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US-backed Forces Initiate Ground Operations To Eliminate ISIS-held Pocket In Euphrates Valley: Coalition Spokesman

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US-backed Forces Initiate Ground Operations To Eliminate ISIS-held Pocket In Euphrates Valley: Coalition Spokesman

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The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have initiated ground operations to eliminate the last ISIS-held pocket in the Euphrates Valley, a US-led coalition spokesman stated on September 11. He added that the advance will be backed up by artillery and air strikes by the coalition.

The ISIS-held village of Hajin and the nearby villages in the Euphrates Valley are now the last ISIS major stronghold in Syria. An intersting fact is that it’s located on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, which the coalition has delcared its zone of responsibility and has fiercely defended this striking Syrian Army units attempting to advance into it.

Thus, the SDF’s inability or unwillingness to eliminate the Hajin pocket has been repeatedly described as attempts to keep the ISIS threat in Syria to justify the US military presence there.

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They were waiting for the SAA to clear the pockets on their side, so that they could have the final ‘victory’ and claim that the Kurds defeated ISIS. I’m ready to bet they will also ‘capture’ the leader of ISIS to parade around. What an absolute farce these theatrics.

Bill Wilson

Oh bullshit. Anyone in their right mind knows that the SAA has been incapable of clearing out the ISIS pocket east of the river. They can if Assad deploys their better units down there but they’re currently positioned around Idlib. I wouldn’t be surprised if Assad allows the SDF to cross the river to finish off ISIS once the Kurds have eliminated them on the east bank since they’re highly skilled at fighting those extremists in desert regions.


Bullsh** yourself r*tard. Have you even looked at the map? Are you new here? The SAA cant reach east of the euphrates due to threats by the SDF and the coalition in the past. The SAA got to conduct its assault on the western part when ISIS was still strong there, while the SDF could grab land on the east unimpeded.

The Kurds arent specially skilled in fighting extremists. Most of what they’re done is absorb those ISIS units into their ranks and give them weapons. In effect, the SDF have done pretty much sweet f**kall in the fight agaisnt ISIS. All coalition strikes were cosmetic, often dilberately targeting Syrian economic infrastructure in the wake of SAA offensives. Hell they even destroyed entire convoys of syrian heroes defending Deir Ezzor from your hired killers.

Next time you come try to lecture me about the war, get your sh&t straight motherf*8ker. Everything you’ve said is literally fabrication and deception.

Bill Wilson

We’ll see how the vaunted SAA reacts when the ISIS rats cross the river in droves to escape the SDF. I got a hunch that ISIS will launch attacks from the west to open corridors for their escape into the Homs Desert.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

They will indeed, but the SAA have been expecting them, they’ve already made adequate preparations, when they [Isis} arrive they’ll wish they hadn’t, — unless. The 5000 Isis fighters that fled Al-Hasakah, they’re still roaming around somewhere, a coordinated attack against the SAA by these 2 groups, would be a major problem they may not be fully prepared for, we also have 1500 Isis fighters in the SAA controlled Dier ez-Zor desert, they could also play a part in any coordinated attacks, — also. If any coalition aircraft or French artillery, were to ‘mistakenly’ hit a few strategically situated SAA emplacements, like they did in Dier ez-Zor city killing 100+ SAA, the situation there in Abu Kamal would become very precarious very quickly. Fingers crossed.

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