US-backed Militants Retreating From More Areas In Southeastern Syria – Reports


US-backed Militants Retreating From More Areas In Southeastern Syria - Reports

Members of the US-backed militant group “Jaish Maghawir al-Thawra”

US-backed militants have retreated from the Al-Halbah area located southeast of the ancient city of Palmyra and north of the Damascus-Baghdad highway in the province of Homs, according to reports circulating in pro-opposition sources.

If reports are confirmed, it will indicate that US-led militant forces is not able to resist to the Syrian military pressure in the southeastern desert. They will likely focus their resistance to government forces in the area of al-Tanf near the Iraqi border where the US Special Forces are deployed.



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  • Stephen

    Russia should have to give air cover to Syrian and Iraqi allied forces to crush all US backed terrorists in their camps. It will reduce the time to win war as well as save precious heroes lives from US backed terrorists’ atrocities.

    • More

      “…Russia should have to give air cover to Syrian and Iraqi allied forces…”

      By now it has become very clear that Russia does the minimum to safeguard the Syrian Military.

      • Concrete Mike

        I have a saying: when you do Things right, it seems like your doing nothing at all.

        This appears to be the case. I know if I was Russia or SAA, i would not show my hand right now. Patience is an art. Its not easy but wait…

        • Concrete Mike

          Unless you want ww3 to start over this idiocy, I sure dont, id rather wait for us to collapse. I dont wish Ill to m’y Southern neighbors, but the system has been hijacked by 5th column snakes that we all know who.

          Id rather keep thé Misery and bloodshed here than infect the rest if the world. Im here to fight for Good, join me !!!

        • More

          Concrete Mike
          “…Patience is an art. Its not easy but wait….”

          You use nice soothing words, LoL:)))

          From this side, been optimist and waiting for a victory in Syria since 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016

          OK, may as well wait out 2017….

      • Alex Black

        Russia does plenty, perhaps ww3 is not on their agenda, even if you remain committed to the apocalyptic theories of the world.

        • More

          Alex Black
          “…you remain committed to the apocalyptic theories of the world….”

          You are completely wrong.

          There is no chance of any Nuclear escalation.

          Any type of nuclear conflagration between Russia and the west even a single accidental detonation would cause a collapse of the world financial markets and an economic collapse around the world.

          The Neoconservatives love money very much and would be financially wiped out for at least two or three decades.

          It is in Russia’s interests to do the maximum in Syria otherwise the Syrian Military will eventually collapse allowing a Saudi Turk takeover of Syria.

          • Except that the US believes it can prevail in a nuclear exchange so they may be willing to risk a war with Russia. That is why we see Russia being surrounded with ABM batteries.

          • More

            Jaime Galarza
            “…the US believes it can prevail in a nuclear exchange…”

            If the US could prevail in a first strike they would have already done so.

            Even if a first strike was successful, it would cause a shut down of Russian oil and gas exports to the EU, both are in a Siamese twin relationship, the death of one would be for both.

            Some Facts:
            The Russia to EU trade is highly strategic, a full scale disruption would cause an economic collapse of the EU or the whole world.

            In 2016, Russia was the largest exporter of oil to the EU, supplying 31.84% of its oil imports at 1,198,914 (1.2 Billion) Barrels.


            Russia gas exports to the EU in 2016 were also colossal and are forecast to increase to in 2017.

          • Thegr8rambino

            Very good argument!!!

          • More

            Thank you, we must also keep pushing for Russia to up its game in Syria by making it a Russian Protectorate, with full Russian Military presence, Air / Sea / Land / Police, etc. and destroy all the “Terror Axis” forces once and for all in Syria.

            Otherwise Syria will fall and the Saudi Qatar oil and gas pipeline will be built through Syria into Turkey and onward to the EU.

            This pipeline if built can and will bring the Russian Federation to its economic knees because of Russia’s feebleness in giving full military support to Syria.

          • Thegr8rambino

            I agree and I think they already know this, or at least I hope so!

          • More

            Again today, Putin talking on RT about chemical false flags said, “Our Partners” separately Lavrov did the same.

            As result of Russian stupidity the west does not take Russia seriously.

            Not saying Putin / Lavrov have to talk tough like the guy in NK (Kim Jong) but at the least this feeble duo can learn to talk normally instead of fools the west ridicules day in and day out.

          • dutchnational

            EU is fully integrated economically, US, Canada and Mexico too. China, Russia and India are a bit less integrated but still far too much to be able to survive an economic meltdown.

            The old MAD policiy of nuclear arms has been replaced by an economic MAD. A WWIII is momentarily impossible, it would destroy all.

            Russia will be more vulnarable though in the mid term future if and when the energy transformation succeeds.

