly bore a relationship to Christianity even tho nothing in the New Testament says to conquer other lands or slaughter and pillage as you do. These groups are motivated in part by their concept of their faith, and their actions are indeed therefore very much related to their faith. It is not a condemnation of Islam to recognize the extremist connections any more than that recognition about the Crusades is a condemnation of Christianity.

      It is more helpful to recognize the connection, and stand against that type of religious extremism

    3. Samer says:

      Because they are Assad Thugs pretending to be the rebels .

      Assad secret police are good at infiltrating .

      THey infiltrate a group , do horrible things infront of camera then disappear.

      you can tell that they are lying from the yellow smile on their faces .

      Those are Alawite scums .. They cant even say Allah Akbar right . listen to it carefully

      1. Anas Anasovic Wins says:

        maybe thats true or maybe they using drugs

        1. Boris Kazlov says:

          What is true, Assad is a cultured, tolerant of all faiths, with huge Sunni support, even his wife is sunni, his only sin is to be independent from US rahell. Casualties exist in any war, that is very different from a government policy targeting civil xociety, which massively supports its benevolent President.

      2. Boris Kazlov says:

        The same parroting the CIA narrative “Assad is murdering his own people”, rebels are democratic fighters, bullshit! What do you know about Alawis, only that Assad is Alawi and therefore are bad, becuase your supervisor tells you to write this crap, no posting bullshit, no pay for burgers.

      3. Mandi Salih says:

        Samer Don’t spread lies you lying takfeeri imbecile. These trash ur talking about are sunni and the little boy is infact an Assad supporter (as the pigs mentioned in the video mentioned) MAY ALLAH CURSE UR SOUL EVEN MORE. The reason why they can’t say Allahu Akbar properly is because they don’t know who Allah is the sunni pigs

      4. Mandi Salih says:

        Don’t spread lies you lying takfeeri imbecile. These trash ur talking about are extremist Wahhabi they kill anything and everything they have nothing to do with islam hence why they cant say Allahu Akbar properly and the little boy is infact an Assad supporter (as the pigs mentioned in the video) MAY ALLAH CURSE UR SOUL EVEN MORE. U go hand in hand with Israel u Zionists pigs

    4. Suleyman EnKtm says:

      because its a soldier of the tyran bashar al assad stfu now mother fucker

      1. Boris Kazlov says:

        Who is a soldier of which tyrant, you incoherent crazed bastard.

      2. Mandi Salih says:

        Suleyman Ur a pig and so is ur whole family

        1. Suleyman Al Umawi says:

          Die in peace retard dick eater

  10. Dod Grile says:

    This is what the CIA and Mosad are all about; bringing civilization and “democracy” to savage lands. Except the CIA’s concept of civilization is nothing more than rape, pillage, torture, mass murder, genocide and conquest.

    Obama, Kerry, Clinton and Netanyahu have this child’s blood on their hands.

    Heed the words of Old Gimlet Eye, Smedley Darlington Butler, “War Is A Racket”

    1. jerry says:

      UGhH. Actually trying to scapegoat Israel for an entirely Arab/Muslim incident. The unrest in Syria poses a huge threat to Israel, and Israel has already lost some lives because of it. It has empowered Hezbollah and Iran and ISIS — all enemies of Israel even as they fight among each other.

      1. Dod Grile says:

        Whatever is “Jerry” yammering about?

        Methinks it is about time certain war criminals face justice for their numerous crimes. which includes the crimes of their hirelings and “assets.”

        Unless “Jerry” wishes to do time with them, “Jerry” would be well advised legally to disassociate himself/herself from such an unruly bunch of miscreants and reprobates.


        1. jerry says:

          jerry is my real name Dod. I’m just pointing out some facts in opposition to the bigotry being pushed by some others.

          People have been coming up with conspiracy theories to hang upon the Jews since the New Testament was written, and it just takes different forms from time to time. One of the latest is that the Jews are behind the organizations that want to kill them the most. It seems absurd, but that’s what some bigots choose to believe.

          but you have a nice vocabulary.

