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US-backed Forces Repelling ISIS Attack In Tabqa Airbase Area

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US-backed Forces Repelling ISIS Attack In Tabqa Airbase Area

ISIS militants are in the area of the Tabqa Airbase

On April 2, fighters of the ISIS terrorist group assaulted the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) positions inside the Tabqa Airbase and its vicinity in the western countryside of the ISIS stronghold of Raqqah in eastern Syria. According to pro-SDF sources, the US-backed force managed to repel the ISIS attack that began early morning.

During the attack, SDF fighters killed 24 ISIS members and seized a BMP vehicle. The leader of the ISIS assault team, Abu Zubeir, was neutralized.  However, clashes are still ongoing in the area.

From its side, ISIS announced that the group had killed 12 SDF fighters in a suicide attack that targeted the SDF positions in Hadaj and Abu Hurayra west of Tabqa.

The terror group shared pictures of an attack carried out on what it called “PKK” positions in Tal Al-Samman north of Raqqa.

TIP: ISIS pushes an idea that the US-backed SDF, which mostly consists of Kurdish People’s Protection Units fighters, is a PR brand for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militant group, operating in southern Turkey, northern Iraq and northern Syria. The Turkish government has a very similar attitude.

The US-led Coalition published a video showing the British Royal Air Force targeted an ISIS command center inside Raqqa.

Similarly, the US Department of Defence announced using of a M777 howitzer by the US Marine Corps to target ISIS positions across Raqqa province.

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Pave Way IV

Someone please explain to me how anyone can move anywhere with all the IR and night-vision drones, helicopters and other coalition aircraft in the area? I’m just having a hard time imagining how head-choppers in a Toyota HILux or even anyone on foot could get anywhere close to territory the coalition supposedly holds.

I’m not really looking for an answer – I know about weather and everything else. It’s just amazing that the mighty U.S. and coalition cronies with all their million-dollar toys still have a hell of a time defeating the terrorists they created. Once the area is (kind of) secured, the U.S. will fortify the hell out of the air base and establish a gigantic perimeter around it. They will eventually be able to establish some kind of security, but every left-over head-chopper with a truck bomb, mortar or rocket will be eyeing that place night and day.

The U.S. can defeat ISIS in Syria to some degree, but only as much as – say – the U.S. has defeated the Taliban in Afghanistan. Syria will become Afghanistan West to the U.S.


Simple answer is that airbases are to far away for a lot of loiter time and can not respond in a timely manner. Daesh can move quickly and in squad numbers at night. This is their forte.
SDF is trying to cut off ISUS at Tabqa right now, battles will ensue.

Pave Way IV

Block 40 RQ-4 has an endurance of 30+ hours, so Incirlik launch gives 24-hour on-station loiter capability. This should be the precise reason ISIS movement at night is easily detectable by this quarter-billion dollar drone. They would light up like glow-sticks against the cool nighttime desert even if they were on foot.


Terain, is alpha and omega, and the Syrian topography is suitable for fast moving even thru night, and you dont need night vision tech to do that, as long you are known with the terrain, what is more crucial is what kind of equipment do you use.

I could move in the arctics to day hundreds of kilometers within a few days, capice in the middle of winter, but to drive thru the terrain on summer time, forget it, that is no the same as Syria, witch is more, hehe, solid ground.
Look at images from Yemen, study the terrain, and then you understand that even an camel is like an “Ferrari” in the out back, depending solely of course on the terrain/regions, witch can be an friend and a foe.

That is all to experience.

I have driven over an 100 km/h in the winter terrain, and I am not joking, its virtually flying, hehe, and thank god, I haven’t tried the latest things, witch is much better in handling and balanced, than the old iron rods we drove, to day,, if you are good, on snow bike, like an Yamaha top of the range, think light/weight power ratio against weight, you can handle at least 140-150 in the mountains, that requires of course some experience, high speed isnt for new beginners, I am lucky to be alive to day, knock on wood.
I never go up in speed, until I was/is in the Flow, when that happen, put the pedal to the metal, and fly, and be prepared to hurt your nuts, some times.
PS: you can do the on an childs three weel bike for that matter, hehe.



Fling your feces, monkeyboy. You are laughably ignorant.

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