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US-Backed Kurdish Forces Seized Karamah Town East Of Raqqah

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US-Backed Kurdish Forces Seized Karamah Town East Of Raqqah

A screenshot from the video

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), predominantly consisting of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), have taken control of the town of Karamah located east of the ISIS-held city of Raqqah.

The SDF units attacked ISIS terrorists in Karamah on March 19 and fully secured the area on March 20. At least 2 ISIS members were killed in a firefight.

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El Diablo

We know the manpower of Kurds and ISIS in the area of Raqqa? Kurds sometimes do great advances, but now they are very slow…

El Diablo

Also if they can’t take Raqqa without SAA i think they can take all the villages outside


It is getting closer Raqqa and more resistance from ISIS, many new fighters may be with less experience , Turkish threats on the borders with Kurd in Iraq and Syria, all those factors made them more caution and react faster in case of back-clashing or stabbing!!

Bill Wilson

ISIS didn’t put up much of a fight to hold those areas that the SDF recently seized. Seems to me Deash is very short on manpower so has to shuffle fighters over from nearby towns and villages to confront the advancing SDF force, who then sends units to attack Daesh’s flanks where they’re woefully short on defenders. The SDF probably did that earlier by taking the towns near the silos then withdrawing after Daesh sent in units from nearby. Then the SDF attacked and took several towns to the east and a few days later the silos. Daesh sends more units over to retake the silos so the SDF withdraws from there and launches at attack on Daesh’s rear flank at Karamah to gain full control of the highway junction and trap the Daesh units to the south along the river highway. I guess those fellahs will have to swim to safety when the SDF starts rolling down that road from both directions.


Thank you for your information appreciated.

Bill Wilson

Slow? The Kurds are speed demons when compared to the SAA.

Jens Holm

You could join. Actually most advance from Eastern Raqqa are Arabs and americans. Arabs are in SDF and an associated new group.

But I think You should compare expectations as well. Kurds themselves are about 2 million all inclusive and started with hunting riffels and forks. They now control a large even low populated are. Im kind of impressed the little sister can do that.

I any derserve and own contry or more influence then before the uprise, they were not uprisers, its them – well if they could agree in more matters.

Turks has systematicly delayed all advances by threat to them and from the be´ginning by support of ISIS. The last one, which is not over are threats to take Manbij and far out attacs in Afrin as well as support to ones in Azas, which blow themselves up as well as foreigners.

The “Rojava possetionists” are advancing. What are You comparing with: Patton and Rommel taking Palmyra again and again – Or Turks taking Al Bab.

I think You have to compare with realistic possibilities. Here “Rojavas” are doing fine even some is slow. As HAWRE HAMAD write below most of those arabs are nor veterans and therefore mixted up with americans, some heavy weapons(which YPG&YPJ are not allowed to have) and now heavy artillery.

Bill Wilson

This website is short on information.

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