          1. Richard says:


            Here ya go bud

          2. Nexusfast123 says:

            Not facts. You are just trolling.

          3. jerry says:

            Not trolling and just facts. I did not realize this was a KKK site

          4. Boris Kazlov says:

            Imbecile, this is a real progressive site, just not Zionist-progressive.

          5. jerry says:

            Ha. I am a “real” progressive. The bigotry against Israel is anti-progressive. Zionism is one of the most progressive movements on the planet

          6. Dod Grile says:

            Conspiracy against “the Jews?” You are not one of those Torah desecrating lowlifes who attempt to defile the venerable religion of Judaism by associating it with the numerous crimes of the CIA or the Zionist Goy criminals in Hell Aviv, are you? If you are, for shame!.

            You should know by now that Zionism is not Judaism.

          7. jerry says:

            Lots of bigotry Dod. KKK lately?

            Yes Dod / Zionism and Judaism are intertwined but not identical

            “Zionism” is the secular progressive movement of collective self-determination and self protection of the Jewish people in their indigenous homeland.

            It’s a “Jewish lives matter” movement long before BLM.

            Nothing more and nothing less.

          8. Boris Kazlov says:

            Indigenous homeland? Palestinians lived there for centuries and suffered a genocide at the hands of the well-armed and US supported kazarians.

          9. jerry says:

            Reactionary and factually absurd comment. To use the term “genocide” is allocation of a bigoted double standard. The reference to Kazarians is repetition of KKK propaganda.

          10. Barry says:

            You must have been very very lonely in high school. Sorry about that, but the Jews had nothing to do with it.

          11. Boris Kazlov says:

            YOu believe that building 7 crumbled at free fall speeds without being hit by a plane, only by natural causes, yet Osama is to blame, right?
            If you don’t know about building 7 it is because that unexplainable mystery is not mentioned in the mainstream media, lest some guys like you start to think, at present your head is full of shit.

      2. Leonard Mcateer says:

        Bullshit Israel is the cause of Isis and all the problems in the middle east! If Isis was it’s enemy why has it never attacked Israel??? Isis is mossad controlled!!

        1. jerry says:

          Leonard – that statement is absurd. ISIS would kill every man woman and child in Israel if they had the opportunity.

          people just love to blame the Jews for all the world’s problems, which is the very reason it’s so important that Israel exists.

          1. Nexusfast123 says:

            You’re a fool. Isreal has been treating ISIS people and ISIS has not attacked Isreal once. It’s irrelevant to the rest of the world Isreal exists.

          2. siaisjack says:

            your the idiot in the conversation that blames everything on the Jews, congrats idiot

          3. jerry says:

            False allegation. Israel has been treating for humanitarian reasons Syrian refugees and rebel groups who fight both ISIS and Asaad.

            Further, Like the US military, Israel has always given medical care even to its enemies.

            Figures a bigot would try to characterize a positive moral act into something nefarious.

          4. Boris Kazlov says:

            CIA troll forgets that Saddam was given medical care before being executed in a mock trial, what filth USrahell is.

          5. Boris Kazlov says:

            This banking creation has no place in a peaceful world, should be erased from the map.

          6. Boris Kazlov says:

            Israel the only nuclear country in the Middle East, should be destroyed for harbouring WMD.

          7. jerry says:

            Yes Boris your lust to “destroy” Jews is clearly understood. Get a hood and join your brothers in the KKK

        2. Tiffany says:

          Really now we are blaming Israel for Isis…. she oh Lord forgive them for they know not what they do.

          1. Boris Kazlov says:

            Israel is the cancer of the world and source of all evil.

          2. Leonard Mcateer says:

            yes you dumb zionist shill, there are plenty of facts supporting this but you probably know this to be true and can’t see the evil in the Apartheid jew! the information is in the pentagon in the israeli offices we were shown!

