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JUNE 2021

US-backed Militants Are Planning To Attack Syrian Army In Daraa – Report

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US-backed Militants Are Planning To Attack Syrian Army In Daraa - Report

A militant operates a TOW anti-tank rocket launcher in Syria. (File photo)

Jaysh al-Islam along with several US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups are preparing to launch a new military operation against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies in the southern governorate of Daraa, the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi reported on March 11.

The media outlet revealed that the attack’s goal will be to besiege the SAA and its allies in the city of Daraa and to cut off the Daraa-Damascus highway. The government-held towns of Mahajjah and Izra in northern Daraa will be a target of the US-backed FSA during the first phase of the attack, according to Enab Baladi.

Other Syrian opposition sources said that the FSA attack will be a response to the ongoing SAA operation in the East Ghouta region and hoped that it will help militants there.

Local sources reported that the FSA is already massing their forces around the Daraa-Damascus highway. Civilians have also begun to flee the area ahead of the upcoming attack.

Southern Syria, including Daraa governorate, is a part of a de-escalation agreement between Russia and the US. The agreement will likely collapse once the US-backed FSA launch its attack against the SAA there.

The US-backed FSA in Daraa governorate has received loads of weapons and ammo from the US, Jordan and Israel recently, according to Syrian pro-government sources. Due to this, it is possible that the attack will achieve some success just like the last attack of the FSA in Daraa which took place in February-June 2017.

Back then, the FSA received huge support from the US, which had supplied it with dozens of TOW ATGMs and Switchblade suicide drones. Jordan even went further and flew its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) over the provincial capital to support the FSA.

The US-backed FSA will likely receive a similar level of support, if not higher in any upcoming attack especially from Jordan and Israel.

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They will also meet the fate of their ISIS brethren, that’s elimination from mother earth.

Man Dagang

Before that at few thousands SAA been killed shld be good


Good for who?

Andrzej Bendyk

Why Arabs are so stupid to kill themselves in Israel and USA interests ? Are you sure Allah supports stupid people ?


Because these guys hate Assad and the enemy of my enemy is my friend keeps finding use?

Andrzej Bendyk

And that iss why they destroy their own country, families and change their bodies to rags in sucide attacks ? So they are fools. You know, I do not like many people in my country, some I hate and I do nor want even to hurt them. That is cilvlisation and that is why Arab counties are continuolsy a terrible mess. You will never like all people and political groups are numerous so you will never live in peace. Arabs should change Salam Aleikum to War Aleikum ( I do not know word war in Arabic ).

Maxime St-Jacques Canada

ISIS had been rejected from the Iraki real government forces ignorants of the machination the Iraki army officials spread war from Mosul and so forth. ISIS isn’t muslim to me. SAA should retreat and ally with the Euphrates valley to reinforcment. It begins to be scarcy. Will they get through the US backed (!!!) weaponry ? All against ISIS sooner is better hot hot hot


Yeah, well, that is civil war in a nutshell. People destroying their own country over stupid reasons. Usually cheered on and supported by outside powers for their own strategic reasons.

Maxime St-Jacques Canada

Ok now you say ISIS destroyed the country. Try to gain acknowledgment of the yellow controlled area that couldn’t be saved at any other price. So if you want the civil war coming back, I would not help anymore but it would destroy any virgin reasons of the Allah !


I didn’t say ISIS destroyed the country. I said that in a civil war the people inside that country destroy it themselves. ISIS is just one of the groups that destroy Syria. In fact the Syrian government is also one of the groups that destroys Syria. And one of the biggest destroyers as they have the most destructive equipment, as artillery and aircraft.

Why are you so obsessed with ISIS over everything else that’s going on in Syria?


There’s a notable difference in place where chaos and wars happen and where it don’t.

There’s a lot of weapons and valuables in the region. If in example the extremist/mafia/gangs in USA gets a tons of weapons such as ARs,MGs, Artillery pieces, ATGMs, and portable SAMs what do you think would happened ? Further states actor are keeping them fed and supplied as well as providing them with support like airstrikes… See what i meaning ?
If Syria have a nuclear warheads they’ll thinks twice before they invaded it.


” If in example the extremist/mafia/gangs in USA gets a tons of weapons such as ARs,MGs, Artillery pieces, ATGMs, and portable SAMs ”

The US cop ‘gangs’ already have all of those weapons :)

Maxime St-Jacques Canada

Hi, ok, the Assad Regime isn’t the ISIS ennemy ? That is reconciliation. But if the Assad Regime is the syrians ennemy, is this long war ?


Lets see if I get this right. The one thing all Jihadis have in common is their hatred of Assad. They may dislike each other over the correct interpretation of Islam, but that will always pale into insignificance as long as they still have that common enemy. To us ISIS has become this special evil entity that we can all love to hate, but in practice ISIS is not that much different then Al Nusra, or Ahrar al Sham, or Jaysh al Islam, or whatever other alphabet soup group there still is. ISIS was just more successful then the others, more ruthless then the others and a little more extreme in its doctrine. But in essence ISIS was still a resistance group opposed to Assad, so when they had too ISIS was just yet another enemy of their common enemy, Assad. The demise of ISIS does not mean more reconciliation between the other Jihadis and Assad, it just means that Al Nusra now became the biggest nutjob group instead.

