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US-backed Forces Seized Major Part Of Oil And Gas Infrastructure On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates (Map)


US-backed Forces Seized Major Part Of Oil And Gas Infrastructure On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates (Map)

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On October 26, US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continued their successful operation on the eastern bank of the Euphrates and entered the oil fields of al-Tanak and Galban, according to pro-Kurdish sources.

Earlier, the US-backed force established control over the oil fields of Azraq and Jarnof, Saban, Northern Omar, Maleh and Mqaat.

Thus, the SDF de-facto won the race for the oil and gas infrastructure located in the area with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Pro-opposition sources reported that ISIS just handed over the al-Tanak oil field to the SDF within the framework of the previously reached agreement. No more details were provided.

Most likely these reports are linked to the alleged SDF-ISIS deal reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) on October 22. According to this report, ISIS was set to surrender the entire area including Hajin village to the US-backed force.

Pro-SDF sources explain the situation with the top-class US air support and combat characteristics of SDF troops.



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  • Josh

    Trying to ‘melt away’ into the crowd, and keep all of the occupied territory at the same time? That would be a neat trick, no? Not only are they a mercenary army, but apparently they are magicians as well.

  • Vidura

    Great job SDF! We need those fields more than they do!

    • Lupus

      SDF will soon find out they ve chosen the wrong ally because backstabber US wont help as soon the Turks and their proxy-puppets will attack Efrin and Manbic

    • jason sixx

      RichardDumboDoofus take notes down; THIS is a proper zionist fanboy.

      PS Rot in hell, zio pig

    • Bob

      Is that how you self rationalize all instances of theft?

  • RichardD

    While the Jew world order opposition forces are playing name games. Their positions are being overrun by the government everyday. And the amount of land that they control is decreasing.

    • jason sixx

      You are delusional, defeatist or stupid. Or all three/

      • RichardD

        Your regime change buddies are getting overrun and are losing ground to the government everyday, those are the facts.

        • jason sixx

          Lol check my post history worm im anything but pro regime change. You are too simple to understand what i keep telling you – that like north cyprus and other examples, the land taken by the us and turkey is forgotten forever and thats the important land where the oil and the borders are. Oh wow we took 50k sq km of desert with horrible flanks and overstretched lines in a year and now we are surrounded by hostile turkish and kurdish forces and the supply line to baghdad will soon be gone and the best sweet crude, gas fields and dams and water stations are in the hands of the enemy. Why dont you get this? Its ok to say ‘i was wrong and i learnt something today’

        • jason sixx

          AND … if turkey or us get to daraa, north latakia and the dumayr pocket somehow those are gone too. They will take back the land where isis and fsa/ hts ALONe are there but where TAF and SDF are that land is gone forever

        • jason sixx

          Idlib is gone too btw or do you think putin is going to let assad take it back?

  • VGA

    These lands will be given to the syrian government after syrian Kurdistan is created as an autonomous region, as in Iraq. And the kurds will leave from arab lands.

    • Freespirit

      Yeh sure and I take it you enjoy Disneyland as well?

      • TiredOfBsToo

        The terrorists of Kurdistan will still be landlocked and unable to profit from their terrorist friends oil fields. I’m sure it will all work out, Putin is no fool, he plays chess while Zionists, and the US coalition play checkers.

        • Freespirit

          Talk to me in another 6 months or so, with your updated enlightenment. I seriously want to be wrong, but my 77 years of wisdom tells me I am correct.

          All of us INCLUDING Putin make mistakes-sometimes very serious and irreversible, mistakes

          • TiredOfBsToo

            “Talk to me in another 6 months…”

            If we’re still all here. Meanwhile, we’ll all remain a captive audience.

            “It is in the TALMUD”

            I’m well aware.

            Maybe I’m naive, but I think the launch of the gold backed yuan will put a kink in the petro dollar and consequently the war machine; might even force the US to do as Russia did under sanctions i.e., focus on building up it’s own country rather that destroying the world.

          • Freespirit

            So true. You may right- we not be here, although truthfully, I don’t suspect NUKES .