        3. Joe says:

          Islam itself is a mossad conspiracy to make the muslims look bad. The media is bullshitting people, all these suicide bombers are just jews dressed up as muslims, killing other jews so that muslims would look bad…

          1. Tom Johnson says:

            Classic your sarcasm knows no bounds.

          2. Mr. James T. Kirk says:

            This wins the extremely retarded comment of the Month!! You win one free trip to Aleppo, with all expenses paid! The only thing you have to do is take 40 bibles with you and try to convert people and setup a nice Catholic Church!! Good Luck!

          3. Joe says:

            It’s not much. I already live in Beirut, it’s a car trip to Aleppo. But thanks anyway. Keep burying your head in the sand until your country ends up the new Aleppo, like mine did and Syria did…

          4. Mr. James T. Kirk says:

            Joe, and you have evidence to support your comment? I been to Aleppo and reported on stuff first had, and it is a shit storm, you can’t trust anyone and one bad guy is the other persons good guy on any given day. So my head is far above the sand, otherwise it would have been chopped off during my stay..

          5. Joe says:

            Why am I asked for evidence when everyone else here is blaming Israel with no evidence whatsoever? I am just rolling with them, why single me out? :P

        4. jerry says:

          ISIS has attacked Israel idiot

          1. Leonard Mcateer says:

            when and were jerry or is this another idf troll-bot ?

          2. jerry says:

            You’re simply a racist

      3. _OUTLAW_ says:

        ISIS stands for Israel Secret intelligence Service

        1. wirelesscord says:

          That’s undoubtedly the best proof. You got one for ISIL, Daesh and the original Arabic name too?

        2. Justice says:

          Well, incorrect! ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. So please respect Israel.

          1. _OUTLAW_ says:

            Israel is an apartheid state that has systematically imprisoned a whole population of people by building a wall, entrapping them. With no way for them to leave, they have prevented humanitarian aid from entering. Destroyed homes to build condos for jews that lived in europe and brooklyn. they have ethnically cleansed the palestinians while killing woman and children. It clearly states in the torah that jews are forbidden to own and occupy land. They must live amongst the other tribes of the world. The world does not respect israel.

          2. Boris Kazlov says:

            Fuck genocidal apartheid Jews!

          3. Boris Kazlov says:

            Islamic State in Iraq and Levant, ignoramous.

          4. wirelesscord says:

            He said ISI_S_. Both mean the same thing,, but neither are any kind of official names in the first place, they’re just acronyms of the translated name. Daesh then again is the Arabic acronym.

          5. Barry says:

            see my comment above

          6. Leonard Mcateer says:

            israel deserves no respect,they are the scum of humanity, a cancer upon the earth and the serpent in the holyland!

        3. Barry says:

          So, the Jews are so stupid that they name their surrogates after themselves? In English?
          But they run the world. How could they be so stupid?
          Oh wait, I just realized something: you are insane.

      4. Boris Kazlov says:

        You seems to like “the only democracy in the Middle East”

      5. Mohamed says:

        this is the fanatics that America and the west loves to brag about , the leaders of these retarded fanatics are Zionists at the top.. enjoy the new zion…

        1. jerry says:

          There are many bigoted and racist organizations you can join. They would love to have you.

          1. Mohamed says:

            but i can join you Zionists cuz you are the only biggest hate and fanatical racists organization on this planet… smh Google Miko eled you morons ofzion

          2. Mohamed says:

            Google Miko Peled and you will know who i am

      6. Amir Meshkin says:

        Fuck Israel and all NUSRA who they admit thet have helped.

    2. Jim Mooney says:

      General Smedley Butler saved democracy from a Bankster’s coup, putting him alongside Jefferson, Washington, and Lincoln. But is he in the history books? Has anyone ever heard of him? No. Because the Banksters won and disappeared him from the history books.

      1. Barry says:

        I read all about the General. My family were immigrants in Philly when he was police commissioner. He offered a bounty to any cop who shot a burglar in the act. Burglaries pretty much ceased to exist as a crime in the city.