You can call me Al

No in the majority o cases, these vermin are not even Syrian and probably don’t even know who Assad is and what they are fighting for EXCEPT money.

Maxime St-Jacques Canada

NO : Lets see if I get this right. The one thing all Jihadis have in common is their hatred of Assad. They have their greed, their stupid motives and their necesity to drink blood as vampires before to fly like bats. They may say they hate assad, it is the commun ground they destroyed. The ennemy, ISIS, do not have a commun ennemy, they are the commun ennemy..?


I wanna make sense of your post, I really do, but I find it very hard to comprehend what you are trying to say.

First why are you so obsessed with ISIS? ISIS is not something special, the enemy above all that everyone should hate. They are a brutish oppressive totalitarian group that seeks to install a living nightmare on Earth in Syria, but they are not some magical third faction that is the enemy of everyone. In Syria there are now basically only two parties, those that oppose Assad, those that support him. Neither party is united, sometimes allies fall out and fight among each other. And then they kiss and make up again when forced to by outside pressures. ISIS is just yet another Jihadi group that is part of the ‘we fight against Assad’ alliance. Just more extreme then the others, and more successful. We shouldn’t focus blindly on ISIS because doing so blinds us to how extreme and crazy all the other Jihadist factions are. They should ALL be destroyed as enemies of mankind.

There used to be a third faction, the ‘we don’t want to take a side unless we have too’ faction, that was mostly made up by the Kurds. But they sold their soul to the US and have now moved into the ‘we fight against Assad’ camp on behalf of the Americans. And I wouldn’t call the Syrian Kurds good people, just because they are good at PR that appeals to progressives in the West. The Turks play their own game, they hate Assad, supported his enemies, still do to a point, but they hate the Syrian Kurds even more because they are an ideological outgrowth of the PKK, and having a Kurdish state along the Turkish border that is de facto ruled by the PKK is an existential danger to the Turkish state.


Ignore Barba Papa post below – He speaks outta his Ass. ISIS (jabhat al nusra) is a 100% fake “Islamic” army it is a US army outfit created by the US – complete with slick media, twitter FB accounts and shiny new Toyotas -all supplied by Saudi – Gulf money. It is used as an excuse for the US to get back into Iraq. It was also used to get rid of Gadaffi initially. The same fighters move between countries and change the group’s name. Some idiots in the West want people to believe that nasty ISIS is as a result of US policy in the middle east – thats pure baloney, ISIS IS US policy in the middle east. Currently, its largest deployment is inside Syria – to give the US a legitimat reason for being inside Syria – Everytime US assets like ISIS get wiped out, they blame Assad for a Gas attack. Most times, the US airlifts them out and drops them off in another fight zone.ISIS was made to be brutal because the US wants the world to allow it to go after ISIS anywhere in contravention of International law – The US uses a slick excuse R2P – Responsibility to Protect – The US is in Syria as an invader, illegally. It needs to leavenand take its buddies like ISIS and the rest of the Israeli trained, Saudi funded mercenaries with them.


Its about money pal, nothing else. They are mercs after all.


Using that logic the same could be said to Taiwanese, Koreans, and Ukrainians.

Technically as well as the EUROPEAN. They’d place someone else Nuclear missiles in their territory knowing full well (or they don’t ? Can’t exactly figured it out) what’s the implications of them.


Since we’ve traced your ip address we are now debating whether we should identify your sad aas and see what happens?


mmmmm, the FSB would love to know……………. ha, he’d be marked for special treatment

John Whitehot

i’m sure they got better things to do than go after every single dickhead that pops out from some hole.


Yeah, I agree, but it might get him on that loooooooonnngggggg list that they keep.


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Post it


Do please share Redadmiral :)

Man Dagang

No need ip im just in frontline battleground welcoming you here to get your chicken ass throbbed by rpg


John McCain is that you??

You can call me Al

hahaha – nice one.


Thanks Al! How’s life?

You can call me Al

Not bad, getting older by the day though, how you going ?


What’s the difference between a rock and a Jihadi terrorist?

A rock has a bigger brain!


comment image
“A new episode in Russian Airstrikes, Morty! Got to check it out!”

George King

Another shooting fish in the barrel exercise for RUF and Syrian pilots, “FSA is already massing their forces around the Daraa-Damascus highway”.


Would hope a pre-emptive strike is undertaken. Of course, US will trot out all the garbage about Russian AF and SAA breaking agreement…..

John Whitehot

not unrealistic, not at all. it would also be another sign of how much love the yanks have for Syria, because its impact on the war would be nonexistant, while it would cause some other thousands of killed and misplaced, many of them civilians.

Maxime St-Jacques Canada

no, US will simply manage in order to secure highways from Damascus if they are intelligent…


Yeah, or for the ISIS air force is they can trick the SAA there without proper air defense.

