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US-backed Forces Detained Local Tribesman For Public Calls To Reconcile With Damascus, End Foreign Occupation

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The US-backed Syrian “Democratic” Forces (SDF) detained a local tribesman for public calls to reconcile with the Damascus government and put an end to foreign occupation during the SDF-sponsored “Reconciliation Conference” in the SDF-held town of Ithriya in the province of Raqqah on January 25.

The Kurdish-dominated group staged the meeting using loyal Arab SDF members in an attempt to strengthen its influence across the Arab-populated areas, which had been seized from ISIS. However, it appeared that the “reconciliation” has some special meaning in their worldview when SDF members attacked a group of Arabi political activists calling for reconciliation with Damascus.

This video shows the statement and the detention:

On January 27, the SDF media center released a poorly written statement on the incident. The SDF accused the detained person, identified as Jasm Muhammad Al-Asm, of provoking SDF members.

DIRECT QUOTE: “His behavior provoked many militants of SDF who are from the area and who sacrificed with everything to liberated their area, what provoked more is that the So-called (Jasm Muhammad Al-Jasm) behaved individually without baking to the area’s tribes, this led him to be in suspicious and his behavior was explained that it aims to create disputation and destabilization.”

The US-backed group added that it had investigated the details of the incident and employed disciplinary measures toward its members involved in the attack. No further details were released.

It was not the first time when the US-backed “democrats” employed force to crack down on the opposition within the SDF-held, first of all Arab-populated, areas. In general, these incidents are not covered by mainstream media outlets. This is why the general English-speaking audience believes that the SDF has a larger support across northeastern Syria than it really has.

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Bigaess Wangmane

His behavior provoked many militants of SDF who are from the area and who sacrificed with everything to liberated their area, what provoked more is that the So-called (Jasm Muhammad Al-Jasm) behaved individually without baking to the area’s tribes, this led him to be in suspicious and his behavior was explained that it aims to create disputation and destabilization.”

Not much of a liberation when the liberators work for the same terrorist entity that created and supports ISIS to this very day, nor is it worth a damn when the liberators treat you just as bad as those they liberated you from.


Sadly, Irony, is a little understood word in FUKUS affiliated nations these days. :)

Zionism = EVIL

BTW, the largest Turkeys base in Iraq was burnt to the ground including several of their WW2 M-48 tanks which the Turkeys peasant army just left and fled.comment image


Not surprising at all when US backed democrats are really US backed marxists. And marxists love to throw people into jails and camps. And do all sorts of nasty things to them in the name of progress.


It’s not really an exclusive Marxist thing, is it? Pinochet, Goulart, Torrijos, Rhee, Karimov and Saddam say hi.

I’m not saying Marxists are good, I just point out in the US camp, there are worse and worse dictators. SDF does this because they know it won’t be reflected in MSM and their sponsors not only don’t care but also encourage them to do it, otherwise we’d witness an entirely different behaviour, a more sane and sage one if you will.


Funnily enough the US also loves to throw people into jails that are also de facto forced labour camps.
Circa 0.8 percent of the US population are currently in jail. The largest national percentage in the world today.

‘ How many people are incarcerated in the US 2016?
The American criminal justice system holds more than 2.3 million people in 1,719 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 942 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,283 local jails, and 79 Indian Country jails as well as in military prisons, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment centers, and prisons in the U.S. …
Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2016 | Prison Policy Initiative


The corporations that run the prisons even bribe American judges to give people long sentences.


Yes and State tax payers pay penalties to the prison companies if their jails are not filled.


True. But the US prison system is a capitalist industry that seeks to make money. By using inmates as forced laborers and by pushing Washington to put as many people into prison as possible. Just like marxists are loath to give up on power once they have it, capitalists are loath to give up a sweet money making enterprise.


You’re pretty arrogant about your stupidity. The USSR and the Eastern bloc was dissolved mostly peacefully – definitely with much, much less violent resistance than colonisers did pretty much anywhere.


Money is power in any system of course.

Balázs Jávorszky

These things have nothing to do with Marxism. Furthermore, the SDF is a US proxy, and while the US is using them as cannon fodder, it (the US) is usually very careful not to let any _real_ leftish force gain anything.


