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JULY 2022

US-backed Forces Seize 3,400km2 From ISIS Near Syrian-Iraqi Border

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have seized 3,400km2 from ISIS near the Syrian-Iraqi border in the framework of their operation against the terrorist group’s cells in eastern Deir Ezzor and southern al-Hasakah.

According to pro-Kurdish sources, the SDF is aiming to clear from ISIS cells the entire area north of the government-held city of al-Bukamal and then to focus on combating the terrorist group in its last remaining strongholds in the Euphrates Valley.

US-backed Forces Seize 3,400km2 From ISIS Near Syrian-Iraqi Border

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Guilherme Ribeiro II

less than sixty thousand people are in hands of the Islamic State in Syria.

Syria needs to intervene in At Tanf.

You can call me Al

Yes, but not yet.


REAL FOOTAGE: FSA And SAA fighting ISIS Together! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-MEF2A3NoQ


Nobody can change their shirt faster than isis with the help of sdf


This determines the rate of advance, number of available SDF uniforms…strange there seems to be hardly any evidence of actual fighting.


It´s more a walk on the park, but they have made two millions of prisoners. Never the less, your determination of the rate of advance is perfect.


Sdf went from Raqqa to DerAzor east of the Euphrates in a long afternoon through Isis the SAA went across the desert 3 bloody weeks of fighting against Isis I guess the sdf are just that much better fighters. It couldn’t be the SDF and Isis were on the same team.

Jens Holm

SDFs and ISIS are educated for the same kind of type of war known as Guerilla-Infantery

Kurds has learned from many years in mainly Turkey and has been added well by American infantery training.

ISIS has learned from seeing al Kaida sreading out and improved.

The main force for both are they operate very flexible in small groups being very flexible and effective for mobility. They are opportunists and told to be even outnumbered. So in stead of being many, they act clever and by that make traps.

You can see the same for Clausewitch from 1800 in the German warfare having fx Molkte 1864 and fx the mobile parts of the WW2 by the nazis.

Those troops were not blamed for taking initiative even they lost now and then. Its like its ok to loose 7 banans if You win 10 :)

Those are the semilarities.

Those has to be compared with the elephants like SAA. ISIS is faster and much lighter armed but go arund and use many small knives and even cut the tail, which suppport the SAAs. And SDFs would be too, when they would fight some SAAs.

When Turks by FSA in front took Al Bab, FSA lost a lot to YPGs there hardly only driven by entusiasme. Turks had to start all over and educate and rearm the FSAs. It was a very needed help for FSAs. Some also might remember, that Turks themselves had to replace some general themselves. Those were very invopetent. Those Turkish shpoud have know for Years how YPGs fight and added counter tactics in their brains. Further more parts the Turks just before that had learned new trics froim the Israelians and their Phalestinian solutions.

But facts are, that Sharia based never fits into Sekulars. You should have observed, that npt even relative moderate FSA only can be affiliates to SDFs.

Then ISIS never can.


The SDF didn’t have to fire a single shot going from Raqqa all the way down Deszor they’re on the same team as Isis or they were when the US was still behind them. The race was on with the SAA to get to Derazor we, the US were afraid we were going to lose territory to the Syrians. Isis was commanded to Stand Down by the US.

Jens Holm

there was no race at that time at all as Your assumtion totally incorrects writes. None.

At that time DEZ not even was a target for SDFs. SDFs took Tabqa and DEZ in limited and succesfull plans according to their seixe and capatility and was not even able to come near the whole DEZ cpounty crawling with ISIS.

I anything, it was the lousy slow plans for SAA taking Raqqa in the most stupid possible static picturte, which showed how spendable Assads see their bad organoized lousy plans as slow versions og blinfolded kamikatze.

The Palmyra – Sukna fx was 400 meters a day.

There was no race. We heard it all the way. Haha kurds only take deserts and hamlets. haha they can never take Raqqa. Next blaming almost all ISIS troops leaving Raqqa to fight only SAA. Kurds are blocking Tabqa. Kurds are blocking the airports. Kurds are bocking the oilfields west of Tabqa.

And even when Raqqa fibally was taken with 3600 refugees of ISIS and 275 heavu armed soldiers, there in Your stupid world sudeenly was 4.000 hevay armed from ISIS left for free. None of You could see, that if ISIS had 4.000 heavy armed troops, SDFs never had been able to take it as well as Your stupid way that way to DEZ not even had been an option.

