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US-backed Forces Release Hundreds Of ISIS Members, Some Of Them Join SDF Ranks – Reports

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released 400 former ISIS fighters a few weeks only after they had been captured, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on January 10. The report added that the released ISIS fighters include dozens of well-known ISIS members and commanders.

Moreover, the SOHR said that the SDF even allowed 120 former ISIS fighters from Deir Ezzor and al-Hasakah governorates to join its ranks. The former ISIS fighters who joined the SDF are all related to SDF leaders, according to the report.

The release of these former ISIS fighters led to the growth of tensions in eastern Syria, as the locals who were victims of these fighters clashed with them in many villages, according to the SOHR. The media outlet even said that fire arms were used by the new “SDF members” against the locals. However, the US-backed forces didn’t step in to end the clashes, according to the source.

So far, the Kurdish-dominated SDF has released hundreds of former ISIS fighters including 75 former ISIS fighters on May 8, 2017 and 86 others on November 8, 2017. Most of ISIS fighters who were released previously, were captured in action by the SDF during the Raqqa battle.

The Russian center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria said on December 16, 2017 that the US-led coalition is using refugee camps controlled by the SDF in al-Hasakah governorate as a base for training former members of ISIS.

Many observers have warned that the SDF attempts to absorb Syrian ISIS fighters in order to create an Arab force within the SDF will led to more terrorism in Syria and the region. Especially that these released ISIS fighters were not a subject of a fair trial.

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Russian need to burn all rats juesej !

northerntruthseeker .

How can anyone read this article and NOT come to the conclusion that the US is and always has been “ISIS”???

Simon Gould

I think most people reached that conclusion a long time ago


Only the most naive, gullible, imbecile, brainwashed or brain dead, will NOT come the conclusion THAT ISIS IS THE UNITED STATES/ISRAEL/SAUDI ARABIA.


This is that VERY deep and dark state that fights countries clandestinely in our name, we pay for it and have no idea of what and where! Currently, the US has approximately 170 military bases throughout the world!!!! WHY? These are the banker’s/corporate wars! I never knew I would live to say this, but thank God Russia has a presence in Syria to protect the LEGITIMATE government…from us!!!

New York

Because backing a group isn’t the same as condoning everything it does?

Владислав Ольхов

Assad was right when he called them traitors. It seems after Syria takes down HTS and other “green” assholes, they have to get rid of the “yellow” ones.


Logical: same payer, same boss, they just disguise;)



Jim Prendergast

Unfortunately the U.S. has placed it’s proxies in control of the oil fields. It will take one year for Syria to prepare to expel them. It is regrettable that the U.S. has placed it’s forces outside of International Law.


The UNITED STATE has always been outside of INTERNATIONAL LAW. Remember this…Wesley Clark ex-Supreme Allied Commander of NATO said: “We’re going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off Iran”.

Zaphod Braden

When someone hires someone to commit murder the employer is just as guilty as the employee. America has a weird idea that America is not guilty of the torture and murder our AGENTS commit.


So it was all arabs being released?

In an way one can understand this in view of tribal relationships in the area.

Most likely family lives will be forfeited, as well as blood feud, if they misbehave.

Keeping them prisoner for 50 years or so will not work either.

Shooting them, which some may indeed deserve, might push the area into the next civil war.

Difficult. Very difficult.

andy l

Kurds are clearly not fussy about who they recruit. Many ISIS fighters are just paid mercs who dont care who they fight for.

Leavium shad

Guys! dont judge straight away! some people were forced with death threats with to forcefully join ISIS and some people who dont have the blood of the innocent on their hand!

Solomon Krupacek

make the same mistake as assad. remember the released jihadist who 1 month later was suicide bomber in damascus.

John Whitehot

everybody does mistakes, except that those made by the US have caused 911 and the birth of ISIS, just to name two.


Did the US give them medals, will Trump invite them to the White House like President Raygun did?


John Whitehot

the time the US will reap what they sowed in Syria approaches at increased speed.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

YPG, AQ, IS — same damned thing, backed by their mutual ally, the US “Coalition.”


Kurds Preparing for the showdown with SAA to create their own state likely.