You can argue about the correct interpretation of marxism, splitting hairs over correct interpretation is a favorite past time of radicals, we see it in Idlib every day, but the YPG is a marxist group, which is why they are the darlings of social justice radicals all over the world, and they are the ones who control the SDF and have done the lionshare of its fighting. And like any marxists, once they have a taste of power they are loath to give it up.

Balázs Jávorszky

“correct interpretation of marxism”
About hair splitting: what you get as “marxism” is usually some two sentence BS (propaganda), that has nothing to do with actual Marxism. And perhaps YPG is marxist, one has to check it, whatever. But this is irrelevant, cos the SDF has been cobbled together by the US and used as a proxy force, and they control it. Those poor Kurdish Marxist(?) a-holes have been exploited and used as cannon fodder.


In most cases, it’s nothing, not even two sentences of propaganda. It’s 100% pure ignorance.


That I know the only Marxist ally of the United States was Pol Pot, which is to Marxism as Al Bagdadi to Islam. But they were two US allies.


There are no Marxists in America, both the Democrats and the Republicans are fascists, but the Democrats also double as Zionists, and the Republicans Nazis.
Neocon is a polite way of saying Nazi.


It doesn’t matter what the parties in the US are, the one they are backing in Syria is marxist. This is why the Kurds are the darlings of the social justice left, which is also marxist.

Jens Holm

ISIS became out of hand.


You never struck me as someone who went HAR HAR DA JEWS AND THE CIA CREATED ISIS, GRRR AARGH. ISIS pretty much sneaked by under everyone’s radar. I do think they tried to use ISIS, especially against Assad, as they never bombed ISIS when it launched any attacks against Assad, including the 2015 and 2016 offensives that saw Palmyra fell twice. Nor did they never put much effort into stopping the flow of weapons and money to ISIS. But ISIS is too hard to control, it will bite the hand that feeds it.

Jens Holm

Even family I see ISIL helped up to something very small by Assads fishing hard in the Sunni settlement against the new dominaters in Bagdad which was the try for Goveness, where shiits wanted to take all and USA and we could not stop it.

At that time Sunnis got no oil money and Kurds did and could take their part sitting on many oilfields as well as Kirkuk.

Byt that Isil also went to be Some few Syrians and the conditions by that was, that many Saddams, which also could handle bigger and more advanced weapons joined.

They didnt have the ISIS brand yet. But those took most of the weapon and probatly also money from the fikctive Iraqian army.

By that´they showed their wishes/wantings – Bagdadi went to be their Guru. I dont know who made their program and state look a like.

By that they were big enough to be no semi friends of Assads and took oil as hostage – probatly for weapons as well.

Al Qaida didnt grow much. They had no locals. ISIL became ISIS and they had many and suddenly could recruit on all levels getting many kind of soldiers as well as money.

By thats they came out of hands of Assads – if they ever was his apart from criminels relased from his jails.

The coup of ISIS was to be eneimies to Assad heavy supported by USA. USA knew they were dangerous and more fanatic then hoped for.

In the other hand FSA fast became from almost something to nothing. True, they were opposition to Assads, but they all wúnfortunatly was second class going down to hardly symbols.

Al Qaida also stole weapons and soldiers from FSA.

ISIS was the last change to make Assads go down. Hillary hoped a few months extra could do that, but Obama was right stopping any support to ISIS as well as give much less to other unreliable groups.

So I dont think they sneeked. Much more they partly by luck got a lot of positive wind and suddenly flashed.

Some also might remember Assads as well as Bagdads were very weak as well at Turks as a minimum didnt stopped anything, which they could.

Yes true of course USA and we didnt attack ISIS when they attacked Assads.

One of us seemes to have forgotten, that USA went in having Assads as target number one being removed, partly replaced or as the succes of today being reduced by destruction.

ISIS became the enemy nr one because they went international as Al Qaida and had learned by seeing them. But as I see it, they had forgotten, that we have learned a lot too partly by Al Qaida.

None of them are gone, but thay for now only have a few small territories around the world. They seemes not growing but probatly will exist for many years.