          • More


            First the bottomline:
            The only way to defeat Russia is to take away its dominance over the EU energy requirement by building a Saudi Qatar oil and gas pipeline through Syria into Turkey and onward to the EU.

            This pipeline can and will bring the Russian Federation to its economic knees because of Russia’s feebleness in giving full military support to Syria.

            Otherwise Russia cannot be defeated, reasons:
            The EU bought :
            31.84% or 1.2 Billion Barrel of Oil from Russia in 2016, the EU demand demand from Russia will increase in 2017.

            45% or 180 Billion CBM of Gas from Russia in 2016, the EU demand from Russia will increase in 2017.

            Irrespective of economic integration, cutting off Russian oil and gas to the EU would cause energy prices to go through the roof, worldwide energy shortage and cause a meltdown of the EU economy as well as the whole world.

    • Concrete Mike

      I agree, I like the approach SAA is taking, slow and steady, if they go too fast US Will panic with inevitable escalation afterwards. We must remember us is looking for provocation, Let’s not give it to Them on their terms. WE have the initiative not FSA puppets.

  • Thegr8rambino


    • Alex Black

      They are regrouping man, and the cowards will be back, in larger numbers, supported by US special forces and god knows what else.

      • Thegr8rambino

        Will be too late then!!!

  • More

    Questions come to mind.

    1. The reports quoted are unconfirmed.

    2. Even if the “Militants” have retreated, where have they actually gone?

    Bottomline, Terrorists are still loose to roam around all over Syria.

    • Bill Wilson

      There’s an agreement for NFSA/US forces in the southern desert. They went in well over a year ago to secure the western end from ISIS and to withdraw from areas after ISIS left so the SAA could take control. They also agreed to have a 55KM buffer around al-Tanf so the coalition can train troops for the upcoming operations in the SE. The dumbass SAA militias that hamper their withdraw or violate the buffer got wised up fast that they needed to follow Syrian government orders and .not those by Iran nor Hezbollah.

      • Rakean Jaya

        you seems getting more frustrated lately, please get some pills and bury your head in a hole of your back parts

        • Concrete Mike

          Now now Bill is allowed to share his views here. We all are.

          Thats whats Nice about this place you get opinions from every side.
          You dont have to agree with à guy, but it sure is fun to have a civilized discussion with someone

          Thank you

      • Alex Black

        Who agreed to this? Do you know syria is a sovereign country? how do you think it would go over if americans were attacked on american soil by a sovereign nation training terrorist within our borders? This foreign policy amount to sunni appeasement, and no good will come from this.

      • More

        Bill Wilson
        The “Agreement” you write about has not been mentioned previously.

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    USA cannot afford a war vs SAA…among other reason the posibility that one US pilot downed and captive by ISIS …it would put in serious trouble the Trump administration!

    • Stephen

      ISIS are US proxies works for USA. They cannot do this.

    • Alex Black

      There is 0 chance of the syrians or isis taking down a US aircraft. there is no intention to engage the SAA at the moment, but the sands shift quickly in the desert.

      • Sean Glennie

        The SAA is capable of shooting down aircraft any aircraft of the US-led coalition with their air defense systems, but that would benefit the US with more pretexts to justify further military action. The same principle applies to all countries that are trying to oust Assad, especially the US and Israel. Then again, the last time Israel attacked the SAA they lost 4 aircraft to Syrian surface-to-air missiles, this is of course disputed by Israeli politicians and media.

        • Alex Black

          The reality is that Syria would never get the chance to fire. Their systems, even the S200 would be destroyed by long range missiles, and then it would be a massacre.

      • Manuel Flores Escobar

        remember during Lybia war…one F-15 crashed in one airstrike….tecnical failure or be shot down is a posibility…its not a movie..and something can happen!

  • FlorianGeyer

    If the SAA is able to secure part of the border with Iraq that currently does not have a crossing point it is surely not beyond the capability of the Syrian and Iraqi military to construct a new road in the desert to connect the two nations. The Al Tanf crossing could be left to ‘wither on the vine’.

    • Alex Black

      its not about the road, its about the fact that there is a us supplied and trained terrorist faction, grabbing up land because isis is fighting saa elsewhere. When the time comes to remove these parasites, they will be dug in and supplied with US tows

      • Sean Glennie

        Which is why the SAA needs more armored vehicles with ERA and APS. Russian aircraft equipped with MANPAD countermeasures will be useful as well.

        • Alex Black

          The SAA needs to give the US a 1 day warning to remove everyone from al tanf, and then obliterate it with missiles.

  • Kenneth E. Bauzon

    The Syrian air force should drop leaflets in and around the al-Tanf border crossing town warning the US special forces deployed there that they don’t belong there, that they are not welcome in Syrian sovereign territory, that they are engaged in illegal act by supporting terrorists, and that remaining there is harmful to their health.

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