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US-backed Forces Push For Another Oil Field While ISIS Attacks Syrian Army Near Deir Ezzor

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are pushing for another oil field on the eastern bank of the Euphrates while ISIS terrorists fiercely attack Syrian government forces that have crossed the river.

On Staruday, the SDF started advancing towards Jafra oil and gas fields on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, according to pro-US/SDF sources

On Thursday and on Friday, reports appeared that the SDF seized Tabiyeh and al-Isba oil and gas fields northeast of Deir Ezzor. However, no photos or videos have been provided from the area so far.

On Saturday, the SDF officially confirmed that it seized Kuniko Petroleum Company and  al-Isba oil and gas fields. The situation with Tabiyeah fields remained unclear. In any case, this advance opened the SDF a way for further push on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

Meanwhile, ISIS continued fierce attacks against government forces in Khsham village and Saqr Island east of Deir Ezzor city. The ISIS attacks don’t allow government troops to develop momentum on the oil-rich eastern bank of the river.

Earlier this, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it has observed almost no fighting between ISIS and the SDF.

US-backed Forces Push For Another Oil Field While ISIS Attacks Syrian Army Near Deir Ezzor

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Sour grapes! The idea that the SDF isnt fighting IS, is a joke.

Денис Черкасов

SDF is just US puppet. Master said not to fight and they won’t fight. SDF is not only kurds, it is arab tribes too. If US has deal with ISIS in this region, why would one US ally fight other US ally.


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Rafik Chauhan



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RikRamz Simz

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RikRamz Simz

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RikRamz Simz

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RikRamz Simz

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RikRamz Simz

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RikRamz Simz

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You advocate the murder of the unborn.

Floyd Hazzard

As I said previously, I think this is all a big show. I think a deal had been cut over deconfliction phone lines that allows the so called SDF to occupy all of the east bank. Any General worth his salt could have foreseen the Kurdish advance and there are parties with the means to insert and defend troops behind enemy lines, but that option wasn’t exercised to prevent any Kurdish advance. The SAA is the only lawful army in Syria, why all the pussyfooting around the Kurds?


Worst part is; these oil and gas fields are required for the reconstruction of Syria. If all captured by PKK(can you guys stop calling them SDF ffs?!?!?!), they will have a great source for bargaining.


Decisive actions must be taken now. Yet I would say the SAA has done everything in its military power to liberate as much of Syrian land as possible in a very short time frame and to free as many troops as possible.


Iraq, Iran and Syria won’t allow a break up of Syria! Because after that will be turkey and Iran’s Kurdish regions! With all things being equal in the air between Russia and USA (Russia having the advantage of having multiple air fields and air defence batteries) then whomever has the most troops on the ground wins! Syira has Hezbollah, SAA, PMU, Iranian forces, Turkish rebels and Turkish soldiers. This FAR exceeds the numbers of Kurdish soldiers! Also, there are Iraqi, Syrian, Turkish and Russian airforces! They all have multiple air fields! US airforce will need to fly the Gauntlet to get past this many aircraft and air defence batteries! This will continue! The Kurds will be told to leave, if they don’t then there will be war and the US and Israel will be warned they will be shot down! This does not end well for the Kurds! Mark my words! This will happen! The USA will stand down!


Pure coincidence, fellow goyims!


Zionist Israel is the mother of all terrorist organizations in the world. Israeli refugees advised America that what they need to do. Muslim leaders pass their time in entrainment and don’t care of their national security industry.

Денис Черкасов

Looks like ISIS is just CIA’s puppet that explains why US often did some strange helicopter operations pulling out or putting in some ISIS terrorists from ISIS controlled areas.

Денис Черкасов

I think US has made a deal with ISIS commanders and local tribes. USled forces will controll oil fields and ISIS will attack SAA.


ISIS is US made. They don’t need to make deals with them as they control their highest command (of course not every little brain washed soldier).


..and share some profit


¿ You think ? Well, maybe you have not understood yet that ISIS-Daesh-Nustra-moderated terrorists and SDF were created by USA-NATO-Israel with the help of Turkey-Saudis-Qatsr-Jordan. So, saying that USA have made a deal with…. is meaningless.


Hahaha. SAA, Hezbullah and the Iranian militias plus the palestinian rag-tag militias don’t stand a chance against united Kurdistan from 4 different regions. Forget these in Turkey and Iran just them in Syria and Iraq is enough to eliminate the like SAA and Hezbullah rather easily.

SAA, Hezbullah,, Iraq and Iranian militias actully lost the against only 15.000 fighters if the western powers hadn’t intervened ISIS could have fully occupied Iraq and Syria and they were never more then 15k foot soldiers.

