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JUNE 2023

US-backed Forces Prepare To Establish Idlib Military Council To Fight Turkish Army In Province

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US-backed Forces Prepare To Establish Idlib Military Council To Fight Turkish Army In Province

On Sunday, Abu Amar al-Idlibi the commander of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) group “Northern Democratic Brigade” said in an interview with the Kurdish Ronahi news website that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and his group are preparing to announce the formation of the Idlib Military Council. The Northern Democratic Brigade is one of the few FSA groups within the SDF.

In the interview, Abu Amar accused the Turkish Army of occupying the Syrian territories. Moreover, he said that the main aim of the ongoing Turkish Army operation west of Afrin city in the northern Aleppo countryside is to besiege the city.

The Northern Democratic Brigade commander also confirmed that the SDF is willing to enter Idlib governorate “even if after 20 years”. Abu Amar said that their main aim will be to fight the Turkish Army, and terrorist inside Idlib.

“The Russian deployment in al-Shahba [Aleppo] is only to de-escalate the tension between us and the Turkish occupation. Russian forces in our areas are nothing more than a separation force, and they are considered and observers of the situation and the ceasefire. We don’t even allow Russia to intervene in the interior matter of our areas. They have limited deployment in few positions,” Abu Ammar said answering a question about the Russian rule in Afrin city.

When Abu Amar was asked about the US reaction to the Turkish Army operation near Afrin city, he described it as a “great disappointment”. Abu Amar said that the US “totally forget about the situation in Afrin”, and accused Russia, Turkey and Iran of besieging the city.

Abu Amar statements echoes the hostile attitude that the SDF leadership developed after the capture of major areas in eastern Syria, including Raqqa city. However, the US will not likely allow the SDF to turn this attitude into real actions.

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Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

Kurds want their ridiculous access to the sea. You dumb goyim need to close the Euphrates Shield pocket before you can hope to attack Idlib.


In this I agree. The MMC has been building up its forces very rapidly and they have been blooded in Raqqah. Afrin has been fully mobilised for a long time. As soon as turkey makes a mistake and loses its Ru support, Azaz, Jarablus will likely be attacked.


Not going to happen though. Denying the Kurds access to the sea is probably key to the Russian and Syrian strategy. Not to mention of ALL countries in the region. And while the US can scare off the relatively weak SAA by making a few bombing runs, they can’t bomb their own NATO allies. And Turkish firepower already stopped the SDF once, when they tried to make a run for Azaz. And when faced with a choice between Turkey or the SDF the Americans will go for Turkey. If only to keep their bases which they use to support the SDF against the Russians/Syrians.


I was not talking about the sea, I was talking about the turkish Azaz colony.

I stipulated AFTER a major Erdogan clusterf*ck. And he will make one.

As for US – Turkey relations, the strains are growing and given the nature of both Erdogan and Trump, they will likely snap at some point.

Then the US airbases in Northern Syria will become very important.


Of course he will make another clusterfuck. It’s Erdogan. He’s the Crazy Sultan from Ankara. The next one is already in the making in Idlib. Still doesn’t negate the fact that the Turks will respond with airpower, tanks and artillery to any attempt to take the Azaz colony. And they already stopped the Kurds cold in their tracks with artillery alone.

As for US airbases in Northern Syria. Good luck supplying those if the surrounding countries close their borders and airspace. We only have to look at Afghanistan how precarious the US and NATO presence there is because they are entirely reliant on resupply on Pakistan. The very country that actively supports the very enemy they fight. Amateurs think tactics and strategy, professionals study logistics. And in this case the term ‘landlocked’ determines EVERYTHING. Which is why US airbases in Northern Syria will STILL be reliant on being on good graces with the Crazy Sultan from Ankara.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Speaking of ‘Bombing their own NATO allies’ NATO has bombed NATO many of a time. Remember NATO-Turkey bombing NATO-Greece in the 80’s or 90’s over an island for many months I believe it was? lol


Special case, as Greece and Turkey always had a hate/hate relationship, one that was, and still is, a pain in the ass to the rest of NATO. The two countries weren’t allies, they shared a common foe in the USSR. And it was in the 70’s.

The analogy falls flat in this case because the US and Turkey have no centuries old history of enmity, they have no disputed territory between them, and the US actually uses a lot of Turkish bases. It would even be crazier because US aircraft would take off from Turkish bases to bomb Turkish troops.

You can call me Al

I thought I was a Goy (Im), being white, Christian etc.


SDF will prepare for the next major foreign policy blunder of Erdogan. It is a matter of time.

Once there, SDF can take advantage or not.


SDF or YPG could be completely and utterly sacked by HTS, FSA, and TSK.

That place is over fortified, trenches, Tunnel systems, and over mined. The SAA, Russia, and Iran did not want anything with it. just due to the fact air-bombing would have zero fact on them because they had plently of time to over fortify it.

TSK enter only on the Rebels benefit nor do they see TSK as rival but instead see good in them. So if anything if TSK decide to sacked the north Rojava groups it could do it pretty easily.

They could get sacked really quickly

You can call me Al

Right, I was getting confused with all these anagrams; which I suppose is the whole point. Here is a start, no.3 is enough for me.



I thought the FSA were Turkish backed !!!> if so, why would the above happen ?……..ah understood now.


Get this posted SF, I have asked you a few weeks ago for exactly this, even more detailed would be great.

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