And when You finqally in Your slowfox reached the non Raqqa side of Raqqa itself well helped by SDFs, You even bombarded them as if You were master of the world. I really liked americans told You, it was with limitations.

You are is those matters so full of shit, that You could make a big fertilzer factory about it. No facts. No memory. Only infected propaganda of the worst kind.

SDFs figted very hard to come down to Raqqa East and consoælidate that and went east too, so there was soace foir taking raqqa itself. They lst many soldiers by that ouverture – and some little dwarf having no memory or lying about it – even seen i many avatars here at Live update is far out.

You are very sympthomatic for Your region. The winners are the ´brutal killers and manipulating liers of the worst kind – and changes of any kind is not even an option.

Soon You will blame Russians or the Chinese to rund You if the maricans do. Yu were not even able to liberate Yourself from the osmans. You claim Syrian is an old country and kurds has none. Well You had a Khalifat runned from Bagdad until 1258. After that and until 1946 You were no country just as them.

We see the reasons well here telling me almost only lies of the worst. If facts support ed by many very ´diffrent sources even added pictures, photos and maps dot fit, You just make another and You even name it truth.

We also see again and again, You know nothing about, what kurds wish and hopes for. You only learn the bad sides of the west and fill the rest with constructions. You not even have a vocabulary for, why we fx are much better in most things. Hard to see, You are the happy Arabia – or Syria.

Gregory Casey

You really do appear to have it in for the SAA and Bashar alAssad……….in fact, you appear to be wholly favourable towards SDF and ISIS: that tells its own story!! Meanwhile, go and look at a map of Syria and examine the nature and extent of territory, including vast areas of Urban settlement across Syria and consider that the SAA has recovered and regained all such territory including, now, the entire of the area to the South & South-West of Damascus ……. a hive full of stinging ISIS & assorted Jihadi Forces all the way to the Golan Line. SAA and Bashar alAssad had infinitely more to consider and think about in liberating areas where the vast majority of Syrians live up to now. Now that they have cleared these areas and regained full control of (almost) everywhere bar Idlib and the area East of the Euphrates, you can presume these Forces will turn their undivided attention towards East of the Euphrates and to the Province of Idlib. Within 6 months, those areas too will be cleared of all Terrorist scum and take it to the bank that Kurdish Forces will have come to an agreement with central Government in Damascus and ditched the US/International Forces that are giving cover to ISIS for the past 3 years. You can also take it to the bank that Trump has reached agreement with Putin for withdrawal of US Forces from Syria despite the bleating from the securicrat-state actors in Washington.

Jens Holm

I never has kind of supported ISIS at all. Never. I have told again and again, the often good reasons for it with lack of reforms including devellopment of the states as well as the citicens of theirs.

True Your systems like fx Assad, Saddam, Bagdad and Iran is not to sypport or help. More like letting them alone and if they hurt us and others – hurt them hard.

But the main thing is to make artificial or concrite walls around them and let them stay in their seldmade dark, which never will be allowed here even as a possibility. Same for Westbank and Gaza. They can be kind of nations in their dark, but keep them out from the ones, we understand and respeckt much better.

We cant re-do things there, and I was not even born, when things got out of hand and by that wont be blamed for WW2, where al my family was against nazisme(as well as Communisme as a minimum not the socalled one by Stalin).

I certainly see things are clreared. 11 mio refugees or duisplaced, more then 500.000 dead, many with fysical and psycical wounds for life and for billions of total destruction. Thats no state and was not when the uprise broke out.

My kind of support is not for all kurds as well. Its for the ones, which has wished for a better future for the poor parts of Syrians – And that includes in most ways all poor arabs too.

Syria has a primitive one string structure which certainly dont support big parts of its population at all. That still might be fine in Your contexts, if it was a small Emirate – But Syria as well as Iraq is not. On the top of that You both by that cant devellop improvemnts and the money for it is Oil- and gas money drunken in Baathista Corruption as they are owners of, what they wish.

They use fear and misguiding of the woorst kind. I see it here many times every day. The normal syrian is kept in dark for any other possibilities and even good ones – fx like ours – are shown as only our bad sides as well as our good suides are totally infected and lied about.

Finally Your headbanging is confirmed by USA and we should have supported ISIS during the last 3 years. Thousends in the SDF zone from them, ISIS and civilians should not have died. A barking mad assumption of the worst kind.

Thats not possible bringing so many funerals, videos, photos, personel articles and like that. You are made into mbarking madness about it.

