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JUNE 2023

US-backed Forces Continue To Storm ISIS Positions In Hajin. About Half Of Town In Their Hands (Map)

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On December 10, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continued storming ISIS positions in the town of Hajin in the province of Deir Ezzor. Accoridng to pro-SDF sources, the SDF is now in control of about a half of the town, including Hajin Hospital. The situation is developing.

US-backed Forces Continue To Storm ISIS Positions In Hajin. About Half Of Town In Their Hands (Map)

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You can call me Al

Wow US Blue on Blue casualties are going to skyrocket.


That’s the US way of war as we know Al.

It helps that the US has extricated the ISIS fighters they want to preserve by enabling their trip to Iraq/Al Tanf .

Those drug addled ISIS left tn the pocket will be the disposable Pawns I would think :).


Don’t worry. Next time there is a sandstorm or a bit of rain that the SDF are unable to fight in because they might get a little wet, Daesh will take it all back again


Half the town? I thought yesterday they were in control of 70% of Hajin. Did they do an Italian advance and retreated to the rear?

Jens Holm

I always take in contested. Here I say 50% taken and 20% possesed but contested. Not perfect as well…


The US Military has never been very good with numbers Barba :)

R Trojson

Good to see someone fighting ISIS. Let’s keep score. US coalition fighting ISIS in the last pocket located in the area under their control. Russian coalition resupplied al Safa ISIS before taking a week off because of bad weather. Then they just let al Safa ISIS go after having them surrounded for almost a year. Russian coalition has retreated from al Safa to “fight ISIS in Damascus” probably over a cup of coffee or two. Mean while the ISIS base southwest of the Euphrates that controls 10% of Syria is left unchallenged by the Russian coalition. That Russian coalition sure talks a lot but never delivers results.

Jens Holm

You expect too much. ISIS decimated has left the Vulcano as well as it seemes they are hit west of Al Tanf by SAA or affiliates.

You never almost never can make a ring strong enough against determinant and well prepared outbreaks. Seene many times.

I can agree – if true – that the Damaskus troops move around as they have fuel as Saudis too.


Friendly fire :(

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