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US-backed Forces Captured 18% Of Raqqa City (Map)

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US-backed Forces Captured 18% Of Raqqa City (Map)

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The US-led coalition announced on Wednesday that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have captured 18% of the Raqqa city. The SDF captured Al-Sinaa district and started advancing in Old Raqqa where it took control of the road leading to the Saif al-Dawla Mosque in the middle of the city.

According to opposition sources. US soldiers are directly participating in battles alongside SDF members inside Raqqa.

ISIS targeted SDF positions in Souk al-Hal in southeastern of Raqqa with a non-recoil rifle SPG-9. The ISIS-linked News Agency Amaq published photos showing ISIS snipers targeting an SDF fighter in the old bridge area.

US-backed Forces Captured 18% Of Raqqa City (Map) US-backed Forces Captured 18% Of Raqqa City (Map) US-backed Forces Captured 18% Of Raqqa City (Map) US-backed Forces Captured 18% Of Raqqa City (Map) US-backed Forces Captured 18% Of Raqqa City (Map) US-backed Forces Captured 18% Of Raqqa City (Map)

ISIS claimed that 12 SDF fighters were killed on Wednesday in Sukarat, Souk al-Hal, and Sour Baghdad in eastern and southern Raqqa.

The US-led coalition said it has carried out 27 air strikes against ISIS targets in Raqqa city during the 24 hours. According to opposition sources, more than 50 shells fired by the US-led coalition fell on the city and 5 civilians were killed.

According to pro-opposition sources, 1450 people were killed during the first half of 2017 as a result of fighting between the various parties in the province of Raqqa.

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Trustin Judeau

So one months since the start of the battle for the city almost 20 percent . A lot of pro gov people on twitter that I spoke were saying that the battle wont last for long . They could still be right . Depends on how much ISIS forces are in the city

Justin Ryan

Hey, u seem to be a guy who knows a lot!
Can i please ask u if u think Turkey will attack Manbij just when the SDF are half way or 3/4 of the way to capturing Raqqa?
I just have a strong feeling this is going to happen!
I foresee the Turks disrupting the Raqqa battle by doing this, making the SDF spread out its forces that are already weakened by the battle of Raqqa. I think the Turks have a bone to pick with the US for backing and arming the Kurds so heavily against Turkey’s interests! I mean, they did say that the Euphrates shield required all kurdish forces to retreat behind the River! And Manbij certainly is not behind the River! I am also certain that now Qatar has backed out of this war (with its funding and geopolitical goals) that Turkey is very much allied through common interests with Russia, Iran, Syria and Qatar!
Do u have any thoughts on this?


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Kurds are ineffective fighters unless its on their own home turf…
Lets compare two battles that started at nearly the same time: Raqqa and Mosul.
Raqqa is smaller than Mosul. However, even with US support, it has taken them 8 months and a week(at the time of this writing) to isolate Raqqa and begin the actual assault.
Mosul is twice the size of Raqqa, and even has a river running thru the middle of it(not the side like Raqqa), and yet, that battle is essentially over and it has taken the Iraqi’s 8 months and 2 weeks(at the time of this writing) to isolate Mosul and begin the actual assault.


Well, the Iraqi army is many times larger than the SDF obviously.

Jacek Wolski

Plus Iraqi armed forces have their own air force.


A few remarks :

The battles for Mosul and Raqqah did not start at the same time. The battle for the city of Raqqah started 6th of june 1017. The battle for Mosul, as in the city started 1 novermer 2016, a time difference of 7 months. So your observation is worthlless.

Mosul is bigger then Raqqah, corrct.

The assaulting force of Mosul is bigger too and also more heavily armed.

The river in Mosul makes it easier as it divedes the city of Mosul.

All in all, both cities are tough nuth.


no, you are referencing the direct battle, I am referencing the surrounding, setting the siege, and the actual battle for BOTH:

And someone has been tinkering with the dates as well, I pulled the data just yesterday.


I googled too. Wikipedia : Mosul offensive started 24.03.2016. Raqqah 06.11.2016.

This was based upon a start on the surroundings of the cities. There remains a time gap of some 7 months.

Anyhow, the fights are different as in Mosul it was the advance of Iraqi Army, PMU, Peshmerga, more then 100.000, supported by USAF.

In Raqqah it was the advance of SDF militia forces, officially 40.000 but, imo, much less. I would be surprised if SDF forces involved numbered over 20.000, maybe even less. By now their numbers have risen, I do not know to what level.

All in all, both fights were and are tough. IS, though despicable, are mostly effective fighters and the more killed, the better. I cannot see them to be able to ever become normal citizens again.


And why do bother replying? You and me have tangled before, can’t you tell that I’m not some dipshit off the street?

Rick Zaccherus

Pretty good for a force who does not have its own air force and relays on hand outs and not as well equipped like SAA or FSA/ISIS. I think the YPG is throwing the FSA arabs into battle hence the lack of speed wearing them down so they will be unable to pick a fight later.
That is why many wanted the PMU to enter Mosul and get beaten and loss a good chunk of their own forces like iraq army did.

Jacek Wolski

Why do you bother replying if it bothers you so much? ?


Not talking about you, go away noob.

Jacek Wolski

You’re a funny cunt ?


I totally do not care who you are. If and when I think to add something to what you write, I will. All the comments are also meant for all readers to give a perspective on what others write.

Imo, I really do not care what you think of my remarks as long as my comments are civil, which I think they are. If you only want an endorsement of your opinions, go to a closed site where only those who agree with you can go.

Justin Ryan

yeah i dont think u make a fair comparison here!
I also believe that the attack on Raqqa came LONG AFTER Mosul!
I believe all things are VERY UNEQUAL between the Iraqi’s and the SDF (and i am against the American’s and their backed forces in this war).

When i read ur comment, i was like “huh, that doesnt sound right”!

And yes, i think that ‘dutchnational’ is a fuck head too! So please feel welcome to tell him to shut the fuck up! :)

Peace brother!

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