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US-backed Forces Took Full Control Over 3 Neighborhoods Of Raqqah (Map)

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US-backed forces have gained a full control over the neighborhoods of Rawdah, Ramilah and Trishrin as well as seized the Grain Storage area in the eastern part of Raqqah city, according to a media wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Rawdah, Ramilah and Trishrin had been contested areas for a long time. However, on September 20, the SDF resiezed the grain storage from ISIS and the terrorist group’s defense collapsed in these neighborhoods.

US-backed Forces Took Full Control Over 3 Neighborhoods Of Raqqah (Map)

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Langaniso Mhlobo

USA back terrorist are transfer to Philippines and Afganistan and Hamas and Idlib.

Solomon Krupacek

which country is Hamas?

Florian N

Hamas has controll in Gaza so i think there ^^

George King

Actually Hamas is not US nor Israeli backed and Mhlobo is very confused as his preceding comments are tell tale.

Florian N

Did he say that? Ohh sry, I just read the question where Hamas is ^^, thank you :D

Florian N

Wrong comment. by me.


SDF is doing well in Raqqah. IS is at or near its collapsing point. Soon SDF will be able to redeploy much of its 50 k force from Raqqah to DeZ Cs.

SAA pinned down because of crossing the river. Dividing its forces and unable to withdraw. Now SAA crack forces unable to redeploy in case of an Idlib assault, which is why they had to beg Turkey to take a large part of Idlib, which they will never regain.

Stupid of Assad, giving away part of his country to an implacable enemy, in order to forestall the SDF taking part of DeZ cs. He prefers to lose part of his country forever to a partial powersharing with a political opponent active in only part of the country.

In the end, Assad will be remembered as having preferred to destroy the integrity of Syria over a reasonable powersharing with a democratic opponent. I think this is illegal, even in the Syrian constitution.

Assadophyles will decry me, but Assad has given away his country to Russia, Iran and now Turkey.

George King

Your “Idlib assault” occurred and was put down in 24 hours with losses of over 800 US backed AO/ISIS and affiliates dead, large heavy weapons and newly supplied personal small arms losses. ‘US Secret Services’ Tried to Nab 29 Russian Troops in Syria … and Got Their Butts Kicked…. http://russia-insider.com/en/military/us-secret-services-tried-nab-29-russian-troops-syria-and-got-their-butts-kicked-russian

As far as “SAA pinned down” US/SDF/ISIS has been put on notice by the above action and abilities to respond with in minutes with more than adequate force/s,”RUSSIA TO STRIKE IMMEDIATELY US-BACKED FORCES IF THEY TRY TO ATTACK GOVERNMENT FORCES NEAR DEIR EZZOR – RUSSIAN MOD” https://southfront.org/russia-to-strike-immediately-us-backed-forces-if-they-try-to-attack-government-forces-near-deir-ezzor-russian-mod/


“losses of over 800 US backed AO/ISIS and affiliates” Yeah … that’s a gross overestimation for 1 day of fighting.

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