And even You are true Assads should take all back, their will be no running every thing. Its military and political control having less production then ever. Thats no country – hardly was before the fysical uporise, where kurds and Co hardly were uprisers as well. Their wishes were and are normal local influence and devellopment of Syria(their part), which is very much needed. ¨ Some fat cats in Damaskus has shown well, what they are. A Governes should be for the whole country and all its citicens. 11 mio dont support that as well as the dead ones.

Richard M

Bork! I recall when the Palmyra-Sukhna-DeZ offensive was advancing you kept saying that ISIS was too powerful and entrenched and SAA was walking into a trap! All through the crushing of the ISIS hinterland you were there with your sly whispers, trying to sow doubt and despair! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3w6c7RUbUs

Jens Holm

If you put my words from there into the correct context during time, You are corrects.

SAA was trapped so many times and lost so much equipment, most normal ones in warfare would not believe was possible. Most of the traps was made by themselves, which has been well known since ancient times in the whole world – apart from Syria.

It wasclassic in the Russia-Tjetjenia war no so many yers ago until the russians finally made some radical changes in their stupid warfare.

But same type of attitude: WE ARE THE BIG ONES WITH THE TANKS. Therefore You little pissants are afraid of us and wil give up crying tomorrow.

Tanks are nothing if you cant handle and protect them. Fx by artillery in relative low calibers, You get what low aducated soldiers cvan handle and much more firepower. And if You loose a canon or 2, You still have firepower for close and long range.

I did not whisper at all. I SHOUTED VERY LOUD how the stupidies of SAA was made again and again and as people knowing about elementary warfare – I gave ADVICE for SAA improvements.

But You seemes to PREFARE the many SAA soldiers killed there because of a long line of elementary stupidity, which also is typical for many parts of your socalled Syria and make it ineffective and incompetent as well.

Almost all my commens there was about professional warfare.

Richard M

This is asymmetric warfare though. So far, at least. None of the terrorist sponsoring nations are putting professional combat troops on the ground.

Jens Holm

The assymetry is in running fx Syria and Iraq. Thats has made the split up.

Richard M

Syria effed up when they joined Bush Sr’s Gulf War Coalition against Saddam. Co-operating with FUKUS is like striking a deal with the Devil. There’s always a “catch” in the contract.

Gregory Casey

You really and truly describe the manner by which US & International Coalition Forces were deployed throughout Afghanistan over the entire period of deployment. Please stop deflecting onto the Syrian Arab Army who have fought and faced down in excess of 500,000 Jihadi Terrorists throughout Syria over a period of 7 + years and where they have now corralled between 40,000 and 50,000 Terrorists in Idlib together with their camp-followers, their women and children and lunatic preachers.Watch and learn as these Terrorists embark on their journey to meet with their Allah at the Gates of Hell.

Jens Holm

Sorry. I wrote about the polical result of assymmetri making the differences, which split of the people living there.

Gregory Casey

You have, most definitely either lost your mind or you’ve been programmed by the ISIS/Mossad/CIA Reprogramming Center

Jens Holm



Bro SDF boys Peshmerga couldn’t last a day and a night against PMU. “We gonna make our own country, borders are drawn in blood, we were the ones who defeated ISIS blahblah” nekminit PMU showed up and they like “wassup” half the Peshmerga pussied out and surrendered, the other half copped a beating then surrendered.

Believing that SDF any better than Peshmerga mutts is stupid.

Jens Holm

I did not even write about that.

Hisham Saber

This SDF/U.S. triangle they are trying to establish is doomed to failure. The U.S, British, French, Kurds are basically surrounded in the desert by the Iraqi PMU’s who have no love for the Americans, or the others, On the western side of the Euphrates you got the Syrian Arab Army, NDF, Hezbollah, 25,000 Afghan volunteers, many, many Chechens, who also have no love for the Americans, especially after the U.S. bombed a convoy full of Chechens, killing many. Some of these Chechens work for the Russian MoD, others are mercs and volunteers.

All it takes is a phone call from Mr. Khamenei, to IRGC Gen. Solemenei, and all these silly coalition bases, and the Kurds will be rolled over.

In fact, on the same phone call, the Golan Heights can be liberated. Mr. Khamenei is a brilliant, patient man. He knows the time is not yet to spring the trap.

Jens Holm

Most of that shows You are totally misinformed about anything there.

You dont have the sleigtest idea about, whats going on.

Your many Afghans and Checkens must be either unarmed or very bad soldiers since they havnt taken all incl, Jerusalem years ago.

How can you even believe in that kind of crap at all Yourself ???

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