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US-backed Forces Resume Efforts To Capture Syria’s Hajin From ISIS

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US-backed Forces Resume Efforts To Capture Syria's Hajin From ISIS

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have resumed their advance on the ISIS-held town of Hajin in the Euphrates Valley, on the eastern bank of the river.

According to pro-Kurdish sources, units of the SDF, backed up by the US-led coalition, have entered the town capturing some buildings inside it.

Additionally, the SDF has allegedly removed a high number of IEDs set by ISIS members around the town.

Clashes are ongoing.

The ISIS-linked news agency AMAQ has released no reports on the current situation in the area. This may indicate that the SDF has really achieved some limited gains near Hajin.

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leon mc pilibin

The acting has started again,,,they must be looking for an Oscar,just like their White Helmutts got.But nobody likes Ham actors ,especially zionist trained ones..GO HOME YANKS.

You can call me Al

They need recruits to airlift to Afghanistan, Egypt and I would guess somewhere near Azerbaijan or the other side.


Mines would be one of the few methods of fortification open to them. It would also explain the delay in operations if specialize equipment had to be brought in.

Bill Wilson

Mines come in handy to guard approaches when one has few troops holding a large area. It appears that the SDF identified a section of town that was lightly defended so used some US explosive mine clearing cords to clear a path to rush in. They’re probably waiting for some AFV’s modified for urban fighting and more troops from southern Hasakah who seem poised to finish off ISIS in that region. They may have to wait awhile for them to arrive if those units are used to retake the 13 desert oil & gas fields/stations to the north that ISIS has holed up in since those have some buildings for shelter and probably water wells, too. The SDF captured those fields/plants from ISIS long ago then didn’t bother to leave anyone there to guard those since none were operational. I think the US planted listening devices in those that could transmit their recordings on command so they could eavesdrop on ISIS fighters that were using those afterwards to hide in during the day. ISIS took those back over some months ago and have been ignored by the SDF/Coalition, probably for talking too much.

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