Which reveals high level of incompetence within the ranks of the pro-regimes in Syria and Iraq. Make no mistake the Russians, The US and the west did the hardwork together with kurds assistance.

If Russia and both the US withdraw the SAA pretty fucked and the same goes to Iraq. I would have bet my house on that Pesmerga would capture baghdad something ISIS was very close of doing they didn’t make the tactical mistake of instead focusing of the higher lands of the kurds while baghdad was flat and easy to take


I don’t think so. Russians have invested a lot in this war and the SAA. Plus Russia has been reported to militarily assist Hezbollah as well. Point is, there isn’t such thing as rag-tag militias, but an adequate, hardened thru battle army. It doesn’t also take a lot of insight to see why SDF casualties are extremely low, so I won’t explain, I ‘ll just say that their burden of struggle is much less than SAA’s.


SAA and Hezbullah depend highly on foreign forces and can’t do literally anything without them. While Pesmerga and SDF can operate without and have experienced insurgency in PKK and YPG. they have been fighting for a longer time and decades.

The only threat against the Kurds is turkey imo while Pesmerga and SDF can eliminate SAA and the iraqi regime and remember this is with no foreign intervention.

But Turkey is another case.. Turkey is the wildcard here and seem to be more aggressive with better infrastructure and advanced weaponry but if the Kurds just get 20-years to build the newly found Kurdistan. Turkey will become tentative to enter the kurdish regions which is difficult place to fight due to terrain.


“and remember this is with no foreign intervention”

Excuse me, what do you mean? SDF is totally backed by USA/NATO and its core is Kurdish fighters. The best the Kurds can hope for is a state of autonomy in Syria -best case scenario-. In Iraq pretty much the same, the memorandum will be just a symbolic moment. Locals will never buy into this political scheme. Also, Turkey’s belligerence towards Kurds is very hard to subside. When different interests start colliding within NATO, it will be fun to watch.


I agree with the Turkey part and that is why I hope the Kurds sign new contracts with American oil companies and they should make sure to invite them in so they stay as long as possible and probably 2 American military bases in Eastern Euphrates and one in Pesmerga areas.

I see American oil companies racing towards Kurdish controlled areas and competing for a possible oil deals


That is definetely the wrong way to fight for the freedom of Kurds. The only way a stable Kurdistan can be achieved is if the rest of ME countries decide to accept it. Israel comes to mind, along with whatever it brought to the region. Sincerely, I do not believe Syria went through this war to see half its oil fields taken by foreigners. If I were Assad, I would never allow it after such sacrifice. This is not the Syria of 1920, where the great powers could do as they pleased. What I mean is, I do not believe military presence of NATO will be easily established. A base so deep in middle east gives great power to a remote power in the Eurasian mass and control in major trade routes. Russia and Iran would feel greatly threatened.


In addition, Kurds from the whole world were flown in by the US regime to join the PKK -SDF terrorists in Syria


Kurds own their progress to the ruthless bombing by usa, i haven’t seen any postive shift for the kurds untill the end of 2015 when Russia has intervened, till then the us led coalition was just sitting on their behind and watching how isis takes it all, when they realized that they could loose all of their investments to Russia they started to do stuff, Mosul, Rakka, etc, etc.


There is a reason the Turks are buying S400 defensive missiles from the Russians. The Turks will not allow a rouge state, that could lead to Jews with nukes ten miles away. As said by the Turks, we can shoot down anything coming our way. They know the NATO supplied missiles have secret kill switches.


The Kurds have not been in any real battles….the Americans have carpet bombed the cities to dust that were in the Kurd ‘zones’. The Kurds main job, as American lackeys, is to form corridors for the movement of ISIS. Sometimes they swapped a few shots to keep herding them along.


I don’t believe Kurds are bad fighters, since they are at war all the time. In Syria though I believe they achieved nothing much by themselves as you mentioned as well. Other than that, they also remove Syrians from the areas they control – especially Raqqah – in order to establish Kurd majority. It is funny how all the dirty work of US is done always by someone else on their behalf and they never get to suffer any of their consequences. So far, at least. In the long run, everyone gets bested!

jhon malakiat

my whole money with hezbollah if hezbollah alone fighting kurd rat without usa and russia..

Heinz Stalder

Hm, i see the next War for Oil? what see you ?


Soon, I guess! ISIS defeat will take as long as USA+proxies need to consolidate positions. Then it is probably gonna go down. I don’t feel like USA is ready to back out of ME just yet. Unless a new Sykes Picot like deal goes down, I do not see any scenario other than conflict in the horizon. It looks like the choice is always the same – the bad and the the worst – peace through restoration of western rule in ME or war, towards the unknown.


