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JUNE 2023

US-backed Forces Repel ISIS Attack In Raqqah, Kill 40 Militants (Map)

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have repelled an ISIS attack in Mishleb, Industrial and Raqqa Al-Samra areas in Raqqah city and killed 40 ISIS members, according to the SDF media wing.

US-backed Forces Repel ISIS Attack In Raqqah, Kill 40 Militants (Map)

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Jan Lavicka

true translation: uSSa murdered 40 some infrastructure workers (power station, hospital etc) and destroyed the infrastructure while giving 40 SDF vests to 40 ISIS murderers


And they shot a lunarian while they were at it.

Jan Lavicka

you poor ignorant and under-educated kiddie: “us funded and trained isis”



Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Don’t bother with this douchebaginternational they are set in their own warped little world of policy games. They have no concept of what the world is really like and live in a mistaken belief people are stupid and don’t fact check. Besides this one is an internet troll on a payroll, no matter what you say they will try to lie or be deflective in responses.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They killed 40 SDF Arab troops in an ambush who deserted is what happened are trying to cover it up. PKK are very brutal when their “Arab Allies” desert them what do you expect they are tired of dying for Kurds.

chris chuba

It’s always that last 20% that takes 80% of the time to capture, isn’t it.


Clever use of tunnels by IS to infiltrate behind the lines.

It should not have been a surprise to SDF as the existence of tunnels – in general – is known.

The attack had an advantage to SDF though. Lots of IS killed that otherwise would have stuck to hidden defensive positions.

Still, as CC said, it will take time to kill them all.

DJ Double D

This article is not at all accurate. The ISIS attack on these neighbourhoods resulted in the killing of over 120 SDF fighters. ISIS made good use of SBVIED’s and tunnels to break the Kurds defenses and inflicted heavy casualties on them. You can even reason for yourself how ISIS could advance that far without casualties on the Kurds.


Can’t take a few city blocks in weeks but can ‘capture’ 10% of the country in a few days……

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