  11. Janah Adam says:

    The Free Syrian Army consists of Syrians who have seen their loved ones go through much worse. I think it’s a matter of perspective. If your mother, father, siblings and entire family had been tortured to death by Assad; you might find yourself capable of this too. Remember Sasha in “Enemy at the Gates” — he was providing information to the Germans and was executed. Children in war torn countries are not the same as children in our country.

    1. Karl Marinier says:

      Ah, they had a hard life, I guess they can act like monster then?
      My father beat me, so I can beat others?
      That way of thinking is why there’s been no peace in the middle East since the Kingdom pushed out.

      And Sasha was feeding info to the Russians.

      1. Janah Adam says:

        I think it’s deplorable when a child dies. I think that as a parent; if I had to view the bodies of my four children gasping their last from all the chemical weapons used on them — I’d be angry enough to do something about it. I think if I had to pull my husband or my mother and father out of the rubble, I’d be angry enough to do something about it. Killing children is monstrous, no doubt — but everything has an equal and opposite reaction. Law of physics.

        PS: Sasha WAS Russian. He was a child playing an adult game for treats. He thought he could pretend to be adult. He wasn’t smart enough for the German officer that killed him as punishment. He was played. The Russians — Vasilil — didn’t want him to die.

        I’m astonished that my comment has brought such negative remarks. I am not excusing the death of a child; merely examining the emotions that would drive one to do such a thing. It’s not a case of having ‘a hard life’ as you say; it’s a case of having lived with war and bloodshed as a way of life since childhood. It’s the result of the world’s negligence. We are all responsible for the death of this child and all the other innocent victims of war.

        1. Joe Dirt says:

          Assad did not use chemical weapons. The moment you brought it up, we got it clear that you are US State Department proxi.

          1. Janah Adam says:

            That’s ridiculous. One, using “we” represents your delusional state, Two: I am not even American. I am Canadian. Assad used chemical weapons definitely. This is a matter of fact; the UN has confirmed it.

          2. Pomagranate Pie says:

            The UN investigations into the Ghouta attacks were inconclusive . As to the others , there’s little evidence to implicate Government forces or rebels.

          3. Gary Sellars says:

            Au contraire. Jihadist rebels have committed numerous chlorine gas attacks in North Aleppo and Idlib. Given that the Syrian government has now destroyed its sarin stocks, the Turks and Saudis will not supply any more sarin to the Jihadists, so they have had to make do with industrial gasses like chlorine.

          4. Gary Sellars says:

            BS. Complete and utter BS.

            Only a fucking idiot of the highest degree would buy the narrative that Assad would order CW attacks within his own capital city on the very day when UN inspectors were arriving.

            The UN report is a whitewash due to heavy political intervention behind the scenes by Western governments and their apparatchiks with the UN organisation who intend to keep the propaganda narrative intact to advance their “Assad must go” agenda. It will be for naught however as your filthy foreign-backed Jihadist head-cutters will LOSE and will face RIGHTEOUS RETRIBUTION for their hideous crimes.

          5. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

            the UN has comfired the use of chemical weapons but not the use by Assad, stop with your lies. And it is confirmed that the terrorists used chemical weapons, just hasnt reached canada yet, with your zionist leadership in your TV networks.

          6. Joe Dirt says:

            UN proved shit. Read UN report, not Wiki. It points to rebels. Sheeple are beyond clueless these days…

          7. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

            BBC really? i pray for your soul from now on!

        2. hhabana says:

          My friend fought in the Yugoslav civil war. He spoke of times he could have been a savage and killed and raped, but knew this was wrong. He fought as a professional soldier. These people who committed this heinous act on this child are the

          1. hhabana says:

            Some of the Worst of mankind.

        3. Gary Sellars says:

          “I’m astonished that my comment has brought such negative remarks.”

          Really? What the fucking kind of response did you think your comments would illicit??????? Fucking idiot….

          BTW chemical weapons were used by Jihadists as a false flag attack, and it seems that the Saudis & Turks were in cahoots. This is clear to any honest observer, but quite naturally, terrorist supporters like you will still keep spreading lies to advance your misbegotten agenda.