Brad Isherwood

Lots of street protest in Hell Aviv for Netanyahu to resign.
He could use the war card to rescue from the political snares he faces.
SAA forces in Daraa/Golan have problem of minimal air support and air defence
As Putin has rolled over to Israel/US pressure for Russia to not bomb the FSA in Al Tanf to Golan.
I’d like to see Putin change that by Russian TAC air nailing the 40 IQ Takfiri from Jordan at Al Tanf to the Golan.
Bring up mobike BUK M2E to bring IAF Vultures down.


Patience, the Arabs have always suffered from being too aggressive. Slow and steady. Even giving up Daraa to create a vacuum that the terrorists will fight over among themselves could be a smart plan in the long run.

You can call me Al

“For the first time since 9 July, the warplanes carried out raids on the province of Daraa in the town of Al-Harah in the eastern countryside of Daraa” ……2 hours ago.

Scroll down a bit on https://syria.liveuamap.com/en/2018/12-march-for-the-first-time-since-9-july-the-warplanes-carried


There should never have been any cease-fire with the FSA.
Killing time, yeaaah!


The jews that run the ‘worst’ British newspapers are all slavering over the news that May is about to declare all out war against Russia interests on Monday, but the usual Kremlim outlets act as if nothing bad is happening.

Iranian embassies across the world are being targeted, in co-ordinated action, for various forms of abuse- always an indication when the West is about to begin a war against that nation.

Trump is set to trigger the fires across the middle east when he moves the US embassy to Jerusalem later this year. Events in Syria are spiralling out of control, as Putin’s appalling decision to remove Russian ground forces a few months back set in motion a whole new round of Deep State terror planning and terror actions there.

Pro-Kremlin sites are now agreeing that Putin is going to settle for just a portion of Syria being placed under Assad’s control. The ‘good’ news for our side is totally missing. East Ghouta is a sop- something Putin could have done at any time- and East Ghouta is a smokescreen success to ensure people aren’t asking the difficult questions about the fate of other parts of Syria.

The depth of depravity contained within Britain’s nerve agent false-flag is simply astonishing- yet it is taken as read by most people that the official narrative (Putin is personally responsible) is true. The dumb propaganda on sites like Southfront have ensured we have lost the propaganda war.

All this is what happens when you do NOT punch the bully hard on the nose.

John Whitehot

“The jews that run the ‘worst’ British newspapers”

you mean those that pay your ass.


If the US really wants war then they will get it….regardless of what Russia does. Putin is only trying to minimise potential casualties if the US strikes. No doubt tensions will increase….but is the US really prepared to lose everything?


Yes, read AGENDA 21…………. Its all there in black and white. What will the USA lose ? A few billion “useless eaters”, the elites will sitting in there DUMBS and could give a shit, the more that die desto the better. James, this is a CUL, no more ,no less.

You can call me Al
AresXtremE Nemesis

Bomb the shit out of them SAA! Be merciless !


Bomb the shit out of AresXtremE Nemesis ! Be merciless !

You can call me Al

LOL – I must admit that has happened to me a few times as well; it can lead to some embarrassing apologies.


Which those of us, including you of course Al , are always happy to do, because we desire ti know the facts on the ground and not the ‘Facts as uttered by a State Dept talking Head ‘. :)

LR captain

funny they keep putting out these reports and the militants still expect this to be surprise attack. Then the SAA made some surprise gains over the course of the war they happened in a few hours at a time, High planning from the commanders to the officers. the common troops did not know of the attack until they were briefed, plus troop deployments were quick and comms and media were turned off attacks like these show the SAA’s ability to still fight a conventional war. were mass formations take whole battle lines.

The SAA could actually prevent this militant attack by do such an op on the east side of Daraa high way linking the two SAA fronts together. preventing Daraa from being cut off. making the whole militant op pointless.

You can call me Al

Your wish is my command – “For the first time since 9 July, the warplanes carried out raids on the province of Daraa in the town of Al-Harah in the eastern countryside of Daraa”


Scroll down…..


Foreign sponsored diversionary attack – intended to try and take SAA pressure off East Ghouta.

Langaniso Mhlobo

As everybody knows the terrorist intention Russia and allies are ready.No more back door coalition or Israel communication with Russia.


Keep writing this shit, perhaps the Yids will let you stay in their chosen racist shithole. Just ask yourself, when they are finished using you, where are they going to deport you, or will it be a chopper ride and a drop from 2000 metres ?

Langaniso Mhlobo

Truth always hurts terrorist and their puppets.Unfortunately Syrian army has uncover terrorist workshop in Moderate terrorist area.


Now that they know it’s coming extreme force must be used to stop it & discourage any attacks going forward.

Cheryl Brandon

SAA, please exterminate/exterminate/exterminate. FSA/HTS are all Killers for hire,

andy l

Surprise attack – yeah lets shout it all over the media!

Joe Doe

After East Ghouta, SAA should clear Dumayr packet and East Qalamun packet, then North Homa packet. Then questions is what next Daraa or Idlib free besieged Foua


“Jaysh al-Islam along with several US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups are preparing to launch a new military operation against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies in the southern governorate of Daraa, the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi reported on March 11.”
A timely reminder to the Syrian forces that you are there and waiting for them!

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