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JUNE 2023

US-backed Forces Officially Declare Start Of “al-Jazeera Tempest” Campaign In Deir Ezzor Province

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US-backed Forces Officially Declare Start Of “al-Jazeera Tempest” Campaign In Deir Ezzor Province


The Military Council of Deir Ezzor (MCD) of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has announced a start of the “al-Jazeera Tempest” campaign in Deir Ezzor province.

The announcement was made at a press conference in Abu Fas village south of the SDF-held city of Hasakah on Saturday. The statement was ready by Ahmad Abu Khoula, a commander of the MCD. However, the advance will likely be led by Kurdish YPG and YPJ militias as the all previous SDF operations.

The declared aim of the campaign is to re-take the entire area north and east of the embattled city of Deir Ezzor from ISIS. This means that the SDF seeks to seize the strategic Omar oil field as well as to capture some parts of the Deir Ezzor-Baghdad highway cutting off this vital supply line that could be established between Iraq and Syria.

According to local sources, the SDF operation de-facto started on Friday and SDF units already seized the villages of Tal Aljehev, Jabal az-Zirab, Bir Dumayni and Hujayf Zarrab, according to pro-Kurdish sources. Nonetheless, these gains still have to be confirmed.

During the press conference, the SDF also claimed that it has liberated 70% of the city of Raqqah from ISIS.

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Looks like Kurds are looking for a fight with the Syrian army.

Wahid Algiers

Be sure. In some hours the SAA will cross the Euprates north of Deir Ezzor to cut off these kurdish US dogs.


What the name of the campaign implies, it may be more than that. Historically, Al-jazeera in Arabic also means Mesopotamia, the area between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates. What is certain, manipulated Kurds are going to be a major headache in the coming months. What Zionists couldn’t achieve by their terror poppets, they’re going to try using Kurds. It’s sad how a group of brave (and stubborn) people let others take advantage of them.


Which one do you like more? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bc87efda007fd226fbf4df65089e032a7cb29f34557cc5f253892a64149e4b28.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6ee7939581ff559358c5353688c36c453c1c070cd90a4fb78091cd9b705d5962.jpg


Made in America.


Nice picture Sven, well done!


I wonder what Turkey will do now ? Will they do the same as with the Kurds in Iraq and be the buyer of stolen oil from Syria ( again) or will they attempt to thwart the Kurdish power that comes with oil ?


The Turks at least get on pretty well with the Barzani clan that rules Iraqi Kurdistan. By making themselves subservient to Ankara the Turks don’t fear them. Ankara utterly hates and loathes the Syrian Kurds due to their connection the PKK to the point they would rather have ISIS or Assad for a neighbor. I’d say maybe if the YPG were to cut all ties with the PKK and utterly disavows them and pledges to kiss Turkey’s ass from now on to eternity, then maybe……? Otherwise its invasion time as soon as the US grows bored with them after ISIS is gone. Just like it has grown bored with the FS factions in the Damascus desert.

Then again, maybe one small Kurdish puppet state is all Ankara can stomach, and having a 2nd one in Syria is maybe too much regardless. Can’t have the Kurds in Turkey get too hopeful if a 2nd Kurdish state were to appear.


The US illegal invaders have already negotiated with oil companies to extract stolen Syrian oil in Deir Ezzor. Probably so that their invasion there becomes self funding.

The Russian strategists will have of course foreseen this situation and it will be interesting to see their forthcoming chess moves there.

George King

Russia has already signed oil agreements with the Barzani clan and as one of the only existing nation of laws (Russia) will only allow distribution legally lawful oil of the Syrian nation under multinational/multilateral (and Syrian) laws and agreements. Russia has no choice of any other path to exist.

Pillage and plunder under uni-power (Empire) will now become multi power trade and barter under the nations of mutual laws of sovereign nations. There is no longer any doubt here or WWIII. It is a matter of survival for Russia and the rest of the world.


That was expected, now’s the time to manifest Syria’s determination to recover every inch of its land like president Assad said they would. No more bases, oilfields and landgrabs for the US terrorists.


Assad could get all the Kurds ‘gains’ back by guaranteeing them a semi autonomous region along the Turkish border. That would give Erdogan – another one of the ISIS-supporting Sryian regime-change artists – something else to worry about. Let’s face it, the US won’t permit, and the Kurds probably couldn’t handle, a ‘one-state’ state Kurdistan.


He could also get it back by using the SAA to neutralize the SDF.

Wahid Algiers

AND Iraq won’ t accept a kurdish gypsy state as well.

Ahmed K Hurmizyar

oh comon who is the gypsy its arabs who are considered the scum of the earth look at your own image in the world you are incapable of anything all your countryes united could not beat a tiny state like israil in three wars and your countrys are full of chaos and civil and social unrest even gypsys can maneg a state better than you


Autonomy is what kurds/sdf want, within a federal setting to prevent Assad from waking up after a bad dream and revoking all.

Assad will not get all the SDF gains in case of an agreement. They will never be an internal colony again. Sure, part or even most of oil proceeds, water and electricity will be for Syrian general use. Before, nothing remained in Northern Syria and in the future at least a reasonable part will, to be used for local development.

Langaniso Mhlobo

USA is looking for shit why are their not finishing of Raqqa operation which their have ruin.It become clear Israeland USA is looking for shit.Any wrong move and SDF must completely destroy Syrian want while Syria back not that shit of forming bases in Syria like in Japan,Germany and South Korea.


a quick view of the map will state the obvious.only if the isis terrorists open a corridor by launching another attack on the SAA will SDF be able to reach DEZ.otherwise the only way is by crossing the river…..are we kidding?so the us has given order to their loyal troops to help the sdf.