    2. Christopher Warren says:

      So, war crimes are acceptable so long as your chosen team is doing the killing……

      Get fucked.

    3. Christopher Warren says:

      You know who else isn’t wild about Assad? The Kurdish resistance. You know what they don’t do? Behead kids that are pro-Assad.

        1. Gary Sellars says:

          Fuck off terror-supporting cunt….

        2. wirelesscord says:

          Apparently the article was supposed to have a claim about beheading little kids?

      1. William McDowell says:

        Free Syrian Army , ISIS, hard to tell the difference, they’re both terrorist organisations, but that’s just my perspective…

      2. Suleyman EnKtm says:

        kid of 19 years old and a soldier sure :)

    4. Dod Grile says:

      Ghoul, this child’s blood is on your hands.

      Enough already with your lies and prevarications. Besides being a liar, a low life slime and a coward, you are a total waste of time and space.

      Why don’t you and your CIA criminal associates get off the planet.

      Scum like you ruin it for everyone else.

      1. Janah Adam says:

        I certainly hope you say your little speech into a mirror, because it more certainly applies to you than to me. :D Cheers, have a lovely day. Sheep.

        1. whoamI says:

          Hey, Canadian sheep troll !
          Why dont shut ur comments idiot.
          Fuck ur perspective look and use ir humanity no matter.what state..
          Second, U r using all Zionist garbage outlets like Guardian, BBC, Wikipedia (anybody can edit) .
          Still, we look at Kurds never beheading a child…retard
          Third, in turkish and kurdish media it is known for FSA ISIL to use Chemical Mustard gas.
          Your STUPID wikipedia Link says , I was confirmed by UN that gas was used in the Syria Civil War,! By written to say it was confirmed to be by Pro Assad forces… Retard! Stupid Garbage..
          FOURTH !, It was later confirmed by the MIT university students in Massachusetts USA that the BALLISTIC TRAJECTORY of the Chemical Attack was flying from the so called “Moderate Rebels” !!!..

          Next time, if you dont use any brain cells, I shall behead your childish statements From My PERSPECTIVES ….. !!
          STUPID Palestinian wanna be !!

          1. jerry says:

            kind of bigoted with that reference to “Zionist”. And you’re joking that the anti-Israel Guardian and BBC are somehow “zionist” right? They are bigoted against Israel and apply every double standard to Israel that you can imagine.

          2. Who am I says:

            Ohh Shut Your fucking mouth, piece of shit brainless retard ! Of course Zionist they are, fucking troll garbage

    5. Joe Dirt says:

      It’s not a matter of prospective. It’s a matter of staying a human or becoming an animal. This boy was too young to understand politics. He was too young to die, you moron.

      1. Samer says:

        Those men are Assad Thugs pretending to be the rebels

        1. Joe Dirt says:

          Now that’s plain dumb statement.

    6. alex Novorok says:

      why the fuck are you defending people who jubilantly behead a little boy, judging by the joy that these scumbags did it with, it wasnt out of revenge for some other kids, its looks like these psychopaths were casually enjoying an evening of butchering a child. these are not noble europeans taking revenge on foreign invaders, these are Islamist psychopathic sand niggers getting joy out of beheading a child.

      the sooner assad and russia eradicates this cancer in the middle east, the better.

      and the UN never said that assad used chemical weapons, in fact the commission concluded it was the rebels who used them.

      1. Gary Sellars says:

        Why? Because this poster is an evil fucking worm…. Only a fucking pyscho could possibly defend such a vile crime, or attempt to deflect the wrath of other posters with a pathetic defense of “what-aboutism” based on alleged “crimes” of a legitimate government taht is fighting off a foreign-backed terrorist invasion.

        1. William McDowell says:

          This poster is an evil fucking Muslim woman

      2. Samer says:

        and what if those thugs are Assad soldiers pretending to be rebels?

        1. Justice says:

          Are u fuking serious go fuk urself you motherfuker

    7. Gary Sellars says:

      Fucking liar. The jihadi filth murder a kid in cold blood, and you respond by spouting pro-terror BS? What a complete cunt you are…..