What I admire most is they could make that country structure with ministers and it worked. I dont know where it came from.

I do not know, where You live, but I think we in Europe as well as Russia and many other countries has done a lot to stop ISIS and thats very underestimated by Middleeasters.

Turks did not even try to help the rest of us, when we had attacks at us. Turks stopped, when 22 kurds in Turkey were killed at a wedding. I wioll never forget Turks for that.

Mainly the Saudis went on supporting ISIS as the last one.

For the moment I see ISIS havnt much to bite with. Even some say no, its very karma for them having no state at all.

Tommy Jensen

Poor guy, just trying to do what is best for his tribe and local society. Next minute he is arrested and involved in a quagmire of geo-political interests.

Zionism = EVIL

Talking of quagmire here is what the Turkeys face in Syria and Iraq:

comment image

Jens Holm

Thats right. Thats bad. Those should be allowed to debate but not so mant, they even older ones, might act like a mob. SDFs cant accept any chaos. Negosiations should end in taken over well established structures or keep them.

One of importance is, that UNHCR deliever almost all food and medical care. So no burned trucks and like that. If SDFs loose control, You probatly will see looting and neighbors killing neighbors they dont like folr wrong or correct reasons.

So meetings has to be organized or accepted by SDFs – the same goes for the rest of Syria. Is that allowed in the Assad areas ?

I also would add, that tribers or not or whatever they are, the Tabqa/Raqqa area as well as half of the DEZ counsil up to Shadadi are promised to choose their own status. It might be easier to them just to join Assads. But do they prefare that.

Carl Cox

“Democratic forces” torturing an old man… Those scumbags will soon get what they deserve.


Yes, it appears that US Democratic Values have been well schooled in the ‘Syrian Democratic Forces ‘.

Zionism = EVIL

comment image

Zionism = EVIL

Well they are following their cowardly Americunt and Zionist masters tactics.


US sponsored SDF.
It will be plenty of work for Assad government after the war to judge all those SDF criminals for their crimes against SAA and local population

Jens Holm

So You want to kill more then 2 million. If any are responsble for this its the ones, which are like You.


and each and every time i explained here what is Happening in east syria, and that reconciliation can maybe happen on paper but not on the streets, i got sweared at heavily.
Again……after the SDF, 2 years ago started with the so called “FORCED RECRUITMENT” of younf Boys and men from age 14 upwards…..there can be no reconciliation.Forced Recruitment means KIDNAPPING and anybody including parents,grandparents,brothers,sisters and friens get battered down and not shot if they r lucky.
Reconciliation….sure…when the traitors are all DEAD.

neil barron

Yes, I mock you not swear though. There is a reason (potcracker777) that is you read as a hash smoker or worse, not as a sensible person, railing against everything. Reread your statements again and again. I assume you do not have a total grasp of the English language. So I decipher what your’e trying to write.
Overall I’m aware of everything you have written here today. This knowledge comes from reading every newspaper or online newspaper like this one, for 2 1/2 years. It took me about 2 months to find out something wasn’t right going on over there and 6 months to realize there’s a lot of lying going on everywhere.
To help you out when I first saw a video on the YPJ recruitment of young girls going to get training I knew that it was a Communist organization when the women leader called them “comrades” nobody calls anybody “comrades” unless their Communist.
Lo and behold saw their flag “Red Star” then the Democratic Union Party. The correct address for an upstanding Communist.
Give me a break. I’ve watched enough videos to recognize the head female commie that is part of the SDF team in talks with the Syrian government.
I don’t have to be willy nilly to write something here.
This is where I come from Barryton,Mi. U.S.A.

neil barron

Also set your spelling and grammar box to automatically correct your typing and sentence structure. It works for most everything that I know of.

Jens Holm

As You see – if You wish – I dont care about that at all.

To me that limit people and oppinions. Why put nice paper around things comming from the behind. People here also dont read modern english at all. It mainly is arabic and turkish thinking translated into English made for lawyers, Doctors and Engeniers.

I have no intensions to go back to that level at all. I cant. Not even 4You = For You = 4EU.

I wont, will not, won`t. No way.

