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US-backed Forces Release Video Praising Kurdistan Workers’ Party Leader


The Syria-based People’s Protection Units (YPG) press office has released a video glorifying Abdullah Öcalan, the honorary leader of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

In the video, various the members of YPG and YPJ (Women’s Protection Units, an all-female military organization) are seen praising and commending PKK’s chief ideologist, calling him “the sun not only to the middle east, but to all of the world as well”.

One of the militia members says about Ocalan: “He is our life, our mind, our everything.”  “If his ideological power hadn’t been with us, we wouldn’t know what to do in such a situation. Raqqa would have never been rescued from the darkness of recent years,” he added.

The video also featured women of YPJ, with one female militant saying “As the members of the Women’s [Protection] Units, we will not accept a life without leader Apo [Ocalan’s nickname].” Ocalan is an advocate of a form of feminism called Jineology.

The YPG press office is one of the key local media entities of US-backed forces operating in Syria.

PKK is considered a terrorist organization by the US, the EU and Turkey. Ankara considers that the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its armed wing, YPG and YPJ, are interlinked with the PKK.

The US denied the allegations, and had went as far as to create the Syrian Democratic Forces, an alliance of various militias in 2015, with YPG as the chief one, in order to disguise supplying them with arms and help. This is one of the reasons of rising tensions between the US and Turkey.

PKK is an organization founded in 1978 with an initial aim to establish a Kurdish state that would include a part of Turkey. Now, its official cells are based in Turkey and Iraq. It has been involved in armed clashes with Turkish security forces and conducting multiple attacks across the country.

Abdullah Ocalan, one of the chief founders of the group, was arrested in 1999 on charges of formation of an armed organization and is currently imprisoned on Imrali island. Though serving life imprisonment, Ocalan is still considered the honorary leader and figurehead of the organization. He has published several books from prison, the most recent in 2015.



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  • MD Ranix

    the yankee retards like their zio satanic leaders are creating a new breed of slaves to serve them

  • eric zweistein

    “US-backed Forces Release Video Praising Kurdistan Workers’ Party Leader”

    Yes, and ??

    • Alex

      mean they are working together

      • la Cariatide

        YPG/PYD are members of the PKK. rather, PKK members came to Syria in the 1980s. helped by Hafeez Al-Assad. and look what they do now, stealing the land of the Syrians.

        fucking land-grabbers. but look what has happened to kurd lang-grabbers in Iraq: almost back to 2003′ borders :)

    • Bru

      Their own testimonies make extremely clear that the leader of the PKK in their absolute master, their god, i.e. that the SDF is just the Syrian branch of the PKK terrorist organization! This became clear to me a few months ago,
      and as usual the US regime has been again developing a terrorist organization and territory, just like they did with the Taliban in the 80ies…

    • BL

      Yes and the US is openly supporting terrorism even according to its own definitions of what a terrorist group is.

  • Barba_Papa

    Of course these guys think highly of Öcalan, to them his teachings are like what Mao’s little Red Book, or Karl Marx’s Das Kapital is to communists, or the works of Adam Smith to capitalists.

    • Pinkville

      Marx’s Capital is a critique of capitalism, and is widely respected by serious readers of all political stripes, it is not a political tract or bible. Similarly, Adam Smith’s works are mostly misunderstood by all, and do not support capitalism, nor would they be seen as a model for capitalists since they advocate economic equality as a baseline for a free market economy – no capitalist supports that. You’re probably right about Mao’s Little Red Book, but, again, wrong abut Ocalan’s writings, which adovcate for eqaulity and freedom from authority and tyranny. You should read these things, then you’d be in a position to comment on them.

      • Jonathan Cohen

        ABORTION RIGHTS FOR THE MIDDLE EAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! The problem is that Turkey has had abortion rights for some time, no thanks to Erdogan, so why then did Apo rebel against Turkey? PKK and Turkey need to iron that out in order to finish off the islamist theocrats, including abortion banning Assad, but not Russia.

  • Ahmed K Hurmizyar

    long live apo you wisdom wan courage will always shine upon us

  • Careful Kurds – everything the US touches turns to Turds.

  • Ivanus59


  • bcbingram


  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    Partition propaganda.

  • Garga

    They teach this in PKK schools.
    The kind of school erected in PKK-held areas of Syria.
    Poor little kids who are forced to memorize this kind of nonsense.

  • Joshua

    It is considered radical and terrorist-aligned to give women freedom in the middle east; Ocalan did exactly that!