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US-backed Militants In Al-Tanf Claim They Repelled Syrian Army Attack


US-backed Militants In Al-Tanf Claim They Repelled Syrian Army Attack

Illustrative image, by Hammurabi’s Justice News

The US-led coalition and its Syrian proxies repelled an attack of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on their positions inside the 55km “de-escalation” area around the US base at al-Tanaf in southeastern Syria, the Syrian Hammurabi’s Justice News blog reported on September 2.

According to the pro-opposition blog, which is well-known for its close ties with the US-led coalition and Free Syrian Army (FSA) commanders in al-Tanaf, the coalition used “non-lethal” measures to foil the supposed attack. As a result, no one was injured or killed during the engagement.

“The Maghawir aI-Thowra [US-backed group in al-Tanaf] and [the US-led] coalition have the right to protect themselves in the internationally recognized deconfliction zone near al-Tanf,” Hammurabi’s Justice News said in its report.

These claims have not been confirmed by any Syrian pro-government sources so far. However, some activists said that a unit of the SAA may has entered the 55km de-escalation area by mistake while conducting a patrol around it.



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  • TS

    If this area truly is a ‘de-confliction zone’ negotiations and inspections are availed to the Syrian government or their agents…

    • You can call me Al

      Good point.

  • AJ

    Internationally recognised deconfliction zone!! – unilaterally created by Americans more like. Syria doesnt recognise it

    • Brad Isherwood

      C’mon AJ…..It’s Recognized by Putin and Assad,
      Cuz neither will put a missile into the rats 55klm patio deck.

      The Houthis put missiles into the Trash Saudi,..
      They are not scared.
      Houthis hit Saudi warships,
      Cross in Saudi Arabia and do hit and run.

      This is @t war where US,Saudi,Israhell. ..even Platform Evil Midget King of Jordan,
      All get a pass.

      • You can call me Al

        Not yet, they have bigger fish to fry. Patience Brad.

        • Icarus Tanović

          That’s right bebe!

        • Zionism = EVIL

          Al-Tanf pocket is in the middle of nowhere desert and of no strategic value. It is best to let the US cowards and their headchopper terrorists rot there for a while and waste millions of dollars. It is basically barren moonscape and the worst part of Syria, all sand and no water. Everything has to be shipped in from Jordan and it costs a lot of money.

          • al quaida

            Yanks wouldn’t be there if it was of no strategic value. They’re there to interrupt the Iranian supply lines. And it may also serve a secondary purpose of providing a safe haven for ISIS.

      • al quaida

        Not a legit comparison.
        Key difference: SA is at full war with Houthis. The US is fighting a proxy war in Syria with minimal “boots on the ground”.
        However, many hawks would love to go to full war in Syria, so they would love Syria to do something silly like put a missile into al-Tanaf, and provide an opportunity to escalate the war. And sadly, many commentators here seem to want to see an escalation also.

        • Icarus Tanović

          Nope, Americans would get theirs mouths busted. I can promise you that.

          • al quaida


          • Icarus Tanović

            Hey Al Nusra, we’re gonna fuck all Wahhabis in therez!

    • jorge

      The deconfliction zone is as real as was the SAA attack. In reality. At Tanf it’s a zone to try to attack Palmira, and Al Bukamal, and Damascus… and, why not, in the yankee logic, Moscow, Beijing, the Moon and Mars. So, we can call it a stupid confliction zone of the imbecile yankees imperialists (the logic of a imbecile it’s an imbecile logic, not properly a potatoe logic, we have to respect the degrees).

    • Zionism = EVIL

      It is costing US losers millions of dollars to sit in the desert supporting a lost cause. The headchoppers are done in Syria and US criminals can not prop them up anymore. Sooner than later the SAA and its allies will liberate al-Tanf and all of eastern Euphrates valley.

  • Rob

    This post has no value because Syrian operation has not yet started there. The Syria main focus is on Idlib now where Syrian government has given time to US and UK backed stooges there.

    • al quaida

      Your posts have no value.

  • Merijn
    • FlorianGeyer

      Its an ever changing morass of the US Coalition of Terror gangs.

      They like each other, they hate each other and all want to fuck each other.

      Its rather like a school where the kids are armed with tanks and nuclear weapons.
      US kids are armed with guns already :)

  • frankly

    Maybe some of the returning vets will be able to train US domestic police forces on the use of “non-lethal’ measures. Or are they just too fucking evil to maim instead of kill.

    The US forces and any one they deem an ally, (was reading they have a fully funded department to rename sketchy allies), have the right to protect themselves from the criminal prosecutions usually divvied out to serial war criminals .

    The Syrians have the right to let themselves be invaded. The Palestinians have the right to die, indeed the laws are being changed to turn it into an obligation, it’s currently hung up in the Knesset as the Palestinians don’t have any weapons to kill themselves.

    We have the right to be disgusted with our exceptionally bad governments.

    The US government has been granted the right to do anything it wants, after a series of classified satanic rituals codenamed, Fuck Everybody. Hillary Clinton facilitated the program.

    • jorge

      The party is over and the fault is of the Ho Chi Minh’s vietnamese, that have forced Nixon to eliminate the conversion of dollars in gold. No one as more afraid of the yankee paper tiger, that only serves to laugh. And better to keep the 44 Syrian children alive and return them to their homes, because if no there will be a lot of hangings.

    • Fred Dozer

      It was the CIA crafted 911 story and false flag, that allows a criminal government to attack, any place they choose in the world. And I questioned if there was a “Supreme Being” Part of it departed the other day “John McCain” Pitiful

      • frankly

        Would be fascinating to read the actual story of 9/11. Who dreamed it up. Why seems real plain 17 years later. Who had to be hushed. What went wrong.

        Was reading a lot of the criminality and regime change stuff really kicked in with the Yugoslavia breakup NATO mission.

        So many have firm convictions, I hate to see arguing among the various factions, bottom line it’s a big lie and yet they continue to rule the world more and more strongly as a result of 9/11.

        The details would be fascinating but ultimately irrelevant to all except the justice system, if we ever see an honest one. The Empire wants the whole enchilada and don’t get in their way or else.

        • Fred Dozer

          The “Supreme Being” statement meant. The USA Government thinks its “GOD” and a piece of it died the other day. McCain. Could you imagine if there was a 911 type attack as Henry Kissinger was praising Johnny, that leveled the entire area ?

          • frankly

            Oh the whole messianic thing. Psychopathic delusions. 911 type would imply that they committed suicide. Everyone who didn’t show up on 911 goes onto the suspects list.

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    “…have the right to protect themselves…” False. Brigands and outlaws and those in armed rebellion against the legitimate government (nor the foreign invaders who help them) have *no* rights whatsoever, least of all “…to protect themselves….”

    Whatever the Syrian government does to them is no crime.

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    these terrorist by orders of US army keep cut Damascus-Bagdad highway with the excuse to fight vs ISIS…but no ISIS cells have fought vs them….not even in the Iraqi part of the border…

  • Icarus Tanović

    What’s this Mickey Mouse shit? This ain’t no Gaza, you stupid pigs! Some Boys, boys boys I’m looking for the good time Idf Israeli whores were there to sing SAA off?

  • J Roderet

    Why should we believe a single thing that these Zionist minions say?