In stead give some respect for so many speak or try to speak english or another language. People from Middle east having big limitations in their languages and culture (not their fault at all) instead should learn about the rest of the world is not like Theirs at all.

Many things at this site never is debated, because its worse the Haram and tabu as well. I never get any replies about women and children about their dayli life as well. The most advanced about that is some senior SDF female officer is ugly and at least some tell her job as soldier is not about being ugly or not.


England used Press Gangs to forcibly enlist sailors into the British Navy for many years.

Jens Holm

Many others did. Here it still is named here as being “Shanghaied” after a city in China.

It also was used here meaning taking in new employed from the street if needed. Often that version only was paid with food and bear.

Nowerdays the word is hardly used, but i now and then still is used a taking high ranked employes from another company by higher salery or benefits such as prestige jobs.

But I would add that many navys also took in kadets from their age of 8 and systematicly took well care of them and made them to good officers.

So You can be forced in many ways. According to employment rates about 50% has no jobs in Syria :) We seen children and grown ups join for food and clothe as well as getting friends :)

Hard to getg friend these days¨…


In Britain it was once customary for army recruiters to offer a ‘Kings Shilling’ to possible recruits and it became a habit of army recruiters to secretly drop a shilling into the pewter mugs of ale in pubs. When the civilian found the shilling it was too late and they were enlisted forcibly.

As a consequence ,pewter mugs were made with clear glass at the bottom , so that the shilling could be seen before drinking the ale. :)

Jens Holm

Haha. Dirty tricks is not a new thing. Maybee videocameras was invented in enviroments because of something like this.

Drinking bear is very important in west. When we get a lot of snow, we can see who the real regulars are. They come early and remove it :)


Pi55ing off the tribal members, whom are part of SDF and are the rightful inhabitants of most parts in Syria the Kurds now control.That’s one way of committing suicide.

Jens Holm

The usual attitude from primitisme. You think You should punish 2 million kurds, arabs and ither s there.
You are dirt and exactly the kind, they tries to get down, where others are. The millions outside Syria should be punished too. Do You wnat to whip the 550.000 dead ones too.


stop smoking crack it’s beginning to show, your yakking makes no sense

Xoli Xoli

The man is talking the truth return whole of Syria to Syrian legitimate government and reconcile to to safe lifes.Where is UN,Where is the people who protect democracy and people who are torture.Shame on this USA criminals who slap a helpless poor old man for talking truth.Fuck SDF terrorist down HTS.

Xoli Xoli

Every person wither terrorists,or legitimate army or police should know that their have weapons all necessary tools which ordinary men doesn’t have and should treat who ever their arrest with Godly human respect.

Xoli Xoli

Slapping a poor truth speaking old man fucking cowards.UN and Human rights is worthless useless USA NATO tool.Where is so call white spy helmets who represent apparently people in Syria.

Xoli Xoli

Dont even question or touch the old man dirty small young terrorist bastards.

Empire's Frontiers

The SDF could be one of, if not the most, dishonorable cohorts to ever dwell on this planet.

They betray Syria and trick-out for the US, then won’t work with Syrian brothers, they abandon Syrian lands to Turkey then launch useless attacks in Afrin, and now they are ready to rinse and repeat in Manbij…

Kurdish males really should be exterminated for their defective genes. Stray dogs and paid-lovers have more loyalty.


This is technically a propaganda piece, because it is intended to hammer into the reader there is nothing democratic about the SDF.
In truth, these are clearly insurgents trying to coax the Kurds into surrendering, so these gangsters aren’t exactly civil opposition, either.
This is war, South Front. Not a lawsuit.


This is technically a propaganda piece, because it is intended to hammer
into the reader there is nothing democratic about Russia or Syria, and the United States of Israel is as pure as the driven snow.


There is nothing democratic about any American ally. Be it ISIS, SDF, Sauidis or Israel.


Follow the fundamental interests. Russia wants to sow discord between Arab and Kurd and between Arab and Turk.

The alignment that follows is inevitable.

Russia can play well when the game is kinetic but the static’s dictate the inevitable alignments.

Time for Ivan to consolidate in his redoubt on the Levant.

Let the fundamentals play out at the expense of the inevitably invested local players.

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