Just cannot see how they can succeed

Gerardo Gutierrez

A los prisioneros de ISIS hay que meterlos en algun lado.Es preferible que esten neutralizados dentro de las formaciones del SDF a que esten sueltos,haciendo daño o huyendo a otros paises.

John Brown

Like I said iSIS is = the SDF is = AlQaeda is = Israel is = Nazis


You need mental assistance

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Gee, don’t you just love the US supported IS head-choppers? Do you want a few to come your town via Libya, another failed state created by the US/EU/NATO/GCC gang? I am sure your will give them a good welcome. Chop, chop, chop!!!

John Brown

Racist supremacist. will you admit Jewish racist supremacism and your Jewish racist supremacism is wrong and a great sin in the eyes of god Will you admit the Talmud Torah and Kaballah are all wrong and in sin, a great sin against god, when they say that god did not create Jews and non Jews as equals in the eyes of god and that Goyims are equal to Jews in the eyes of god in every way and Jews are not superior genetically, spiritually, not chosen and not better then Goyims in any way in gods eyes? and that all men are brothers in the eyes of god??? Hes a Goy from Kenya Jewish Convert With Valid Visa Denied Entry to Israel https://sputniknews.com/news/201801041060523238-Jewish-Convert-With-Valid-Visa-Denied-Entry-to-Israel/ A Kenyan citizen was recently detained at the airport and deported from Israel, despite having a valid tourist visa. Yehuda Kimani, a 31-year-old Jewish convert, believed he had the permission of the Israeli ambassador in Nairobi to study at a Conservative yeshiva in Israel, but when he arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport in mid-December to begin his studies, he found border authorities had different ideas. Kimani was detained and not allowed to contact his sponsors in Israel, according to Haaretz, and put on a plane to Ethiopia the following morning. According to the Jerusalem Post, officials feared “he would remain [illegally]” in the country after his three month visa expired.

Mahmoud Larfi

The Northern/Eastern part of the Euphrates has been mostly depopulated from its everyday people and large swathe of lands have been put under US mercenaries control operating under the SDF insignia. Apart those belonging to YPG let’s take a glimps at the identity of some of those “Arab fighters” in the “Syrian” “Democratic” Forces. Please watch the video to the end: https://youtu.be/JfqQFbQE4fU

I don’t see how the US is gonna keep that clusterfuck together in the long run and impose it as a legitimate people’s protection force against the reconquest of Eastern territories by the Syrian state. Time will tell…

Graeme Rymill

Because this account, sourced from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, puts the American backed SDF in a bad light all the commentators here at SouthFront love it and accept it uncritically!

When a report from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says something that is seen as negative about Assad or Russia then it is a different story. Suddenly the SOHR is a joke source that has zero credibility.


“We are attempting to verify this report at this time and have sent someone round to the SOHR caretaker’s flat in Leicester to find out. Laughing out load, the SOHR indeed. They are so in touch with Syria all the away from Leicester, England. Maybe they get their info from the telly?”

“t’a a guy in a London apartment with a cell phone who hasn’t been to Syria for at least five years.”

“hun he hasnt been to Syria since he got kicked out in 2003 after his 3rd or 4th stint in prison for exposing himself to a group of toddlers at a kindergarten. hes a chomo throughand through”

“Syrian Observatory of Human Rights? is that the one whose office is located inside the Pentagon?”

[From: https://southfront.org/sohrs-reliable-source-3000-russian-soldiers-placed-at-base-in-aleppo-province/ See also https://southfront.org/white-helmets-sohr-cant-be-considered-as-reliable-sources-russian-foreign-ministry/ ]

23 comments here and not one mentions that the source is regarded as totally unreliable by both SouthFront and by many SouthFront commentators.


ISIS fighters are joining -leaving sdf as they please….these fanatics are not easy to deal with…..if they realise that SDF doesnt suit their purposes ……Kurdish blood will be he solution…..remember the incident when a fraction of fighters threatened to kill US advisors? things escalated quickly but (unfortunately) the group was stopped by others…..


The SDF will fracture as soon as its funding/supplies are harmed anyway. ISIS is just a franchise like McDonalds and the SDF is another. The guys working at the counter don’t really care who they work for as long as it is ‘Islamic’.

Zaphod Braden



SOHR is a known front.


Hmmmmm Is this the same as when we left all of our equipment behind for them to take when we “:withdrew” from Iraq?

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