            I do suspect Scaler-type weapons like the Fires they are starting in California.They can direct a beam of tremendous amount of energy pinpointed to a very small area and fry it, with no danger to themselves. ….not-with-standing Weather Weapons using HAARP combined with Chemicals, such as Aluminum they can spray in the atmosphere over a certain area.That they are doing also already, especially in the U.S.

            Nukes are dangerous to the whole planet and will not be used other than tactically, in small areas with small loads…….bad enough, of course.Teh future of weaponry is “Star Wars” type weapons -DIRECTED( Scaler) ENERGY

            As I have stated in many of my comments over years now, UNTIL we take out, in one way or another the Rothschild, House of Windsor and/or the Vatican we shall continue to lose.

            THAT is our only hope -slim but that needs a GOOD GUERRILLA group of fighters like my Irish patriots, Hezbollah or the Military to do it or someone with a lot of Wealth, Power AND Integrity.

            What are teh chances??????????

          • TiredOfBsToo

            As for nukes, I’m not so sure. Russia already has stated that an attack even by overwhelming conventional weapons reserves the right to respond with nukes. The build up of US anti-missile systems, combined with NATO heavy armor placed all around Russia and China’s borders is ominous to say the least. The knuckle-draggers now believe they can preemptively strike Russia and deter a retaliatory strike (no more MAD).

            As for weapons and war, it’s what the US spends all of it’s borrowed money on at the expense of critical infrastructure and support of it’s citizens.


            Introducing, the Petro-Yuan.


            Anyone’s guess

            “…California fires”

            They have them every year. The area doesn’t get much rain and is a tinder box. When you fly over Nevada enroute to California and look down, all you see is brown vegetation. I recall when I was in San Diego a few years back, it started to rain resulting in car accidents. I asked the cab driver about it and he told me, “it happens all the time, the drivers aren’t used to wet roads”.

          • Freespirit
          • TiredOfBsToo

            Just did.. and China will succeed.

            Try this one on for size..


          • Freespirit

            William Engdahl is always on the ball and has answered more clearly my “question” stated in the affirmative, a couple of times on different sites over the last few years – “Why all the distractions in the media, which amounted to nothing but bluster, by the American Press”

            Now it is confirmed-“We can’t have the Peons knowing the seriousness of the American” decline.We must keep them busy with fear and TV B.S.” :-)

            They may start “dumping” their dollars, which,by the way I did into Gold and Silver in 1980’s and beyond….yeh I know I was too early. :-)

            Better to be safe than sorry

          • TiredOfBsToo

            I was a little late… still……

          • Freespirit

            Now we have Crypto-Currencies which adds a little bit more to our security although I prefer money in my pocket, under my mattress, or buried on my land(s). somewhere on this plant OTHER than U.S. :-) – GOLD and Silver

            I am watching those “Cryptos”

          • TiredOfBsToo

            I have watched the Crypto debate from other sources. We’ve also watched how countries react to them. What I see as happening is countries using the block-chain aspect of Cryptos to create their own Gold backed currencies taking advantage of instantaneous transactions, but maintaining control. While the Crypto currencies currently enjoy some limited freedom, governments are beginning to come down hard, so I believe that a decentralized Crypto will be short lived. Still, those who got on early will be rich if they convert to tangibles like gold, silver, platinum, copper etc.

            As for Jeff’s Liberland, sounds good, but I can think of a few problems ahead. I think it would be physically impossible to solve every human issue in a country unless of course you want to have a country where only the fittest survive. For example, tax being voluntary for only the projects one is interested in. My wife and I agree that the primary ill of humans is GREED; from it, everything else is derived, power, war etc.

      • VGA

        The Kurds cannot utilise them. You need international support to be able to mine oil

  • Freespirit

    What more EVIDENCE do Russians, Iranians and SYRIAN, especially, need to KNOW and admit to themselves that UNITED STATES and ISRAEL have DECLARED WAR on Syria ???

    I have said this many times when you don’t respond to a Bully, in their face, they see you as a coward.

    Something is amiss and somebody among those 3 have with made a DEAL “on the side” with the U.S. or they are ALL Cowards. Either way they are getting what they deserve with MUCH more to come from UNITED STATES and ISRAEL.