The US will never ever back out of ME. They are making more and more bases in the new Kurdistan, just look at this map of US bases from before the invasion of Syria. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0d84c6f8125cae44191ab726689ec504c74939466bb02c8ef2a53b14a607a3fa.jpg


16 out of 19 US air bases in Iraq were built on “Kurdish” ground .


Map looks good, thanks. Can I have source please?


It was posted by Lew Rockwell several years ago. It clearly shows who the US is trying to surround with their bases.

El Diablo

Clean ISIS first. SDF can be destroyed later with Iraq and Turkey support :D

jhon malakiat

i think this is the best idea. dont let syria fight alone against kurd zionis rats.

let kurd declare indepedent and with iraq, iran, and turkey together destroy kurd..


The plan is probably to set up Israeli Kurdistan – which the Americans will naturally have to protect from Arabs and Turks. Luckily, they have all those American bases in place already! They’ll also be useful for transporting all those Israelis to their new Promised Land, without getting their feet wet. https://alethonews.wordpress.com/2017/09/21/200000-israelis-expected-in-kurdistan-once-independence-is-declared/ 200,000 Israelis expected in “Kurdistan” once independence is declared According to the magazine Israel-Kurd based in Erbil, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and Massoud Barzani, the self-appointed President of the future independent Kurdistan, have reached a secret agreement.

Tel-Aviv is committed to installing 200,000 Israelis of Kurdish origin in Kurdistan.

The announcement has been widely repeated in the Turkish, Iranian and Arab press. The plan to create a South Sudan and a Kurdistan has been an Israeli military objective following missile development at the end of the nineties. These territories, largely administered by the Israelis, have enabled a rear attack on Egypt and Syria.

Out of the 8.5 million Israelis living in Israel, around 200,000 are of Kurdish origin. In March 1951, “Operation Ezra and Nehemiah” (named after the biblical persons that organized the flight of the Jewish people from Babylon) permitted 11,000 Jewish Kurds to emigrate from Iraq to Israel. The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee of New York funded this operation. The planes used for this air lift were made available by the Cuban dictator, Fulgencio Batista.

The Barzani family that governs the Iraqi Kurdistan with an iron fist, is historically connected to Israel. Mullah Mustafa Barzani, father of the current president Massoud Barzani, was one of Mossad’s high officials.

The Israeli Prime Minister is the only head of government to have publicly declared his support of the creation of an independent Kurdistan outside the historic Kurdish territory (which would also be to the detriment of the indigenous populations).

Despite the prohibition declared by the Iraqi Constitutional Court, a referendum will take place on 25 September 2017 with a view to declaring this new State.

Solomon Krupacek

america will not support kurdistan, if turkey will be hard. if usa must choose between bosphorus and kurdistan, the choice is clear. the yanks protects israel, but they were never their puppet. lot of thing what israel wanted did not americans. also in case of kurdistan: srael support free kurdistan 50+ years. yanks never. and also now is big question, whether america want free kurdistan? dont forget, if all surrounding countries block bordesrs, close airspace for planes, kurdistan will be better isolated than north korea. any halp can be sent only via IBCMs or dropped from satellites :))


True enough; but perhaps it’s intended more as a casus belli and continual irritant to its neighbours, propped up my America under Israeli urging. It doesn’t have to be a viable state, just a means of causing trouble in the area.


200,000 Israelis from Cynic , impressive birth rate from 11,000 ! America will support Kurdistan , because they are then much closer to two objectives , tearing Turkey apart as it is no longer obedient , a base much closer to Iran , hence Russia , with the side benefit of expanding Israel to include Turkey . Turkey itself , the Sultan , thinks like a thief , he wants to step into Idlib where there are no Kurds , rather than the Iraqi Kurdish province holding the referendum . Thief’s are easily tricked and misled . Israel expands north to include western Turkey , with a friendly Kurdish neighbor ( eastern Turkey , Syria , Iraq , and the prize Iran) . Next Russia !


If Erdogan would have some common sense he would not have pushed towards Al Bab in the first place but liberated the entire boarder between Turkey and Syria that has been occupied for years now by hostile forces including the IS and the Kurds. The Turkish state is in a very bad condition and rotten from within. I have credible sources affirming that Erdogan himself is not only a traitor of the laicistic state but the Turkish people in general. Him taking power (and the subsequent islamification of the country) has always been a set-up game, maintaining his leadership has always been in the interest and priority of of the West. They don´t want a strong and prosperous Turkish state, which they have demonstrated repeatedly by excluding Turkey from EU membership. His actions are not only the result of a lack of strategic intelligence, things happen because they are planned and wanted that way. Although less obvious, Turkey itself has also been a victim of foreign interventions and interferance with internal affairs. Erdogan is simply an agent of an international cabale, which is why the Turkish state is in such a mess right now.