    8. dogpark says:


    9. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

      if your farther mother and what ever are zionists supporters, that will happen. you wanna believe jewish hollywood movies that your fault, theese moves are based on the false information to keep up the biggest hoax ever!

      1. jerry says:

        bigoted comments like these are part of the problem

        pursue peace

      2. Samer says:

        movies huh ? how do you know those thugs are not Assad thugs pretending to be rebels ?

  12. EarthPerson says:

    My heart goes out to that poor child, as it is sickened by the act of these brutish thugs.
    I also suspect that those individuals, corporations and institutions who are greatly profiting from this ever so well engineered endless state of war, see war horrors, such as this and pat themselves on the back for a job well done. The all important profit stream will continue to be fat as the empire of chaos is unleashed.

  13. James R List says:

    real brave mother fucker there

  14. mlzv says:

    I wish somebody would cut off their hands!!!

    1. deep thinker says:


    2. Boris Kazlov says:

      I wish all the CIa trolls had pressure washing in their skulls to wash away all the.shit.

  15. mlzv says:

    I wish somebody would cut these killers hands off!!!

  16. Terra Eri says:

    Stop Islam. Islam the “religion” of psycos.

    1. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

      We christians killed way more people than the arabs in the last 100 years! The US and UK invaded Iraq and murdered 1 million + and somehow the muslims are the mother of evil somehow?

      1. wirelesscord says:

        I see. It is not ok to generalize Muslims despite wide support for jihad, but it is ok to generalize practically whole Western world because of two war-mongering governments. And your Iraq war casualty figure is a fabrication.

        1. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

          They arent in prision arent say. They made billions out of the blood! It aint just the two and they Trip of making money out of peoples blood aint stoping. Lybia Syria! So yes all guilty. When you live in countrys where people rather play Pokemon go than stoping mass murderers we are guilty.

  17. Bill says:

    And this is how the world ends. When the good guys turn evil and there is not a single good person left.

  18. William McDowell says:

    Oh, you big brave “men”…. a kid…. a fucking kid

  19. Paul Blackstock says:

    and you know the origins of this video how?

  20. southfront says:

    Find more about the so-called “moderate rebels” here:

    1. Samer says:


  21. Hassadnah Abraham says:

    its time for Russia to Nuke US and UN HQ to stop this carnage once and for all

  22. zakk says:

    these bastards are a shame to humanity generally and to islam especially , they are the “moderate terrorist ” and “our assets on the ground” which FRIENDS OF SYRIA have been promoting ,using and protecting to bring “DEMON-crazy and DEVILIzation” to syria now as they did to libya before , SAA are the heroes of humanity,definitely !

    1. Samer says:

      how do you know those are not Assad Thugs pretending to be the rebels?

  23. LABEEB says:

    All you scum bags, does anyone know who these are (Muslims, Christians, Judism, Hindu, Sikh) or what ever guys and girls wakeup we are all humans and this fact is ionhumane, any one who has voice can say Allahu Akber and that means God is the Greaest. Please don’t take this into religions and take it as a chance to say these are ok if a muslim or any person with any kind of name can do such nonsense to any living kind. OH HUMANS WAKE UP, STOP THEM TOGETHER AND PUSH THEM TO ASIDE AND PROVE THEM DIFFERENT, NOT BY ARGUING STUFFS AND SAYING NONSENSE BLAMES ON A SINGLE RELIGION. THOSE WHO SAY THEY ARE MUSLIMS PROVE YOURSELF WRONG AND STOP THEM TO BE POWERFUL…..

  24. jerry says:

    this reflects the type of societies that exist in Arab Muslim states. Far more to do with that, and far less to do with anything about US support.

    As shocking as this video is, it is not different in kind from what we see from Palestinians themselves — not only against Israelis (such as the recent knife attacks on a 2 year old and a 13 year old as she slept (which attacks were lauded as “heroic” by Palestinian leadership), but against even other Palestinians whom they suspect as “spies” as happened here with this young boy.