    Compromise with UNITED STATES or ISRAEL will lead to all that past Destruction and Slaughter in Syria as having been a total waste and thus for naught

    Israel and UNITED STATES are getting and will continue to get what they want, if Russia, Iran and Syria continue their compromising.

    Thousands of Syrians will have died and families lost their homes, for nothing

    “War by Deception” is working………and very well.

    • You can call me Al

      I think you misunderstand our knowledge / intelligence on these matters. We are commentating on a battle not a war, 1 battle of many going on.

      • Freespirit

        I misunderstood nothing. In fact I am understanding WHAT MOST are missing,it seems but thanks for reading my comment

        • You can call me Al

          Fine, the “general readers” ….well those of the MSM anyway would know where the MS was nor would they care.

  • Expo Marker

    The SDF did not care when Deir-Ez-Zor was under seige for years at a time, but are interested in the province now that the Syrian Army lies next to the Euphrates.

    • jason sixx

      Lol they said they want to help and liberate their fellow arabs in their statement after 4 years lololol

  • jason sixx

    Confirmed assad and putin are cowards. Watch them do fkn nothing about the iraqi border next. Tigers will never get there as fast as the turds will. This is embarassing. As much as i am heartbroken i can only blame assad and putin for being afraid of trump and Erdogan. HE JUST HANDED ERDoGAN IDLIB ON A SILVER PLATTER FFS AND NOW THIS??

    • Freespirit

      YES and you are an honest thinking person but rare among men

      • jason sixx

        Thankyou but when ppl dont like it we are zio trolls because they cant answer back with facts. Im all pro assad but this is embarassing … assad should tell putin help me get the turks and yanks out or say good bye to your only valid mediterranean seaport and base for good

        • Freespirit

          I also am PRO-ASSAD, but as we can see,the Politician COMPROMISER is being elicited, from him.

          The Zionist Jews have convinced either him or one of his supporters (Russia?) that the Jews can be “trusted”…….the same trust that the World had when they ( via, Rothschild Jew) promised to the U.N. and Palestinains that they ( Palestinians) would have their own land

          Give Jews an inch and they take a mile and is why they have been removed or banned from over 109 lands.

          War by Deception as per the TALMUD

    • Bob

      You are wrong. The rate of this US SOF/SDF advance across Euphrates tributary was impossible without collusion and deal making with ISIS in area. The SAA are actually fighting ISIS and their advance rate reflects an actual hard fought conflict – whereas this is not the case with on the east side of Euphrates. Indeed, just last week ISIS actually redirected its armor away from the US SOF/SDF contact line, and sent to face the SAA, that was otherwise directly in path of further US SOF/SDF advance. Another in a long line of interesting ‘coincidences’.

      • jason sixx

        I agree they are making deals with isis and thus fast progress. My point is we are losing the land and putin is too scared to fight the sdf when they take over from isis so its gone FOReVER

        • Bob

          The Iraqi state’s rolling-back of the KRG-Peshmerga’s attempts at a post ISIS land grab into Arab and Assyrian areas is a good precedent though.

        • wimroffel

          I guess you missed the reports about all the Turkish troops streaming in and the plans by Turkish backed FSA to march on Manbij – in agreement with Russia.

          • jason sixx

            Turkey in manbijj … can you please replay that back in ur head. Not syria, but TIRKEY in manbijj. Even worse

      • Solomon Krupacek

        assad also can make deals ;)

  • jhon malakiat

    i really2 disapointed and sad, very sad, seeing this development. How this terrorist kurd can seize many land syria in front of Russia and Syria’s face. and Russia and Syria doing nothing.

    My only hope now in PMU and iraqi shia fighter. I hope they will help their brother in syria. I hope they will make usa and kurd bleedings in the next future.

    This is really2 embarrasing..

    • jason sixx

      The turds are closer to albukamal than ever while tigers throwing some pool party in mayadin 5star casino hotel and resort lol. Ive given up i never thought putin would let erdogan take idlib and us keep tanf and take omar and the iraqi crossing. Meanwhile some idiots think taking over a year to march from palmyra to dez and then losing all the oil and being surrounded by sdf and turks is amazing news.