The attempted coup d´ etat that took place a while ago in Turkey was actually deliberately orquestrated by the CIA to further weaken the Turkish opposition and to strenghten reactionary Islamic forces within the country. As a result of this, Turkey is action irrationally and against its own interests regarding the Kurdish question in Syria and Iraq


Israel did not support kurds until recently, and before 2003 not at all. Israel aided turkey with intelligence on fighting Kurds, and against Assad, the father, who supported Kurds.

When turkey threatened to invade Syria in 2000 it was because Syria was providing sanctuary to the kurdish resistance leader , Ocalan. Assad refused to just hand him over to turkey. But to save Syria he was forced to tell Ocalan to leave.

It was Israeli intelligence that tracked Ocalan to Africa, kidnapped him, and flew him back to turkey where Ocalan still sits on jail.

Israel was friends with anti – Kurd turkey for 60 years , their alliance with Kurds is only recent.

DJ Double D

How honest are these questions: If Russia/SAA can’t find a way to crush whomever is standing on their way to further progress, with all their aviation superiority, then is it safe to say that they can’t win a war against the US and the Kurds? How is it possible that the Kurds are expanding right in close proximity to the battle area between SAA and ISIS while not facing as much resistance from ISIS as it is for the SAA? Is this not a direct evidence of collaboration?


Well those behind the US also control Russia and Israel. The rest is just show to pretend otherwise.

Behold a Pale Horse

Spot on

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Right now Russia is securing Idlib and will probably end up cutting Turkey out of the de escalation zone. Most of the region will already be secured by Syria Army before they arrive as they are targeting all groups in the region,this is Russia’s plan “B”. The US has stupidly withdrew some of it’s proxy mercenaries to fight in Northern Syria and will now pay the price of the action.

The Quinetra area is falling quickly and has been weak for some time and the SAA and Russians are going to exploit that. The SAA is supposed to be getting the border checkpoint with Jordan back soon and will close off weapon supplies to the terrorist factions. The deal in Hama has 500 of those fighters joining the SAA which will bolster the few thousand who have left already in the past while.

Russians,SAA ,Hezbollah and Iran haven’t finished yet as they even have more things going on in that regard. The border near Abu Kamal will soon be secured this will become apparent as they are trying to maintain silence on that operation. Like I told you this is going to get interesting as they take the road from Raqqa to DE once this is under control of the SAA, the supply route gets longer.

DJ Double D

This is the same thing we fear might happen and now it did. Events in Idlib is now Drawing Russian and SAA attention out of the critical place of Deir Ezzor. HTS is now attacking ceaselessly.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The attacks are not gaining any ground that can be held by them as this is a recruitment drive gone wrong. The Russians are no longer going to be pussyfooting around as China becomes more involved in support and military.

This is the showdown the Neocons in the US wanted but now they see their allies getting gun shy in this and are hearing grumblings among their peasants slow and low right now everywhere.

MD Ranix

sdf=isis as simple as that …. brethrens in hell too

DJ Double D

When several days ago I informed about the deal between the US and ISIS, some people were still wary whether to believe it or not. Listen buds, I have sources that I trust more than others. In Raqqah, US made a deal with some ISIS commanders and local and some foreign ISIS fighters were moved to Deir Ezzor with sole purpose of fighting SAA. The fighting in Raqqah has virtually stopped (serious fighting hasn’t been ongoing for sometime now). While in Deir Ezzor, they offered ISIS huge money to hold SAA as long as possible so the Kurds can continue east and capture as much oil as possible. This plan seems to be working well.

Solomon Krupacek

ok, but these are old methods used also in this war. this make also the russians and saa. the yanks were stupid not to use the same methods. we should not crittisize the same methods only at one side. either both sides, or nowhere.

DJ Double D

When you have people criticizing America and they take out their wallets and all you see are American dollars, then that tells you something. The fact of the matter is that, they remain the only country that can do anything – no matter how bad it is and can get away with it.

jhon malakiat

isis’s ideology sees both syria alAssad and USA/Kurd as infidels. with little different but important that Syria AlAssad more infidels than USA/Kurd because isis sees Assad as shia.

