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US-backed Forces Capture 4 Villages From ISIS, Encircle 4 More Near Raqqah

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The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported by the US-led coalition’s airpower, artillery and military advisers, have captured the villages of Rabi, Khatuniyah, Mazraat Qahtaniyah and Hawi Hawa in the western countryside of Raqqah. The villages had been controlled by ISIS terrorists.

With this advance, the SDF encircled 4 others ISIS-held villages: Sakura, Bir al-Hashim, al-Adnaniyah, Sukhuriyah and Mazrat Yarub. They will likely be cleared from ISIS soon.

US-backed Forces Capture 4 Villages From ISIS, Encircle 4 More Near Raqqah

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jirka maly

translation: US backed terrorists integrated ISIS to its own artillery to destroy and murder in Syria with more power

Colin Oskapy


Dustil schmit

Wrong. Come up with more educated response.

Jaime spenser

Anyone I don’t like is terrorists! any examples of YPG doing terrorism nope. boo hoo you. Using same US lines to justify there BS.

Arina Mikheeva

In addition: …and they get off with a whole skin as before.


SDF continues to do well and is reaching the final defense lines (mostly trenches) of IS at the outskirts of Raqqah city.

Those will have to be breached to be able to enter the city proper.

It will be a tough fight getting through them, which is why the US delivered armoured bulldozers will be very important the next few days and or weeks.

To be able to make bridgeheads in the city proper, several breaches are likely necessary.

One can only hope for the civilians that the fighting will be short, which at this moment does no look to be realisable.


Assholes purposely leaving the way out to the south-east of Raqqa. They could have simply crossed the river south months ago and cut off their escape route, but they don’t want to. Funneling them into Deir Ezzor. Hoping that Deir Ezzor falls to ISIS so then they can go and take it too “from ISIS”… Remember the US airstrike against SAA in Deir Ezzor, it is apparent that USA wants Deir Ezzor to fall to ISIS so then they have an excuse to go and occupy it as well. But fuck you imperialists and their lapdogs! Deir Ezzor will not fall!

Hiệp chadwick

It’s either they are blocking SAA or letting ISIS intentionally escape pick one you assholes.

Jens Holm

hahahah – and next You can blame them killing all the civilians in a terroristic way being terrorist.

You probatly also all the way has blamed them taken oinly deserts, hamlet and small villlages, but also blamed them taking to much land.

When SDF has taken som small amounts of weapons, You have laughed of them. When they at least 2 times has taken loads of guns incl. several hundreds of mortar grenades or som older tanks – There has been silence.

A few monts ago ISIS could move 360. Now its less then 180 and You name it as a corridor and not even see the chnaces for civilans to stay alive raise skyhigh.

And why do Assads dont take Raqqa and Deir El Zor themselves. Well, they have no support for it among own soldiers because its like most socalled organized in Syria is incompetent and hardly are well enough to handle a small Emirat. Syrians dont learn respondability for their own country and acting independent at lower levels.

Thats why Counsils is a good idea as well as sekularism.

And why. Its not upgraded culture an religion fro decades. Until Syria lost its star nr 3 thongs went fine, but Baatistas went back to the feudal way, where people again became spenndable sheeps.

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