    These are cultures that are difficult to understand from our Western perspectives. We manufacture reasons and excuses that have more to do with our own world view than they do with anything actually occurring within these societies.

    Whether it’s Syria, or Saudi Arabia, the Palestinian territories, Iran (even tho not Arab), or Yemen etc. Suicide bombings killing scores of babies while at prayer are common; public executions and limb dismemberment; throwing gay people off buildings, training kindergarten kids to believe death while killing another child is to be a martyr.

    which by the way makes the title on this video to be very inappropriate. this child was not a “martyr” — he was a victim of some barbaric practices of the culture within which he lives.

  25. Oatmealforme says:

    Moderate Rebels? They are Muslims and they are moderate? There is no such thing as moderate Islam.

  26. dc says:

    He’s a kid. Wth is wrong with them?

  27. Samer says:

    Those are Assad groups pretending to be the rebels

  28. Samer says:

    Those are Assad Thugs pretending to be the rebels

  29. Samer says:

    The Syrian Army killing a boy :

  30. _OUTLAW_ says:

    They look like jewish mosad agents. Ironic it was a palestinian child. It is against Islam to kill a child.

    1. siaisjack says:

      how is it not Islamic to kill boys if Muhammad himself ordered such executions. Your naïve

      1. _OUTLAW_ says:

        Stop being an ignorant dumb ass. I’ve read the Quran, there isn’t any such thing written. And next time give references to back up your hateful bigoted accusations.

        1. siaisjack says:

          In AD 627, Muhammad committed an atrocity against the last remaining major tribe of Jews in Medina: the Qurayza.
          He beheaded the men and the pubescent boys and enslaved the women and children.

          Narrated Atiyyah al-Qurazi: I was among the captives of Banu [tribe] Qurayzah. They (the Companions) examined us, and those who had begun to grow hair (pubes) were killed, and those who had not were not killed. I was among those who had not grown hair. (Abu Dawud; see Ibn Ishaq, p. 466)

          This next hadith indicates that a woman was delirious. She was killed.

          Narrated Aisha . . . No woman of Banu [tribe] Qurayzah was killed except one. She was with me, talking and laughing on her back and belly (extremely), while the Apostle of Allah . . . was killing her people with the swords. Suddenly a man called her name: Where is so-and-so? . . . I asked: What is the matter with you? She said: I did a new act. [Aisha] said: The man took her and beheaded her. [Aisha] said: I will not forget that she was laughing extremely although she knew that she would be killed. (Abu Dawud)

          The following narrative says that Muhammad took one woman for himself.

          The apostle had chosen one of their women for himself, Rayhana bint Amr . . . one of the women of . . . Qurayza, and she remained with him until she died, in his power. The apostle had proposed to marry and put a veil on her, but she said: “Nay, leave me in your power, for that will be easier for me and for you.” So he left her. She had shown repugnance towards Islam when she was captured and clung to Judaism. (Ibn Ishaq, p. 466

          1. Siavash says:

            It’s an absolute lie , the Jews who betrayed went to exile according to Quran chapter 59 : 2

          2. siaisjack says:

            those were other two tribes, it happened before this if I recall correctly.

          3. Siavash says:

            and 3

          4. _OUTLAW_ says:

            It’s not Sahih hadith or even Hasan. It’s not authentic, who are you trying to fool? I asked you to show where it is written in Quran or authenticated Hadith that the prophet did what you claim or even where it orders muslims to do these disgusting acts. Don’t quit your day job, Hasbara.

      2. Boris Kazlov says:

        So now the anti-terrorist war waged by Russia and allies is being framed as a war against Islam. People fighting terrorists are muslims, idiot. Chechen muslims in Russia are begging Putin to unleash them on the terrorists.

        1. siaisjack says:

          so what, muslims have been fighting each other from after the death of Muhammad. But they have also been trying to spread there religion’s domain. one doesn’t exclude the other

    2. Barry says:

      Yeah, they run a kosher deli in Aleppo called Halal Brothers.
      Why do ignoramuses like you ignore jihadi barbarism and try to lay it on the Jews? What a sorry existence you must lead.