Sometimes it helps if one actually reads a report. SDF is (stated as to) aiming for the DeZ countryside so this whole comment is nonsense.

SDF is not aiming to cross the river. They could have done this (again) the whole time by taking the pontonbridge at their eastern line along the Euphrates.

They aim for strategic depth against both Turkey and Assad, to please their arab supporters, to gain extra recruiting possibilities and maybe a few oil wells will help too.


I tend to agree.. What they will get at the negotiations is an opportunity to form a political party, then they will have to campaign for political survival.


That is my reading too.

Were the SAA to cross the river, as they seem to be able to in principle, it is unclear whether they have enough forces to hold a bridgehead against counterattacks, keeping in mind the SAA was unable to relieve the pocket around the airport for days, keeping in mind too they only had to advance one or two kms through a cemetary.

Having said all that, from all but Assadist sites there are reports that US and Russia divided spheres of influence.


There are no Arab supporters.the local people see them as occupation army. ream ‘reports’ about trouble with locals and the Russian military police getting between them to stop the worst from happening. if you mean othae Arab nations supporting SDF i dont think there are any…all of them support ISIS.

Wahid Algiers

Don’ t regard Dutchnational. He is a kurd lover and surely loves them in each activities elsewhere in the Netherlands. He will not understand that these european invaders, as the kurds too, destroy the white people in western europe.


I am an admirer of the way Syrian kurds, a persecuted people by the Assad family, abandoned in 2012 by the SAA were able to wrestle against overwhelming odds and liberate their lands from islamists of all kinds, to aid Syriacs, to aid even Arabs willing to overcome old prejudices.

I admire the gender equality of the PYD and YPG/YPJ.

I strongly support their ideas of a mixed cooperative capitalist society, something we also have, though to a lesser extent, in the Netherlands.

What is to admire in the Assad family dictatorship?

martin aguilar

Dutch nazional , always with USA -ISIS-NATO terrorists. Kurds-USA will be defeated, by SAA-Russia in Rojava, and Siria will liberate it´s country after killing all terrorists and recovering the last inch of their land. !


Show me one of mine comments clearly supporting IS.

As for Nato, may I remind you the Netherlands is one of the founding members of Nato and the EU, both of which I strongly support.

I even think Russia supports the SDF so as to have an extra stick to beat Assad with if he ever becomes too troublesome to Russia, and of course to keep Turkey, and Erdogan, out of balance too.

martin aguilar

Bullshit !


Alawites were put in charge of the Nation after they were mostly slaughtered! The French made that happen! Deal with it!

SDF which are mainly Kurds have pretty much forced others to join!

If the SDF are such wonderful people, why do they rush to grab oil rich lands suddenly? Why not leave the Syrian oil fields for the Syrians to liberate?

dude, ure a piece of shit! Always have been and always will be!

Manuel Flores Escobar

USA throw the bone to DZ and the Kurdish dog run there!


It was wepected. I repeated it so many times. So, if SDF take DZ countryside, cry about your own stupidity. Because it was very obvious.


The military people in the photo within the article sure look like YPG Kurds to me. I notice five of them are female. And, they are so far away from their Kurdish homeland. How do they ever expect to steal and maintain control of Arab oil wells East of the Euphrates river in Syria? Are they intending for ISIS to switch sides and put on SDF-YPG uniforms?

Below, I have attached a map of traditional Kurdish areas within Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Look at the map closely. There are no Kurdish areas East of the Euphrates in Dier E-Zor provience, where they are intending to conquer. They must think that it is still o.k. to be colonialists and steal someone else’s land? I guess the Israeli’s must have told them it was o.k. .




It takes a long time to set up logistics for anything. Words are cheap, actions cost a lot. I could be wrong but, I just don’t think the SDF in the end, will gain anything of long term value. If they could have seized it before, they would have done it when the SAA was a vey long way off. The SAA and allies are there now, getting ready to cross the river and it will be like lightning. School is in.

The US Coalition/SDF hasn’t been ready for anything the other side is doing. Look at the situation in Al Tanf. It was something planned for years, well financed and now it is all rolled up but Al Tanf itself. Let’s reflect on the situation in September of 2015. What did it all look like then? Now, a ‘half assed ‘ move south by the SDF and friends is going to change anything? Hardy har har. I could be very wrong about all this but, presently it is not looking that way even a little bit.

The Russians, in conjunction with the Syrian government and it’s allies, have been looking at the situation on the ground for a long time. The analysis, decision making, comportment and results from actions taken have been textbook superb. As I have said before, I am witnessing a brand new conduct of warfare being displayed. The West, NATO et al, has had it easy and frankly stupid for far too long. They thought spending money and ridiculus weapon systems, covered by non-stop propaganda would gain them the world. They are now being showed how much they really …….. really screwed it up. I wish well to all and hope the we, humanity, can stop the massive bloodshed for money and move onto something that will advance us.


looks like the SAA and Russians will pull out of manbij and hand it over to the Turkish proxies to start prodding! Id Say farina is fucked too! lol, u can bet a secret deal is being made, “if u attack the oil rich fields of DeZ, Kurds in Afrin are gonna be laid to waste for the Turks! Seems the SDF don’t give a fuck about the Afrin Kurds! they will lose both!

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