  • Ivanus59

    Why are you all so shocked at this? Did you actually expect that an army that has to fight against ISIS’ main force (and has to cross a river) will be faster then an army that just get’s a free passage? Also it’s obvious for ISIS that they would chose to put up a fight in urban areas rather then in open desert/oil fields (remember how quickly SAA was taking territory from them before reaching Deir Ezzor city)…
    Also, getting there first doesn’t make it a closed case.

  • Cem Duru

    Soon or later SDF will have to step back like in Iraq. Controlling all water and mineral sources of syria is simply too much. Tribal leaders in Eastern syria is the main problem because like in the past, they dont care zionism, patriotism etc… .but they only care about money. If US pays more, tribal leaders wont hesitate to betray their people and country, athough it means suffering of their own children. Arent those the same tribal leaders who allowed ISIS to conquer their land and torture their own children in order to share the revenue of the same oil?

  • Deo Cass

    Thank you Russia!? Your help to the illegal US/Zionist colonial imperialist terror coalition is much appreciated by Syria’s enemies! For now that is, until they turn all the tables on you! There is an obvious betrayal by Russia of Syria. It appeared evident by an incident just 3 days ago when the Turkish forces invaded Syria’s Idleb and established the Syrian Transitional Government there like in Libya’s Benghazi in 2011. Remember? Syria and Iran immediately issued a joint statement of condemnation, calling it an “act of aggression.” Russia on the other hand through Dmitry Peskov of the Russian foreign ministry stated that Turkey’s “aggression” was co-ordinated with Moscow. Gone are the days when Russia used to say that all military actions on Syrian soil need to be co-ordinated with the legitimate authority in Syria; the Syrian government. At this juncture it is said to say that the war against terrorists is not the end of it. Another more bloody war is to follow. The war for the liberation of Syria from foreign occupation by the ‘Resistance Axis’ of Syria, Hezbollah and Iran against the Zio/Nazi US and co colonialist imperialist forces.

    • pet

      Agree 100%. Russia plays murky game. It doesn’t like to be double crossed but it does that to others. Maybe it is still repaying the Jews for the October revolution.

    • jason sixx

      Assad is going to lose the borders and end up with homs and damascus surrounded by turks and turds. Fantastic scenario. So angry right now

  • Floyd Hazzard

    Instead of pushing south on the euphrates, the push should have been east to cut the advance of the kurds. ISIS had been reduced to shell of itself and The Kurds have obviously become the clearer threat.
    Exactly what the Iraqis did was what should have been done. With ISIS contained, move against the kurds o protect the assets and force them to put up or withdraw. Humvees against Tanks is not a very good matchup.
    Thing is, in both Syria and Iraq, Russia is tacitly enabling the kurds, and in Syria they are tacitly enabling Israel too.

  • Deo Cass

    Let’s be clear about one thing here. The so called SDF are not moving their forces at all as they did not move at all in Northern Syria bordering Turkey. ISIS simply turned into YPG or SDF. The same ISIS head choppong terrorits simply removed their masks and change their black flags into the SDF ones. It’s that simple. In other words, the IS terror coalition is now providing protection to ISIS terrorists who remain the same terrorists responsible for heinous genocides and atrocities against civilians. They are a legitimate target for the Syrian/Hezbollah/Iranian resistance coalition. For now, Syria needs to: 1. Boycot any Astana or Geneva talks until the fundamental founding principle and pre-requisite as mandated by Security Council Resolution 2254 (2015); namely: “The respect of Syrian sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity” is fully respected especially by the signatories especially the US. In other words the US first and Turkey later (unless it mends its ties with Damascus of course) need to leave Syrian sovereign soil before any talks can even commence. 2. Invite Iran to set up military bases in Syria and launch the second fase of the war against all illegal and seditious armed groups occupying Syrian sovereign land and reclaim its natural resources from the US. Takes what it takes and as long as it takes.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    Raqqa and Deir Razor was under USA siege those terrorist were operating under USA coalition’s order.