      1. _OUTLAW_ says:

        hey did your rabi suck on your penis after circumcising you? did he give you herpes. GTFOH!

        1. Barry says:

          No, but your mom did.

  31. John Small says:

    These are the guys John McCain armed and funded

  32. Suleyman EnKtm says:

    It’s not a kid he have 19 years old and it’s a syrian soldier of SAA

  33. Suleyman EnKtm says:

    19 years old syrian of homs

  34. yusuf says:

    this scumbag has facebook , look for yourself at his profile – متين ابواحمد

  35. Samantha Wood says:

    I can’t watch it ..but I can’t imagine cutting off a little kids head ..That’s just fucked up seriously …what is wrong with people ..they just wake up and get a cup of coffee and think we’ll that kid over there that’s playing in the dirt I think I might cut his head off today..let me finish this coffee first …Wtf is ring with people ..this is really sad though stomach turning can’t even watch it fucked up…does the video really show It ??

    1. wirelesscord says:

      Video shows it, but this copy is blurred.

  36. carma says:

    You guys the video is a fake !! look very close !! Just to get your donation Haha
    Very effective though !!

  37. Siavash says:

    The Persians will come for you

  38. Jim Mooney says:

    State Dept. DoubleSpeak: “Just because the alleged FSA terrorists the US allegedly supports allegedly cut off a child’s head which we allegedly saw with our own alleged eyes on alleged video, doesn’t allegedly mean the CIA will allegedly cut off alleged support for alleged mass murder and the alleged continuation of the alleged Syrian war, so we can allegedly put a gas pipeline through Syria that was blocked by Assad, whom we allegedly are working to depose, no matter how many millions allegedly suffer and die.

    Besides, he was a pro-government fighter. See the IV tubes in his arm. All child fighters lie in hospital beds with IV tubes, plotting their nefariousness, and terrorist murderers would Never lie. It’s not about money, gas, and oil – it’s, it’s about Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights, and Puppy Dogs!!!!”

  39. Christopher Ross says:

    I can’t believe how much you condemn these so called rebels and say how evil they are for murdering this child when in America you all slaughter innocent black children and unarmed black men every other day, how dare you condemn these people when your own Government is responsible for the genocide, displacement and mass incarceration mainly by bogus charges, setups, and for finial gain) of its black citizens, killings by pigz ,and don’t raise a finger to eleminate the problem!

    1. wirelesscord says:

      Police shoots twice as many whites (and that doesn’t even include hispanics) as blacks. Don’t let facts get in the way of your black supremacy.

  40. Theodore Roosevlt says:

    Please sign the petition to cut aid to these savages

  41. Mohamed says:

    this is the fanatics that America and the west loves to brag about , the leaders of these retarded fanatics are Zionists at the top

  42. Dod Grile says:

    Metaphorically speaking, are Jerry and his “little friend(s)” enjoying themselves down there? Its quite a disturbing spectacle, If I may say. Please understand if I choose/chose not to feed into it.

  43. Sister Ulicia says:

    This is cold hearted but I don’t give a flying fuck about this kid or any of these cockroaches. lol Everyone saying that the west is backing these douchebags, okay, and? I don’t care. Let them kill each other in record numbers for all I care. If their plan was to make Americans okay with sending soldiers and relief into the east, it’s backfired. At least in my case. I don’t want any of my kin dirtying their soul by setting foot in the land of blood and religion.

  44. gfsdyughjgd . says:

    How can a grow up men kill a defenceless small boy.Where is UN,Red cross and spy agent human rights.I will never vote for a government that will chop off my childrens heads while i am at work never.

  45. gfsdyughjgd . says:

    I believe that this boy was begging for mercy while this big TERRORIST were serounding him.Mother and father were definitely powerless.This is USA BEHEADING UNIT.

  46. Patrick says:

    I have no words for the comments on this page.

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