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US-backed Forces Developing Their Advance Against ISIS At Syrian-Iraqi Border

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US-backed Forces Developing Their Advance Against ISIS At Syrian-Iraqi Border

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The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), backed up by the US-led coalition, are developing their operation against ISIS at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The SDF has recently captured Tal al-Jayer, Hulwah and Daral Khattab west of the town of Dashishah, en road to the Tal Safwak border checkpoint. Over the past 10 days, the US-backed group has captured over 20 settlements from ISIS in the area.

It’s interesting to note that ISIS has put up a little resistance to the advancing SDF units.

Meanwhile, ISIS has expanded its attacks on Syrian government forces in the Euphrates valley and in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert.

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seems like saudi and uae jew slaves are going ALL IN in jemen.5000 troops deployed to hudeiya area for big push to capture port………………………….will be interesting to see the outcome…for the houthis not a disaster to loose this one(they defintley had plans for the loss of port)…but fot the invading pricks , if they loose this one….then this war is more or less over….so…… go houthis go


and why comment on this bs isis fighting us story…bs war made up war from the beginning since al bubakar or whatever his bs isis leeader name is, was in us custody in iraq.period nothing more to say to this fake war, including this bs turkey usa “tangle”…all bs…. as finally seen due to manjib and the bs agreement between the 2 invaders.

Muja Suria

Stop this now! My brother was martyred in lSlS, we are losing our best friends from childhood and children are losing their fathers stop this madness now!comment image


Real Muslim; what a joke, you believe in the Saudi Wahhabi Sunni Islam,
You work for the US and Israel.
The problem of believing in any “holy book”, it is subject to incorrect interpretation.
Rumi was a real Muslim, he spoke of Love, not war.
You will loose all your friends .
You will loose all your children as well, because you have chosen death over Life.
What you do unto others will be done unto you.
The Eternal God is Loving and when you act with Love you obey Him.
Thankfully He is forgiving, you and your brothers will be sent to other worlds until you learn.


Sir, I must warn you that the comment section on this site is loaded with trolls, neo-Nazis, and other deluded people who don’t really take war seriously. You’ll find that any opinion outside this circle jerk’s semi-official line gets harrassed.
South Front is a pro-Russian source covering foreign conflicts, so the English translation attracts…

Carol Davidek-Waller

….and the moon is made of green cheese. ISIS is the wests/saudi terrorist army .


Behold the effects of those 250 trucks loaded with guns and bullets we gave them. Although it probably take an couple extra ranger companies to make this go faster.

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