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JULY 2020

US-backed Militants Blame Russian Airstrikes For Failed Attack On Government Troops At Damascus-Baghdad Highway


US-backed Militants Blame Russian Airstrikes For Failed Attack On Government Troops At Damascus-Baghdad Highway

FILE IMAGE: Members of Jaish Osoud al-Sharqiya

Representatives of US-backed militant groups have blamed Russian airstrikes for the yesterday failed advance against the Syrian Army and its allies at the Damascus-Baghdad highway.

They said that six warplanes bombed the so-called opposition force advancing against “the Iranian militia” in the area.

“A sortie of Russian jets bombed us to repel our advance after we broke the first lines of defence of the Iranian militia and took over advanced positions near the Zaza checkpoint,” Reuters quoted, Saad al Haj, a spokesman for Jaish Osoud al-Sharqiya, a US-backed militant group operating in the area.

The airstrikes reportedly hit militants when they started storming positions of government forces in the area. However, Haj denied casualties among its group memers.

It’s interesting to note that the mainstream media and US proxies continue denying that the Syrian Arab Army is deployed at the Damascus-Baghdad highway. Because if they admit this, they will be pushed to say that the US-led forces’ only goal is to prevent the Damascus government from restoring control over the border.



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  • Sergey kesic

    A testament of how inefficient Americans are when it comes to modern war of 21st century. First failed war in Afghanistan,then failed offensives in Ukraine and now in Syria, they struggle with every one and each task. Neither high military spending, nor blaming Russia is going to save you if you have no military planning.

    • jirka maly

      no, the reason of the US war crimes is to destroy infrastructures and send all the nations into middle ages to keep the US the #1 war criminal in the world

      • Sergey kesic

        I never disagreed. I was talking about how poor their tactics and efficiency is when achieving those tasks.

        • jirka maly

          they dont care if it is efficient or not, they just want to murder, destroy and take profits from that to keep their sovereignty in blood over the whole world … US nation is nothing but mentally ill nation requiring power over every human being in the world

          • Sergey kesic

            If it’s inefficient it’s wasting them billions of $ and is giving them a disadvantage. They should care if they want to continue destroying other countries to actually profit.

          • jirka maly

            no, it is very efficient for the US military-banking complex ;)
            basically efficient for profits mostly for Rockefellers and Rothschilds

          • gustavo

            Exactly, they do not care spend any money since they know that the profit will be much much higher.

          • Behold a Pale Horse

            They just print more.

          • gustavo

            Totally corret !!

      • Mikronos

        In US minds this is called ‘nation building’. It’s supposed to be a great improvement on ‘the way they have lived for thousands of years’.

    • Joe Doe

      You forgot to add Libya, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, IRAQ and etc. This is not about peace, americans plan is to conquer other nations and implement slavery, so the other nation pays tax to the americans in order for americans continue there wars. The 2% of GDP demanded from Trump form NATO nation is nothing more than tax

      • Sergey kesic

        I was talking about 21st century and yes i’m from Yugoslavia so i would know. ( and i did forgot iraq and lybia so thank you for correcting me on that.)

    • Mikronos

      If it’s efficient to keep them going by spending money rather than killing Americans, the US has gotten very good at this kind of war.

  • Joe Doe

    US-BACKED MILITANTS are nothing more than terrorists. They are not for peace nor the work with SYrian Government to accomplish peace. What they do is destroying and killing SYria and SYrians

  • Peter Moy

    These anti-Syrian people/Syrian Arab Army/Syrian government enemy rat crybabies should complain to Uncle Stupid (Sam) about their missing air support. Then hire some New York lawyers for a class action lawsuit. Take your US-taxpayer paid toys and go home! Kudos to the Russian Air Force.

  • dutchnational

    When an offensive failes, it is always the fault of somebody else.

    Russians did it. What did they expect? No response from Russia?

    Imo it was sloppy planning. You always have to factor in reactions of your opposition.

    These FSA units, whether supported or not by US or Turkey, are known for sloppy planning, bad discipline. One wonders why the US would support them, so ineffective as they are.

    • John Mason

      US do the planning that is why it fails.

      • John Whitehot

        you can plan all you want, but if your units are made up of scum only able to shoot unarmed surrendering servicemen you ain’t going anywhere.

    • goingbrokes

      Just inexperienced, I mean look at the picture.

    • John Whitehot

      the initial plan was to involve US and NATO in airstrikes against Syria and then just mop up the survivors and take control of the country.

      Those who call themselves FSA in particular are the lowliest form of combat formations in the theater. Bandits and cutthroats who are there for the money and run like cockroaches as soon as things start looking bad.

    • Bill Wilson

      What offensive? This bullshit never happened since no reputable news agency has yet to mentioned it.

  • Kim Jong

    Pound them to hell!

  • Bob

    So in other words, the Russian’s are actively performing their stated task – attacking armed militant factions who are in violent opposition to the legitimate Syrian state institutions. Excellent work RuAF.

  • Stephen

    Well done Russia. God bless you. Don’t stop keep it up. These are US and Israeli proxies. Don’t give them chance of upper hand on Syria.

  • Kell
  • Mikronos

    Iran is doing it all. And Putin is helping them. America is only there to help.

  • John Brown

    American Goyim are not so eager to die for a greater racist supremacist Israel any more and racist supremacist Jews never want to fight their own battles, when they can get American, stupid, animal, beasts, Goyim, to die in their wars as racist supremacist Jew Henry Kissenger said.

  • Bru

    On another site I looked at the video, filmed by these so called FSA, of Russian planes targeting them. They were shouting “Allah Wakbar”.
    Can you see a difference with Al Qaida, the Taliban, ISIS…?
    All the same kind of terrorist groups, and each time created, nurtured, trained and armed by our Western regimes. The same nightmare happening all the time over and again…

  • Loz

    Reuters article linked to actually said:

    “The army and allied militias captured Zaza checkpoint and Sabaa Biyar this month to stop Western backed Free Syria Army groups taking strategic ground vacated by Islamic State.”

    “The army” obviously refers to the Syrian army.

    Have other news media construed that the Zaza checkpoint is soley an Iranian militia effort? I would be interested to know, actually.