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JUNE 2021

US-backed Forces Of Martyr Ahmad al-Abdo Start Withdrawing From Damascus Desert – Reports

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US-backed Forces Of Martyr Ahmad al-Abdo Start Withdrawing From Damascus Desert - Reports


The US-backed militant group “the Forces of Martyr Ahmad al-Abdo” is withdrawing from the Damascus desert, according to pro-militant media outlets and media acitivsts.

The Forces of Martyr Ahmad al-Abdo reportedly started withdrawing from the desert area towards the border with Jordan on September 7. According to reports, two others US-backed militant groups, Jaysh Usud al-Sharqiya and Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra, started withdrawing from positions in the area earlier in September.

The withdrawal of militant groups from the Damascus desert area in southeastern Syria came amid reports about the tensions between the militant groups and the US-led coalition over their future activity in the area. The militants were reportedly seeking to combat the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies while the US-led coalition didn’t support this idea.

If reports are confirmed, this will mean that the SAA will be able to secure a large desert area in southeastern Syria and expand its control over the area near the Syrian-Joranian border. This would allow to shorten the frontline and to free additional forces for operations against ISIS in Deir Ezzor province.

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OK with me…

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They signed a De-escalation deal recently and both groups were included in it , the fact the US had Jordaan bar any medical help and to shoot them on sight was I think a clincher. They will redeploy them to Shahdadi and make an advance since the SAA are at DE and know once they clear the area they will head across the river and cut off any advance east by the SDF. Hope that is easier to understand why their motive is one of needing troops to advance without them they can’t do anything. It would look like a real US Land grab that they couldn’t explain away any time too soon.


I don’t quite trust such a move from treacheous powers…

MD Ranix

zio satanic terrorists up to no good … can never be trusted forever


It is just that US realizes it should save its proxies and deploy them somewhere else to continue its disruption policies, since they are failing their aims in the ME.


Mortal combat carts.


Whatever idiot. The only viable, other scenario is that there has been a fallout between the group leaderships and the US. I think such things will continue happening, as the western policy in ME keeps failing. Since the moderate opposition fraud has been exposed, I believe that the “faithful” proxies will either be moved to a new battlefield as soon as the need arises, or will merge with other, more legitimate pro US groups operating in Syria, namely SDF. The rest of them will be terminated or will switch sides because of collision of interests with their benefactors.


Well done. SDF is also too legitimate for America and Israel because SDF consists of 10% Kurds and 90% Syrian Arab of whom 60% are SAA and any time they can say we don’t need American support any more please move out from Syria. That is why America have realized this reality and have started killing SDF members. Syrian government, Iran and Hezbollah are not against SDF.


USA is abandoning the horses they bet on since 2012 and going all in SDF.


Wise of them. Islamists always at some time bite the hands that feeds them.


Pretty sure the Jordanians don’t want them.


Pretty sure the Syrians didn’t want them.
Let Jordan get what it supported!

DJ Double D

To be honest, judging by it’s behaviour, US is really a Criminal State.

Richard M

So Jordan will allow these head cutting can nibbles across their border?


Good. Run away.
Go play your head-chopping and heart-eating games in the countries that used to support you!

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