Its common knowledge that isis wahhabi really really hate to shia compare to christian or even zionis. the reason why all jihadits aka terrorist come to syria is because they think they will fight against shia.

no wonder, if isis prefer to collaboration with usa/kurd instead of with Syria.

In my country, indonesia, many wahhabi terorist go to syria to fight against Assad because they think Assad is shia. here, we have suffer a lot with radicals wahhabi especially since outbreak ‘revolution’ in syria. many radicals wahhabi trying so hard to bring syria conflict in our beloved country..

and that why syria winning is our winning. I hope syria AlAssad crush all terrorist soon as possible.

warm greetings to syrian people..

Toni Liu

What are you from indonesia? I’m from indonesia too, hope those stupid shit got killed first before they come back to indonesia


No mercy for SDF. Slauther them all even US embeded.

svenne svensk

Time to attack does SDF and see hwo is hiding among them. Very strange the SDF have advance that fast and ISIS is attacking the Syrian Army when SDF apparently have defeated ISIS defence. In military strategy it is very strange acting this way


Why are people panicking? SAA has this under control, they are still standing after 6 years, relax and give it time.

DJ Double D

SAA loosing ground on different fronts, many tanks and bulldozers destroyed, scores of troops death, Mig 21 shot down. Bad day!. Kashum village not fully liberated. Some points in North Hama recaptured by HTS.


That’s why they evacuated the ISIS leader some weeks ago

Solomon Krupacek

those are spies


Saqr Island was captured a week ago acc to SF info. Several sources claim, in fact supported by this article, the SAA suffered heavy lossess and was in the defensive east of the river, mainly due to the low capacity of the bridge build by the Russians.

Misinformation, clearly.

Acc to the map, SDF is overtaking the SAA bridgehead and if correct, all this posturing by Assadophyles (addo’s?) is clearly sectarian rantings.

Just fools inciting a next round of civil war.

Solomon Krupacek

no, saqr island was entered. and all days are several reports about fiercy clashes.




The American people are very tired of this endless war. And I think President Trump is too. And his opposition to these endless wars is what got him elected, in part.

The problem is that the American people are not aware of this low intensity conflict.

There needs to be a major incident to happen in Syria to make Americans aware that Russia and the Syrian people are willing to escalate this conflict, to fight endlessly to protect their country’s assets.

There needs to be an ultimatum from Russia and it’s Syrian coalition to the Kurds to withdraw from the Syrian oil fields immediately or face attack.

This will make the headlines in the US. The ultimatum then needs to be backed up with action. Yes there will be blood spilled. But, if not now , when ?

This will begin the debate within the US. Do Americans really want endless war and direct confrontation with a Super power, so that the Kurds can keep their stolen oil ? The answer will be no. …


While I would love to agree with you , the press is controlled by Un – Americans. Now that their goals are becoming more clear , Russia , Iran and China can prepare .


The fact is , the United State has been at war for 222 years out of 239 years. That’s 93% of the time!. Since the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776, the U.S has actually been at peace (albeit planning the future wars) for a total of only 21 years. Read “REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN”(if you find the book) and you will see that the UNITED STATES is a WAR MAKING MACHINE.


Good point. …. But this is the age of the Internet. The American people are beginning to realize that 4,500 US soldiers are now dead in Iraq, all for the purpose of making to Middle East safe for Israel, so that Israel can keep the land it stole from Palestinians.

They were so tired of these wars that they even elected an African American in 2008, in part because he had opposed the Iraq war. At the same time, they just recently rejected the war party candidate, in addition to having already rejected her back in 2008, when she lost the nomination to Obama.


That´s the main strategic advantage of the SAA and its allies. As you mentioned in your post, the American public does not want their country to be engaged in an all out war in Syria. The strategic options of the American coalition are therefore limited, since they can not cross a certain line at this point that would lead to a further escalation of the sutuation. Russia and Syria are aware of this, so the war for the oil fields is far from over yet. Everything depends on how firmly the SAA will make the point clear that these oil fields are a property of the Syrian peoples.

Tommy Jensen

The American public for certain will want it. Its for freedom.


It is a dire situation, anything can happen from now on. I truly hope the SAA is still able to stop this massive oil theft and get a hold of the plants that are supposedly under SDF control. They must not back down now, there is only one language these imperialist powers can understand, Every move that is taken now is game-changing, every little action counts. The imperialist plan is clear: they want an autonomous Kurdistan, a little wannabe Israel, a dysfunctional puppet state, even worse than the Kosovo. We should all be aware that the plan consists in nothing less than what we have witnessed in countries all over the world for decades. The SDF has been pursued to play the puppet role in this dirty game. They must be stoped right now with clear and decisive military actions.

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