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US-backed Forces Withdraw From Several Positions Around Hajin Town


US-backed Forces Withdraw From Several Positions Around Hajin Town

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On December 29, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) withdrew from several positions around the last stronghold of ISIS on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, Hajin town, following a counter attack of ISIS, according to local sources.

The SDF had captured several positions inside and around Hajin town in a rapid attack on December 28. However, it appears that ISIS withdrew from these positions was an ambush.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq reported that a VBIED of ISIS targeted a position of the SDF around Hajin on December 28. Two SDF fighters were killed in the VBIED attack. ISIS fighters were also able to capture a bulldozer from the US-backed forces.

Amaq also reported that ISIS fighters destroyed a bulldozer and a Humvee of the SDF with ATGMs around Hajin on December 29. Moreover, ISIS fighters targeted a group of SDF fighters in the outskirt of Hajin with an ATGM, killing or injuring all of them.

The SDF will likely launch another attack on ISIS around Hajin in the upcoming hours. However, the SDF mission might be harder than what the US-backed force had expected.



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  • Serious

    Who can believe that ?
    Where is Amaq broadcasting from ?????

    ISIS is pratically dead but you got some ISIS journalists in ground who provide people about what is happening ??? XD.

    Of course, Amaq is directed by CIA and make it like SDF is fighting ISIS.

    • Barba_Papa

      It’s just ones and zeros basically. You can host those anywhere in the world. Amaq could be run by some pimple faced kid in your neighbor’s home for all you know.

      • Serious

        Of course not. The internet provider will block.

  • as

    Yes keep those ATGMs supply going. Just what could possibly go wrong ?

  • Xanatos

    How many weapons did Isis capture in this little charade? How many ATG , how many MANPADS?

  • Serious

    If you didn’t see the movie “Wag the dog”, you better see it because it describes very well what is happening since a decade.

    And the irony (because there is always an irony in that kind of situation) is that in that movie, the director of false terrorism is interpreted by Dustin Hoffman (a jew). XD. And the double irony is that Dustin Hoffman said “Humanity seized to exist when Israel was established”.

  • VGA

    The SAA should start rumours that they will liberate Hajin, then watch as the US throw some dollars there and the kurds fight like wild dogs to capture it fast.